review of: Sarnia bayfest featuring Marianas Trench!

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i was there, and online i found this perfect summary of the show!

The energy was palpable as the countdown to Marianas Trench began.

Screaming girls chanted and called for the band to come onstage. Finally band members Ian Casselman, Mike Ayley and Matt Webb walked onstage to raucous cheering before frontman Josh Ramsay strutted out to his microphone, asking “Sarnia, can you hear me?!” (They could.) The band started the show with “Celebrity Status” prompting the ‘Trenchers’ in the audience to sing along. Ramsay worked the stage well, using all of the space available to show off to the crowd. Keeping up with the Bayfest tradition of dynamic headliners, Marianas Trench gave the audience plenty to scream about.

No stranger to being adored by hordes of female fans, Ramsay played the girls in the audience like a fiddle. “Shake Tramp” had the girls shaking in their flip-flops, and the boys wondering how Ramsay got his jeans that tight — and whether it was possible to recreate that look at home.

The band tried out some songs from their newest album, due out later this summer, but still played plenty of the songs that got them to where they are, like “Sing Sing,” “All To Myself” and “Acadia.”

The band performed “Cross my Heart” and “Good to You” as the encore pieces, then left the stage, leaving fans satisfied yet wanting more.

lets just say all together they were Fuck'n amazing and the trenchers could deffinatly agree by the way they were screaming!

that night was quite memorable and they Fuck'n rocked my world and bayfest!!!

written by

Lauren Smith

republished by: romanceWjoshramsay

Submitted: July 13, 2011

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Awesome i wish i could've be there!!


Wed, July 13th, 2011 3:32pm


it was awesome! heres some links to them playing there two new singles "by now" and "havent had enough"
*havent had enough~
*by now~

enjoy glad you loved the review!
thnx again and being my fan,

Wed, July 13th, 2011 9:28am

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