Acceptance- Book One

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Submitted: September 16, 2014



Beam's POV


Seeing myself for the first time in days is more shocking than I thought it would be. I didn't expect the changes to be so startling, but the reflective glass in the small black and gold frame doesn't lie. I haven't slept in days which is causing dark blue circles to form under my eyes. I haven't eaten much, either, making my face loook thinner.Jean-Luc was right..... I look like I'm about to die. 

I grip the sink, wishing that I'd listen to my pack more often. I mean, just because I'm Alpha doesn't mean that I shouldn't take friendly advice when it's needed. I'm so hard-headed sometimes. I sigh heavily as I unlock the bathroom door to go downstairs to talk with Jean-Luc. 

As I'm walking down the stairs, I see him sitting on the couch. His right foot propped up on his other knee, a book balancing on his lap. It's moments like this that make me wish my life was normal. Hahahahaha what a joke that is. If I had a normal life, I'd be confused and wouldn't know how to live. 

"Beam, we both know that if you had a normal life, you'd die of shock," Jean-Luc says from downstairs. He heard my thoughts.... again.... Damn telepathy. 

"Hey, a girl can dream, right?" I descend the rest of the stairs and sit opposite of him in the overstuffed recliner. 

"So, are you going to start eating and sleeping again?" he says, getting right to the point.

I fidget in my chair when I say, "Yeah. I guess I really should be taking better care of myself, huh?"

He closes his book, sets his foot on the ground and leans in my direction when he says, "You know, if Vaughn were here, he'd force feed your dumb ass."

"Yeah, I know. That's why I'm glad he won't be back for a while. I have a little bit of time to get myself together again."

"Nothing gets past him. You know he's going to find out."

I cross my legs and drop my head into my hands when I say, "I know! It's just hard for me to sleep or eat without him here. He helps me sleep and makes sure my stupid ass doesn't forget to eat. I just miss him. I hate it when he has to go see his "parents". He never contacts me, or anybody else, until the day he's coming back."

"I know you care about him but.... Damn... You two are confusing. You both show more affection towards each other when the other person is gone or doing something insanely stupid."

I look up at him and give him my best death stare, even though I know he's right. I'm about to say something when the front door flies open and Vaughn walks in, holding a limp girl in his arms. She's pale, barely breathing, half dressed, and covered in blood. 

"Vaughn, what the fuck? Who is she?" I jump out of my chair and swipe everything off of the coffe table so he can lay her down. 

"She's one of our newest members. Stay here. I've gotta go grab her brother." Vaughn hands her off to me. He looks me in the face and says, "We'll talk later about... this." He motions to my face and darts out the front door. I don't have time to sigh. 

"Jean-Luc! Go get the supplies!" I bark the order at him as I lay her down on the table, careful not to let her head smack the table. She's small so she fits on the table perfectly. Jean-Luc runs up the stairs and down the hall. 

When he comes back, I hold my hand out, "Roll up a towel and put it under her head. Hand me the alcohol."

I slide her blood soaked shirt off of her. She's out cold. She's breathing but her breaths come in short, shallow pants. She has cuts and scrapes on her chest. Luckily, I don't have to take her bra off. I pour the rubbing alcohol on her chest then snap my fingers at Jean-Luc after he props her head up. "Cotton balls." He hands me a handful and I dap away the blood and alcohol. 

This new stranger lets out a tiny noise. She can probably feel the alcohol stinging the tiny cuts. I continue cleaning her up. She's got dark hair but it's matted with blood and mud and god only knows what else.

"Alll of this blood isn't hers. The full moon was last night. That must've been her first Shift." Jean-Luc points out as he hands me more cotton balls. 

"She's lucky we found her and that I left my clothes in Vaughn's truck. Otherwise, she would've woken up alone, scared, and butt-ass naked." I respond as I wipe the blood off of her heart-shaped face. 

"Yeah, true." He adjusts the towel that's keeping her head up. She shifts her position ever so slightly. 

"Go get my bathroom ready for her. She's waking up. Two towels and the clothes I keep on the top shelf in the hall closet." I say to him as I lift her up. 

He nods and runs up the stairs. "COLD WATER THIS TIME! WE DON'T NEED HER BLEEDING OUT!" I yell. When we found our last pack member, Mark, Jean-Luc ran him a warm bath while MArk was still covered in deep cuts. That was, quite literally, a blood-bath.

She opens her eyes as I'm walking up the stairs. She instinctively throws her arms around my neck and squeezes... a bit too tight. 

"Jesus, girl. Relax. I'm gonna take care of you." I say, trying to reassure her. 

"Where am I?" she asks, struggling to get down out of my arms.

She doesn't weigh much and I'm much stronger than she is so I just hold on tighter. 

"Can you save the questions for later? You need to be cleaned up." I kick open the bathrrom door that Jean-Luc had closed behind him. He's neatly arranging the pile of clothes for this girl as I walk in.

"Oh, she's awake..... Bon chance, Alpha." He says as he leaves the room. He closes the door behind him again.

She starts struggling again but this time, I set her down. She looks panicked as she stands in front of me. 

"Look, I know you're confused as hell but trust me. Get in that tub, clean yourself up, put those clothes on,' I point at the pile of my old clothes, "and come back downstairs. I promise I'll explain everything, okay?" 

"Okay." she nods and turns toward the tub.

As I'm leaving, she grabs my arm.

"What's your name?" she askes, fear thick in her voice and clear in her eyes.

I look at her with my kindest expression as I peel her fingers off of my forearm. 

"I'm Aubree, but you'll call me Beam. Get cleaned up." I step out, close the door, and head back downstairs. I pass Vaughn on the way. He's carrying a guy that's about his size up to one of the othe other bathrooms. This guy's out like a light. 

Jean-Luc is gathering all of the supplies I used and cleaning up the mess I made. I flop down on the couch, throwing my feet up on the coffee table. 

"Guess I should make dinner soon, huh?" I say as I tilt my head and rest on the back of the couch. 

"Well, we've got two more mouths to feed and they DID just go through their first Shift. You remember yours? Woke up all dirty and hungry. I know for a fact they're gonna feel the same way. Oh, and her name is LIsa and her brother is Benjamin." he stands and goes upstairs to put everything away.

Hahahaha no way I'm calling him Benjamin. Ben is gonna have to be good enough. I get up off the couch and go to the kitchen to start dinner..... Spaghetti and meatballs is what nags at my attention.


I'm laying the plates out on the table when I hear her coming down the stairs. I see her stop just outside of the dining room. She looks around the room, trying to figure out where she is. 

"How old are you, Lisa?" I ask, putting the forks and knives in separate cups. I then motion for her to take a seat at the table. 

"I just turned 19. Why?" she says, pulling out the chair closest to the door way. 

"I'll explain when everybody else comes down for dinner. Just try and relax, okay? You're safe here. No one will hurt you, Lisa." I move to stand in the doorway and call out for the rest of the house to come and eat then I sit down next to Lisa. She still looks scared and confused. 

A few seconds later, Jean-Luc comes into the room and takes his seat next to me. Vaughn comes in, leading Ben by his shoulders and sits him down across from me. Vaughn takes his seat at the other end of the table.

"Okay, who are you guys and why are we here?" Ben doesn't waste any time. I laugh. He looks as though I've insulted his entire lineage. 

He stands and slams his fist down on the table. "Tell me why you're laughing. This isn't funny. You've ABDUCTED us!"

I calmly stand and walk around the table to stand directly in front of him. He's about six inches taller but I'm about to scare the living shit out of him.

I grab his shirt and pull him down so his face is level with mine. He looks neutral but I can see the fear in his eye. "If you don't sit your ass back down in that chair, I will make sure that you never go "home" again, Benjamin." 

I let go and he sits. I walk back to my seat and address Jean-Luc and Vaughn, "Will you two please plate the food?" They stand and leave silently. 

Benjamin is glaring at me from across the table. I return his hateful stare with a smile. 

"So..... what exactly is going on, Beam?" Lisa's voice is so low, I almost didn't hear her.

"Do you want me to sugar coat it?" I ask, turning towards her.

"No. Tell it to us straight. We can handle it."

Vaughn and Jean-Luc come in and cover all of the plates with the food I made.

"Well then, everybody in this room is a werewolf. You two Shifted for the very first time last night and were found and brought here by him," I point to Vaughn," so that you wouldn't wake up naked, alone, or scared. I am the Alpha and Vaughn is my second in command. Jean-Luc fills in for Vaughn when he's gone. We have anohter pack member but he's with family right now. You can go home, if you choose, but you are required, under Wolf Law, to return here three days before the full moon and stay at least one day afterwards. Any questions?"

They stare at me blankly, not understanding what I just told them. I pick up my fork and twirl noodles onto it. VAughn and Jean-Luc start eating and just as I'm about to take a bite, Ben starts laughing hysterically. I set my fork down, fold my hands together and just stare at him.

"Is something funny to you, Benjamin?" I ask, my tone cold and bitter.

"The fact that you are delusional enough to believe you are a mythical creature is fuckin' hilarious!!" he gasps out. He's laughing so hard his face is bright read and he's crying. 

These two haven't developed telepathy yet since they"re not even a month old. That's good. 

Vaughn, Jean-Luc, will you please escort Lisa to the study while I deal with this idiot? My voice sounds soft in my own head but I guess it didn't sound that way to them.

Yes, Alpha.

Oui, Alpha.

Their answers come at the same time. They stand at the same time and ask Lisa to come with them. 

"Can I bring this with me?" She asks, motioning towards her plate. All three of them look at me. I don't usually allow food outside of the eating areas but I will this one time. I nod my approval. The three of them leave and I turn my attention to Ben. 

I stand and move to his side of the table. He still has fear in his eyes. Good. I get in his face again.

"Ben, what I'm about to do is going to shock you."

In about three seconds, I move back to the other side of the table and, with one hand, push it towards the wall. Ben stands up out of his chair when he sees the others fall. Good, now he'll be pinned against the wall. I keep moving the table back until his back is pressed firmly against the wall and there's a large enough space.

"Hey!" he shouts, trying to move the table. He can't. He's still too weak.

I take a few steps back and stare at him. "This table is 300 pounds of metal painted to look like wood. You won't be able to move it."

"Then how come you-" He stops mid sentence when he looks up and sees me taking my clothes off. I'm not going to rip my clothes.

"This is my favorite shirt. Don't want to ruin it." I slide my jeans off, fold my clothes and set them on the table. He's still staring. His mouth flops open.

Good God.....She's hot but she's crazy. I hear the thought and lean in close to him. 

"I'm not crazy, but you'll think you are after I show you this...." I back up from him and take my bra and panties off. 

He's practically drooling. The fact that males-of any species-are so simple, makes me laugh. 

I turn to him and smile as I let the blonde mop fall from the clip that was holding it back. He's gaping and it's great. I'm about to scare this dude for life. 

As I'm staring at him, I will myself to Shift, calling on all of the energy that I've got left to change into my wolf form. I feel the fur growing, the claws growing, my bones and teeth reconstructing themselves. I drop onto all fours as the Shift is completed. I never once took my eyes off of him. I watched his expression change from one of lust and greed to one of disgust and fear. 

I hear it in his mind before he actually screams. It's a shrill sound-one that's more befitting of a nine year old girl than the twenty-something year old guy standing in front of me. I would laugh but wolves don't usually laugh. 

I hear them running down the stairs. Lisa is the first one in the room. 

"Ben, what's wro- OH MY GOD!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" she screams, running towards the table to try and help her brother. He's struggling to move the table again. I growl and swat at her when she tries to pass me. She goes back to the door frame, fear plastered on her face.

"Remember Beam? That's her." Jean-Luc answers her question as he comes into the room and stands beside me. His palm is open and I nuzzle it. He strokes between my ears and runs his hand down my spine. She looks beyond confused but I can hear her thoughts and she's very accepting of what she sees.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Vaughn goes over to the table to free Ben. Once he's able to move again, he tries to run. Vaughn grabs him and holds him in the air. He turns toward me. "On another note, what should I do with the new kid?"

Let him run. He'll go to the police and they'll just do a psyche eval and probably have him admitted before they believe his story about werewolves. I send the thought to him and, once he recieves it, he sets Ben down. I back away from Lisa. I send a thought to her, though I know she can't telepathically reply.

Will you go with him and risk being hospitalized for psychosis, go home, or will you stay?

I can hear her thoughts as she mulls over the decision. After about a minute, she looks me dead in the face and says,

"He's a big boy. He can take care of himself in Psych. I'll stay."


Only a few hours after Ben ran off, he was knocking on our door again. Vaughn answered it and the two of them stepped outside to talk about it. I decided to give Lisa a full history of us by letting her read the diaries of all of the previous Alpha's before me, Alpha's from all around the world, all from different times. She only had two questions; who are the Wolves of London and what's a Naming Ceremony?

I explained to her that the Wolves of London are basically corrupted pack leaders that have their own set of vigilante rules that they expect the entirety of the werewolf population to follow. She looked unsettled by that information so I went on to explain about the Naming Ceremony.

"Basically, you're creating a new identity for yourself. You'll still have the name you were born with but once you pick at the Ceremony, that's what every last wolf will know you as. You, Mark, and your idiot brother will all have your Ceremony by the next full moon. You should think about what you want your new name to be, Lisa. Once you choose, that's it. You won't be able to change it again." I put a hand on her shoulder and smile reassuringly at her. She looks up at me and I'm reminded of the way I used to look at my mother; innocently; and then, I feel my demeanor change. Tears rush to my eyes. I try to blink them away but the flood gates have opened and there's no way to stop it now.

I run out of the room and dash into the backyard.

I hear her thoughts, Wow, what happened? Is she okay? She's probably crazy. I sohuldn't say that-she's helping me-

I stopped listening after that and sent out my own telepathic message to Vaughn. Seconds later, he's beside me, his arm snaking around my shoulders and pulling me into a tight hug. He's always been there for me when I've needed him to be. He's been by my side since we were kids. He helped me discover my genetic lycanthropy. He helped me control it. He held me when my mom died. He carried her casket at her funeral. He had his parents buy us this eight bedroom house so we can help others like us so they're not alone. Now..... we're here; I'm sobbing into his T-shirt...again. He's holding me and smoothing my hair...again. My Beta is stronger than me.

"Aubree, you are the strongest among us all and you know that for a fact." he says, hearing my thoughts, "And I'd hold you everyday for the rest of my life if it meant that you'd smile again."

I sniffle, wipe my nose and look up at him as I say, "Jean-Luc has feelings for me. You know that, right? He's almost as bad as you. He makes me eat when you're not here. He sits in my room until I fall asleep, which I don't, I just pretend so he can leave and get his own sleep."

"I've known that he loves you since he told me."

I feel like I accidentally stopped breathing when I look at him.

"And why would he tell you and not me?"

"He's scared. Do you KNOW what he went through before he came here?"

"No.... I don't. He's never told me."

"You have a gift to see someone's trauma. Go use it on him. He doesn't know you have it yet."

I wipe my eyes and nose as I stand up from the dead grass. I send Vaughn away and ask Jean-Luc to come see me.

He's by my side in seconds, a worried look planted firmly on his face. I don't say anything to him, I'm focusing all of my energy on what I'm about to do to this guy. He's talking but I can't hear him. I fold my hands on front of me before I forcefully place them on his chest. He gasps as his eyes roll back into his head and we tumble to the grass, his Trauma unfolding before me.

The sun is setting. It's time to get her to bed. Jean-Luc's little sister. She's playing in a shallow pond, splashing water onto her wings and then fluttering them so fast, the water rains down on her. She's never been happier. She's a member of the Fae- she's a fairy. The Wolves of London are after his parents. They've been in hiding for about a week. They're corrupted. The leader has it in his mind that Fae and Lycanthropes cannot be blood relation. That in itself is ridiculous.

The scene fast forwards to when Jean-Luc is tucking her into bed. They're speaking French, but it translates for me.

"Reste avec moi ce soir, je suis effrayé." (Stay with me tonight, I'm scared) she says, pulling the blanket up to her chin.

"Bon, petite fée. Je vais dormir dans le fauteuil ici." (Alright, little fairy. I'll sleep in the chair over here.)

He settles down into the chair and closes his eyes.

Not ten minutes later, screams resound throughout the house. He bolts upright out of the chair, scooping up his little sister. She's shaking and crying silently, knowing that if she makes a noise, the Wolves will find and end her. Jean-Luc looks around, looking for any means of escape but failing as he murmurs to his 12 year old sister, Anna, that everything is going to be alright, that he's going to get her out of there.

I feel my body hit the solid ground. I've rolled off of Jean-Luc but my hands are still touching him so I can still see his most traumatizing experience. The grass is wet, soaking through to my skin but that doesn't matter. All that I can focus on in his internal pain.

Two of the Wolves burst into the room they're in, teeth barred and snarling. He clutches onto his sister tighter as she screams. One of them reaches behind his back and then throws liquid silver onto Jean-Luc's legs. He drops like a stone and Anna falls to the floor. She quickly flies out of the room, trying to find safety. Jean-Luc is screaming for them to kill him instead of her but they turn to chase her.

He hears nothing but his own struggle while they chase her down. After exactly three minutes and twenty six seconds, he hears her scream. His heart shatters as his struggles to stand. He limps over to the window and looks out, wishing he hadn't.

He sees her lying on the ground, her wings have been ripped off and torn to shreds. They dangle them over her as she sobs. One the Wolves of London picks her up in his arms and then snaps her spine in half with a sickening crunch noise.

The scene ends there and the both of us are left breathless on the grass. His eyes are closed and I'm struggling to stand as Vaughn, Lisa, Ben, and Matthew come runnning outto help us. Vaughn, of course, runs to my side and helps to support me. The other three healp Jean-Luc to his feet as he struggles to breathe.

He's glaring at me in the most hateful way when he says, "What did you do to me?"

I lean on Vaughhn and say, "I'm your Alpha, there are to be NO secrets, Jean-Luc, you know that. Not only are we a pack, but we are FAMILY."

He knows he was wrong in not telling me so he just zips his lips as he's carried to the house.

"You want to go shower?" Vaughn asks me.

"Yeah, but will you stay in the bathroom in case I fall and bust my ass?" I ask as he lifts me and carries me to the house. He knows I hate being lifted but won't complain because I can't feel my legs.

"Of course. You don't have to ask."

He carries me up the stairs and to my room, sets me down on my bed, then busies himself getting all of my clothes together and a towel for me. I undress slowly so I don't fall on my face. He wraps the towel around me and helps me shuffle to the bathroom. I let the towel fall and he helps me step into the steamy shower.

I let the hot water run over my back for what seems like forever. As I'm about to turn the water off, I start falling. It didn't even occur to me that I was falling until I hit the bottom of the tub and everything goes black.


"Jean-Luc, none of this would have happened in the first place if you had just been open and honest with her from the beginning. You'd be lucky if we don't banish you from the pack!" Vaughn's vouce is a harsh whisper.

"Banish me? For what? I did nothing wr-" Jean-Luc tries to defend himself but Vaughn cuts him off.

"You have a verbal contract with her, to be open and honest at all times. No matter what. You broke your contract and, by Pack Law, that is grounds for Banishment. Consider yourself lucky." Vaughn spits the words at him and I hear him saunter off. I feel Jean-Luc shift in the chair he's set up next to my bed. I can feel him looking at me. I haven't opened my eyes yet, my head is still spinning.

"Oh, Aubree," he grasps my hand, "I'm so sorry..... I couldn't keep my word....Please forgive me, Alpha..." His voice breaks and he begins to cry softly into the bed sheets. I squeeze his hand and I feel his head lift off of the bed.

"I forgive you, Jean-Luc." I say, opening my eyes and sitting up from my bed. "What kind of Alpha would I be if I'd hold a grudge? Being a leader means to be forgiving and be understanding in any and all situations. I'm sure you have a reason for breaking your Contract...." I fluff my pillows then fall back on them, still dizzy. 

He grabs my hand and squeezes. "I was terrified. I still am. They've ended my family. Since my mother was fae, I carry the genetics for that and the Wolves want to eradicate that bloodline. They're looking for me right now, I just know it."

I can feel his pulse quicken through his hand and I sit up and postion myself so that I'm sitting in front of him and he pulls me onto his lap, hugging me tightly. He's sobbing. I don't blame him. His whole family is gone and he feels as if that's his fault. I know there's nothing I can do, but give him my word and protection as his Alpha.

I wrap my arms around his shoulders and hug him tight, hoping that it does more for him than just suffocate him. He sobs into my shirt until it's soaking wet and I have to get up to change. He needs to do something to get his mond off this. So, I take his hands and lead him downstairs to the kitchen, where we begin to cook dinner; burgers and fries. 

He doesn't utter a word the whole time. 

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