The Grand Flaming Tragety

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this is a short story i had to write for an assignment in my class, "writer's craft". i hope u like it!

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




The Grand Flaming Tragedy!

By; romanceWjoshramsay


I, as a school teacher, never thought that I'd end up teaching these misfits, at a deserted old school house, in the middle ofnowhere!


Actually, in the middle of Arizona, on a steady rock cliff of the grand canyon! If you want to be specific! Anyways today it's hotter than the inside of a volcano near the sun, we're basically bathing in our own sweat.


Lyla sauntered up to me and yanked on my polo shirt to catch my attention.

Little Lyla looked up at me with those big, luminous, emerald eyes and whispered in her tiny voice,


“ Miss. Sfamato, there seems to be a herd of buffalo coming this way!” she exclaimed!


I looked up from my work I was doing and, called out to the children to follow me into the nearest small, damp, cave for shelter.


They seemed to cling to one another in fear, as little Lyla stayed clung to my pant leg, hiding her face in her bouncy curls.


Something seemed to have scared the well grazed buffalo!



Once the buffalo passed, I looked off into the distance, to find the nearby forest engulfed in fiery, red, flames and smoke so thick you could eat it with a spoon!


I looked to the children, and told them to fetch as many pails from the school garden shed, as they could carry!


As soon as the children returned, we ran with the buckets to the old water pump and started filling the buckets as fast as we could!


I thought to myself, “these kids will never be able to carry these full pails of water, to the forest fast enough!” *


I called to one of the children, “ Meko!, run to the shed and fetch the large wagon please!”


I watched as he ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. The heat of the day and the excess remainder of the flames heat, was starting to take quite the toll on the children!


They seem weary, worn and covered in layers of dust. I feel quite guilty by pushing them like this, but we must not give up!


I handed each child a ladle and told them to get themselves a cold, refreshing drink of water. I figured, these kids aren't that bad; I smiled to myself, as I watch each one slowly sip the cold well water, enjoying each drink like they were drinking silky heaven.


Soon after the kids had a break, I gathered them up and set off towards the burning forest!


All the smoke and ashes, waft into our lungs, making breathing harder as we reached closer to the forest. Flames burst out, rising in size and scorching the children’s faces! The children’s screams and cries fill the air surrounding me.., pulling the children back, I wrapped them in my arms and gently rocked back and forth, trying to calm them down!


I took a cloth, drenching it in the cool, refreshing well water and gently wiped down their faces, soothing the scorching burns!

After many minutes of wiping down their faces and rubbing in some healing salve into their burns, we finally decided to concur the furious blaze once more!


As soon as the smoke cleared, we started splashing water all over, smothering the fire and distinguishing the raging forest fire!


When all was said and done, we collapsed into a pile, exhausted on the cold earth. I’m not sure how long we’ve been lying here, to be honest with you really…,

But I got to say, things sure did turn out in the end. I seem to be getting along quite well with the misfits now, their more like children of my own, really.., but in the end, I learned that to never judge a book by a cover and to seek all adventures, even in everyday life!


2 years later…,


The trees sway in the gentle breeze, as I watch the children read up against the giant oak tree, playing through the fields of flowers and chase each other around the playground.


I smile to myself, thinking of how much they’ve grown so much over these past two years. One of the things that have changed now is that, those children over there, are no longer misfits…,

Their my six beautiful children now!


I’ll always love them and I’m glad I took the opportunity to be part of these children’s lives’.



The End

© Copyright 2017 romanceWjoshramsay. All rights reserved.

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