Night's Love-Book 2

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Nicholas must save Jean-Luc.

Submitted: September 16, 2014

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Submitted: September 16, 2014




(Nicholas' POV)
15 October
Dear Journal,
I have been forced into hiding. The ones who have murdered my parents now wish to claim my life, as well. I have sought out sanctuary at the Canterbury Cathedral where the Priest has given me an opportunity to repent my sins in hopes that these evil men will one day burn.
Tonight I will tend to the graves of the priests before Sir Erich and be dutiful that no one rob the graves of the valuables the ministers were buried with.

21 October
Whilst I was raking the leaves from Sir Thomas's grave-marker six days ago, I was attacked. I do not know by what, only that I was bitten. It was an excrutiating pain for a short while and I got back to working.
When I was finished with my nightly work, I went inside of the church to recieve my small compensation from Sir Erich. He handed me a small envelope with the seal of the Pope on the backside.
"Whatever you have done, it must be either a reward for your penance, or you have been condemned, my son," Sir Erich says, patting my shoulder, "I shall hope it be the first option."
"I do not know, Sir Erich, but I shall soon discover my fate."
I go to my bed chamber and open the letter as soon as I close the door. Inside of the envelope is a small card. On it is written,
"Welcome to the Night's Love, Nicholas."
My hands shake so terribly the letter gently drifts to the floor. I cover my mouth with a shaking hand, to prevent myself from screaming and disturbing the attendees of the morning ceremony. The shaking in my hands spreads throughout my entire being and I collapse violently to the floor in fear.

4 November
I have been summoned to Rome to meet with the Pope. He had sent a Holy Soldier to the Canterbury Cathedral to personally deliver unto me a letter hand written by the Pope himself. I leave in alomst an entire month, but I cannot shake the feeling that something horrible will happen to me either whilst I begin my journey, or once I arrive at the Pope's feet.

10 November
My Journal,
I have met with the Pope and he is holding me here in his holy city. He will not let me flee. He and his cardinals say that I have become one of the Night's children and must remain hidden. I do not understand, but I will live here as long as I can tolerate and then I will return home to England, where I will hide, once again, from predators.

Later That Night
Oddly enough, when I was struck by a carriage walking back to the Pope's residence, I did not die, but I should have. The stallion stomped atop my head and the large wheels should have cut me in half. I simply stood up, brushed my coat off, and ran before the coachman could investigate.
Does this mean that nothing can kill me? I must meet with the Pope and discuss this occurance.

11 November
Dear Journal,
The letter the Pope sent me was not authentic. One of the cardinals wrote it. I have gotten myself into some kind of trouble that I cannot run from.
I feel a hunger unlike any other. It is not like anything I have ever felt before. No. When I feel this hunger, it feels as though my stomach is being ripped out of my very being.
One of the servants has brought me a glass of wine. It smells delicious, unlike any other wine. I consume it as fast as I can and the hunger is gone, almost immediately. There must have been something else other than wine in that cup.
I must know what is going on here.

13 November
As I was wandering the corridors of this immense palace, I took note of the fact that there were no cardinals in any of them. I saw a servant carrying a serving tray with glasses of the wine I had consumed previously. I stopped her and politely asked her for one. She handed me the cup, her hand shaking so terribly, the liquid nearly came out of the cup.
"Ma'am, if I may know, where is Cardinal Cecco? I must speak with him urgently." I inquired.
With a tremoring hand, she pointed to a set of doors at the end of the corridor.
I finished the wine, set the cup on the tray and continued on my way to the end of the corridor, where there was a set of marvelous double doors.
When I stoos just outside of the doors, ready to announce my presence byt knocking, I heard shouting, like someone didn't agree to what another had to say. I pressed my ear up to the door and listened. It was certainly the Cardinals in conference on the other side of these doors.
"We must keep him here! He will become feral and kill, just as Guisto has done."
I did not recognize this Cardinal's voice.
"You are not able to determine that for certain. No two people are the same. Guisto was corrupted by the leader of the Night's Love. Nicholas will not be this way. How will we know for certain what he is capable of if we keep him locked up like the most terrible kind of criminal? He must be sent back to his home, in England."
That was Cardinal Cecco. He wishes to send me home? Who is Guisto and what did he do? What is the Night's Love?
"You said youreself, Cecco, he has no home. He was taking refuge in the Cathedral of Canterbury. How can we send him home if hasn't got one?"
Cardinal Lorenzo speaks loudly.
"He will be sent back to England within the week, Cardinals, whether you agree or not. He will not become a corrupt vampire. He has been drinking wine laced with pig blood. He will be as normal as a vampire can be. And the corrupt coven, Night's Love, will not lay a finger on him. Guisto will be beheaded, if it is the last thing I do in this lifetime."
Cardinal Cecco speaks loudly and firmly, defending me.
With this new information about myself that I had not previously known, I run down the corridor directly to my right. I do not stop until I am outside in the garden.  
The crisp air used to bother me greatly, but now, it has no effect on me. I breathe heavily, it is a labor. I see stars in the n ight sky and wonder if this will be the view of the sky for the rest of my life.



I jolt awake, my memories haunting my dreams and making my nightmares so much worse. Even though those memories were over 200 years ago, I still remember them as if they happened yesterday. It took me forever to be assimilated into American life, though my British accent remains a reminder of my past.
On the night I heard Cardinal Cecco talking to the other Cardinals, I heard them mention the name Guisto. I did my research on him and discovered he was drianing the blood from children under twelve years of age. I fled the country soon after I discovered what I was and haven't heard anything on Guisto. I can only hope that he was put to death, as Cecco promised.
Throughout my modern life, I've done everything in my power to keep people at a safe distance. Every few years, I have to relocate. People start to notice when none of your facial features change or when you stay the same height or when your voice stays at a constant tone. Yet, through all that, I've managed to keep one friend with me; a friend who is like me- dead inside, and he's this way because I made him this way. He was too young to die. So now, he goes where I go, the burden of eternal life.
We began studying French for our next relocation to Paris last year and have almost completely learned the entire language. For practice, we speak it in our home and that's about it.  
"Nick, what's the plan? We just pack up an leave? What about the people we met?"
Tadd stacks boxes in a corner of the room.
"We haven't met any people in thid least, I haven't. If you have, you'll just leave them behind, like everybody else."
I load some more boxes into the moving truck.
"You never told me that an eternity of lonlieness is what I'd be in for when you Changed me. It really isn't fair."
I turn and look at him. "It was either this or death. You chose this. I don't want to hear your complaints anymore. I could have let you die, Tadd. This is the life you chose. You want out, go tell everyone what you really are. "
He looks at me with a blank expression. He knows I'm right. If I had let him die in that hospital, we'd both be alone, just in different dimensions of this life.
We silently pack the rest of out belongings into the truck. This truck will be sent to a loading bay where the container will then be shipped to the apartment I have chosen just an hour and a half outside of Paris. We will live in Reims for a while. I have noted that France is close to where I have the most history with. I can only hope and pray to whatever God may exist that there are no other vampires in that part of France.  
"Nick!!!! God, you tune everything out so easily. When are we leaving?" Tadd jabs me in the shoulder, looking irritated.
"We leave tomorrow, but we'll stay in a hotel room tonight. You have your passport ready? And a carry-on packed and ready to go?" I reply, picking up my carry-on bag and slinging over my shoulder.
"Yeah, all I need is a toothbrush and I'll be set."
"I'll get you one tomorrow. Let's go."
Tadd leaves first, eager to get out of America, wanting to explore new places and see new things. He hates staying in one place too long, just like I do.
I take one last look around what I know could have been home one more time. The blood stain from where Tadd was first Changed is still in the corner of the room. The hole is still in the wall from when he was learning to control his strength. I'll miss this place. Maybe we'll come back in about 100 years....


We've been settled in for about three days and we already need to buy food. No, we don't have to eat it, but we've gotta keep up appearances. It should bother me that we have to waste money on food we won't eat, but I've gotten used to it.
Today, I've got a meeting. I'm letting Tadd have control of the house, which I'm seriously having second thoughts about.
"Tadd, I swear to God, if I come back and the dust is out of place, I'll kill you. And I mean it this time. A few people doesn't mean the whole block. Plus, your French sucks," I say, pulling my arms through the sleeves of my leather jacket.
"Je parle très bien français," (I speak French just fine) he says.
"Vraiment? OK, alors dites-moi , où est la boulangerie?" (Really, okay, so tell me, where is the bakery?)
He doesn't answer. I look at him, waiting.
"What?" he finally says, clearly frustrated.
"Answer the question, Tadd."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"I don't know where the bakery is."
"Look, I'll be back in about six hours. Please, keep it neat."
I pick my keys up off the table and walk out of the door before he can say anything in response. I feel like he's my little brother with the way he has to be told all of the rules. One day, he'll learn.
I take the stairs down to the garage below the apartment where my Venturi Fetish sits, collecting dust. It's been sitting here since I requested from the landlord, who is also a vampire, to accquire this for me. I'm sure a quick hose-down won't make me TOO late. I unlock the car, toss my jacket into the driver's seat and close the door.
It took me no more than two minutes to just hose off the car. I get in the car, pull out of the garage and speed down the road. The street lights are blurs outside of the car. I have to drive over an hour to get to where I need to go: The Eiffel Tower. I'll meet one of my associates there and, hopefully, bring an end to Tadd and myself being hunted by the Night's Love.
I just stare at the road ahead of me as I speed towards la Tour Eiffel. The buildings and landmarks whiz past as I get closer and closer to my destination.
I park in the tourist's parking lot and step out of the car. I wait until a small figure makes its way under the giant green statue. It isn't who I planned to meet with so I wait longer. I can tell from this distance that the figure is female.
Just as I'm about to get in my car and go back home, my cell phone rings loudly in my jacket pocket.
"Allô?" I answer.
"Cut the French and bring your ass over here, Nicholas."
"Over where?"
"Look under the Tower."
I look and she waves. She hangs up and I begin walking, tucking my phone back into my pocket.
When I'm just about to be under the Tower, she says,
"You smell like Rowan."
Her back is turned and her pale blonde hair hangs just above her waist in gentle waves. She's Rowan's werewolf sister.
She turns to me and her blue eyes startle me.
"Hello, Nicholas. Nice to finally meet you."
She holds out her hand and I take it, immediately wishing I hadn't. The heat from her hand was almost too much and I drew my hand back instantly.
"Sorry, I forgot that your skin was like ice." She blushes and her hand falls down to her side. I hold my hand in my pocket.
"It's alright. So....where is Rowan? I was supposed to meet with him." I say, looking around, trying to catch his scent in the wind.
"Unfortunately, he's a bit tied up and won't be able to leave his current situation for quite a while." She smiles....not a warm one, more like.....sinister.
"What'd you do to him?"
"He killed my mother. I've done nothing he hasn't deserved. We are here to negotiate your terms of....?"
"You come here to negotiate with me on behlaf of the Night's Love and have no clue what for?"
"Nicholas, you've been around for quite a long time. 300 years, in fact. Impressive. So, you tell me what you want from them and what you're willing to give up to get it. And hurry, I have to get back to London with my pack."
"I want them to stop hunting Tadd and me forever.  In exchange, I'll give them the cure for blood hunger."
She stares at me blankly. Then, slowly, her blank look turns to one of pure rage.
"You had the cure..... and you knew Rowan.... and you didn't give it to him...... I watched him drian every drop of blood from my mother's body because you wanted....liberation?"
She steps closer to me. I stay in my place, not fearing her.
"You blood-sucking leech!!!!" She lunges for me and grabs my throat, pinning me to the cement, trying to strangle me, forgetting that I have no need for oxygen. I just look at her.
She presses her nails into the sides of my windpipe, like she's ready to rip my throat out. That, I did need. I bring my feet up and launch her off of me, sending her sailing 35 feet away.
"You really think a fight is the best thing right now? With the way things are between our kind, it'll start a war that won't end until one of us are wiped out. You really wanna risk the lives of your Pack members, MoonBeam?"
She stares at me in disgust and says, "You want to negotiate with them, do it your damn self. I want nothing to do with you or your kind, you filthy leech," she turns to walk away, but I grab the part of her arm that's covered. She stopped but she didn't turn around to look at me.
"You think we're all the same? You're so wrong." I let her go and then she turns to me.
"Vampires attacked my father. I had to take a vacation just so I didn't have to watch him die in the hospital. Yes, you are all the same." She looks me dead in the eye when I say,
"I haven't hunted a living human since I was turned. I survived on rodents and small animals. Then I found the cure and gave it to the last person I Turned. You really think we're gonna revert back to the Night's Love's ways?"
"No.... I think you're lying. There can't be a cure for blood hunger. You're not just a're a liar, too."
She pulls violently away from me, and I feel like I haven't in years..... Rejected and alone.... I don't know why.
I turned to walk towards my car and heard her say,
"Remember this conversation, Nick, because it'll be the last time a wolf tries to socialize with you."
I turned, expecting to see her right behind me, but she was already gone. So why did her voice sound like she was right behind me????
I got home just before sunrise. When I unlocked the door, I was shocked to see Tadd and another person sitting across from each other, having a conversation like they knew each other.... I'm pretty sure they didn't.
"Who's this, Tadd?" I say, taking my leather jacket off and setting my keys on the table. I never take my eyes off of the stranger. He doesn't smell human nor vampire. He must be a werewolf, like MoonBeam.
The stranger stands and extends his hand to me, saying,
"Je m'appell Jean-Luc, et toi?" (My name is Jean-Luc, and you?)
I stare at his hand, knowing that the warmth will burn me like earlier. I just nod and say,
"I'm Nicholas. English is preferable." I sit on the cushion next to Tadd and Jeab-Luc sits in the chair across from us.
"So.... Jean-Luc..... Where exactly did you come from?" I say, cutting right to the point.
"Well, I'm from London but I'm back on vacation with my, uhm... Friends." he says, avoiding the word Pack. Like I don't already know what he is.
"I think it would be a lot easier if you knew that I know what you are, Jean-Luc. I've just finished a meeting with your Alpha."
He looks shocked.
"Now, I want to know what you've done with the leader of the Night's Love. And I want to know now." I say, lacing my fingers together.
He shifts in his seat, clearly uncomfortable.
Tad just stares at me.
I stare back at Jean-Luc, waiting for an answer.
Just when I think he's not going to answer, he says,
"MoonBeam has taken him and she's holding him back at the house in America. She hasn't killed him but I know she's going to avenge her mother for what he did to her."
I sit back on the couch and wonder why she hasn't killed him yet..... But then, she'd have taken away my fun.
"Nicholas, I need a favor. I'm sure you've heard of the Wolves of London...?" Jean-Luc says.
"Yes, I have." I respond.
"They're after me and, you know that the Pack and I are vactioning in London. I don't want any of my family to get hurt. I need you to somehow convince them to leave London. I've tried, but they won't listen to me. Beam isn't even trying to acknowledge me... even though we're together."
"The most I can do is get three of your pack members and keep them here with Tadd and myself. That's all I can do, Jean-Luc. Just give me a location and I'll get them here."
He contemplates the decision and then he stands.
"I would shake your hand, but I would burn you, but nonetheless, you have a deal, Nicholas DiMarco."

When I finished ordering the food the three wolves requested, I go into the kitchen and see MoonBeam glaring at me, arms crossed, feet apart. She hasn't moved since this morning.
"You know, you're going to have to sleep sometime today," I say, opening the fridge and remembering that it's completely empty.
"I find it interesting how you always open the fridge, even though you don't need to eat and it's completly empty," she says, her tone icy cold.
I stand and look her in the eye.
"I'm away from three other members of my pack. How am I going to protect them if I can't see them?" She yells the last part.
"I did what your boyfriend asked me to do!" I step closer to her, so close, our noses almost touch. "If you want to scream at somebody, scream at him."
I turn to walk away and she grabs my bare arm, burning me. I swat her hand away.
"Damnit! You know that hurts me!!" I yell.
Her voice is calm. "I respect you, Nicholas, for doing something that Jean-Luc asked you to do. He doesn't usually ask for help. But you could have left me there or maybe, you could have told me why he asked you to bring us here."
"I can't tell you that, MoonBeam."
"Damnit, Nick!!!!"
"By the way,  your two dude friends in there, eat a lot."
She groans in frustration. "We all do. Our metabolisms are eight times faster than the average human's."
I hear his thoughts before he comes into the room.
They've got Jean-Luc. They're going to kill him.
"MoonBeam, where exactly in London is Jean-Luc?" Vaughn runs into the room with Benjamin not far behind.
"He went to Buckinham Palace for a tour. Why?" She says, looking concerned.
Vaughn just stares at her until it clicks.
She screams out loud..... a heartbroken sound, and falls to the floor, sobbing into her hands.
I look at Tadd, who appeared by my side just before she dropped to the floor.
We have to go get him. I think at him.
I'll go get my silver knives. He thinks back.
I stare at MoonBeam on the floor. Vaughn and Benjamin are trying to comfort her but failing miserably.
And it's in that moment that I realize: I'm going to have to do somoething that I swore off centuries ago-kill werewolves.

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