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Just what they look like and their histories.

Submitted: September 16, 2014

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Submitted: September 16, 2014



MoonBeam (Aubree)

She chose the name MoonBeam because of her hair; a shade of blonde so light, it's almost white, like the moon light. And while she's in wolf form, her fur is as white as snow. She stands at five foot, five inches. Her skin is pale but not to the point of blinding other people. She has on older brother, who is responsible for the death of her mother when she was ten years old.  Her brother, originally named Marcus Schleet, now goes by the name of Rowan. Rumor has it that he's a ruthless vampire, slaughtering humans just so he can be head of the clan. It was him that sent the wolf after her, the one that changed her from human to super-human-wolf. MoonBeam hides her past to keep herself strong for her pack. She and Vaughn formed the pack together, for the simple fact, they grew up together. They found Mark, Lisa, Ben, and Frank all at once. They were all in the woods, naked and confused. Not long after that, they all found the house and moved in.

Vaughn (That's his real name)

He looks like your typical surfer- tall: standing and six feet, seven inches; his skin is naturally tanned from all the time he spends outside, remembering his Other Life-the life before he was gifted with lycanthropy. He had a younger sister, Claire. His mother, Clarrissa and his younger sister were both red heads and he was the odd ball. Calire loved his hair. One night, when he and his family were out camping, he went to gather fire wood. While he was picking up half of a log, he looked up and was face to face with a snarling wolf, staring him down. He started to back away and the wolf attacked him. His mother heard his screams and rushed to him, leaving Claire at the campsite, safe inside of a  tent. Clarrissa saw what a mangled mess her son was, grabbed him up, told Claire to get in the car and rushed him to the hospital. By the time they got there, Vaughn was healed. His mother was baffled and they returned to the campsite only to gather their things. Vaughn and MoonBeam discovered that they were the same when they were just hanging out one night at a beach bon-fire. They both excused themselves, ran to different parts of the woods, and ran into each other. It was alo then, that they discovered they can hear the other's thoughts while in wolf form and the next day, in human form. While in wolf form, his fur is the color of sand.

Frank (No New Name Yet)

A typical teen with short black, greasy hair and a slight slouch to his walk. He's just turned 20 and still relishing in his high school graduation. He's avaerage in almost every way, except that he's a werewolf and his one most outstanding features is his emerald green eyes. One could debate whether they look like emeralds or bloodstone. He grew up in a typical home: workaholic dad, stay at home mom, preppy cheerleader for a sister. As soon as MoonBeam and Vaughn showed up in the woods after his first shift, he knew he had to leave with them. He packed his things, said good-bye to his family, and has been living a happy (mostly) normal life at the Wolf House. His fur doesn't match his hair color-his fur is red.

Mark (Name T.B.A)

Mark doesn't have much of a history. He grew up in a foster home and his biological parents wanted nothing to do with him. His foster parents were always busy and never really wanted to insert themselves into his personal life. They only adopted him to do themselves a favor. They felt guilty and felt that adopting a child would make that endless guilt go away. It worked for a l ittle while but then Mark was bitten, shifted in front of his father and ran out. He hasn't looked back on that day since. With his brown hair hanging past his shoulders and his slate gray eyes, he's pretty average looking. His fur, coordinating with his hair color, is brown.

Benjamin (Duncan)

Previously named Duncan, Benjamin was changed in almost the same way Vaughn was, except for the fact that Ben was out with a girl that he never saw again after that night. He has a younger sister at 18 years old and she is the exact opposite of Ben. After that "date", he swore off females and decided he would try boys, which he liked. Ben has short black hair that he keeps spiked up and eyes that look like snowflakes. He and his sister are practically joined at the hip-they do (almost) everything together. Ben is kind of arrogant and cocky but underneath that asshole-y shell is a sweet and loving guy. While in wolf form, his fur matches MoonBeam's, white as snow.

Lisa (Jerricah)

Her past is one she isn't proud of. Before she graduated high school, she slept around, with boys AND girls. She came close to catching an STI and that's when she met him. He helped her get over her "addiction" and she was better. They dated for a while. One day, on his way over to visit, he was run off the road by a drunk driver. His car flipped over and he was killed on impact. Lisa was devestated. She ran from her house, unsure of where she was going. She ended up in the woods, confused and vision blurry. She ran until she got to the town limits-a fresh water stream. She lay on the muddy river bank for hours until she heard someone getting closer to where she was. She opened her eyes and there was a wolf standing above her, drooling on her face. She laughed as the wolf attacked her, she was hysterical. Next week, on the full moon, her and her brother shifted. They knew t heir parents would never accept them for who they were now, so when MoonBeam and Vaughn came for her, she left without question. She's not average looking-she has bright red, stick straight hair and ocean blue eyes. Her fur is the color of citrine.

Jean-Luc (Reese)

As said in the story, he witnessed his little sister's murder and watched as they ran and were never caught. He lived in a deep state of depression; quit his job at the library, kept the curtains drawn while he was home, barely ate, hardly slept because of the nightmares, and he almost never moved from the chair in front of his fire place. When he learned that the Wolves of London werr after him, he knew he had to run, even though he wanted nothing more than to die. He fled his home country to the U.S. and that's where he met his new pack. When he laid eyes on the Alpha for the first time, he knew that his life would never be the same and that he could NEVER go back to London. (While in wolf form, his fur is a black so deep, streaks of blue and purple highlight his coat.)


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