American Colours

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the most racist Country on the planet, yet we pride ourselves because we say we free, yet we are trapped.

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



Colored in America, what does that mean? People of color, that’s everyone, not just certain ethnics, yet we like to differ whom we are even within ourselves. For most of the parents, we are failures to our own children. We fail to provide and protect them in ways we would want someone to provide and protect us. We have failed not only as parents but also we have failed ourselves. We are lead believe that our status in life determine our success. We are so dead wrong if we believe that our wealth or material assets define our success. We are too focus on what we have and how we are able to obtain more that we forget to live and teach as well as learn. Our children are growing faster than we can imagine, and not just in height or weight but with knowledge. The main reason why our children are the way they are is because we are the way we are. They watch us and pay attention to every detail and for most of them they don’t want a life of misery as most of us have, yet others want to follow the “in” crowd and do what they do. For the most part we’d rather look good in the public’s eye, yet have our kids be hell raisers because we don’t want to chastise them. Abuse is not chastisement, yet too many of us would rather beat our kids the wrong way, then you have those who won’t touch their kid but would rather they speak their mind and fuss or throw a fit and frenzy in front of all that we know or can care less to know and make us look like the bad parent. One thing everyone must know “all kids are different” for some kids you will have to chastise, yet there are those whom you can just talk to, then you have those that watch and learn and you don’t have to say a word. It’s basically all in the upbringing and teaching of raising a child. We’d rather have the judicial system raise our kids instead of chastising them to correct them.
Children today commit murder and attempted murder on their own parents or legal guardians, not only are they killing one another but their own kin folk. This displays not only a lack of teaching but also a lack of punishment. We have all these suppose to be experts on how to raise a child, yet the majority of them don’t even have kids, and just because you may or may not have had a brutal childhood that doesn’t make you an expert on child psychology. All children are different and unique in their own way and should be handled accordingly to their behavior. We allow our children to talk to us any kind of way or act in ways that are inappropriate, and then wonder what we did wrong in raising them. Okay let’s just be honest about the whole situation, this issue has been going on for more than centuries. We tend to ignore the truth behind the ugly curtain that we put up. We’d rather live a facade of a lie then to be honest with whom we have become. We pretend all is well and would rather keep folk out of our business, yet how can you keep folk out your business when your business is all in the streets. “Colored in America” doesn’t just hit at minorities but all ethnics, because we all have what we would like to say insinuating circumstances that put us in situations that happen to be beyond our control. If we would have just controlled our issue or minor circumstances when they aroused then we wouldn’t have out business over blown. We tend to communicate with those who can’t assist us unless it’s to spread our problems, and then we get upset or mad when we hear our own issue from someone else that we didn’t share it with. The main reason why your story has gone public in the hood or surrounding hoods is because the person or people whom you told have issues and for them to feel better about their own dirty house they have to spill garbage from your house. We thrive off of failure and drama, if you beg to differ then why you watch reality shows on TV. The best reality show ever aired is the hood by the local news, you want reality TV just watch the news. We tend to watch and become obsessed with reality TV that it becomes our conversation piece any place we are. All we do by watching others lives, whether it be good or bad is boost their ratings and make the rich richer in their miserable lives. So I guess in order for you to feel better about what you don’t have or probably never will have you have to view those with money with issues worst than yours, yet the difference is they have the money.  Here you are watching reality TV making the rich richer and your miserable life just seem to disappear, because most of you try to live as if you are on TV. We so focus on wealth and keeping up with the latest trend that we forget sometimes who we are the live life to have fun, not compete. We would rather listen to folk who claim to be fashion experts and also who looks better or how you should look, then listen to the man or woman who admire who you really are. The main issue we have is we would rather our outer appearance be more glamorous than our inner. We live for plastic surgery and botox injections, as if that will make us more acceptable in society, then we go spend our bill money on what we want folk to see when they see us. Did you know by altering your outer appearance that we tell folk we just want to be accepted no matter the cost, for all those whom alter their appearance for reasons other than medical reasons have brain issues and are followers of a society that will never truly accept them. What we fail to realize is that we are beautiful to someone; we do mean the world to someone. If people want you to change for any reason, spend their money doing a change, hell if they want you to change and they want to offer their expert opinion then they should be happy to pay for what they ridicule. 
After saying all of that I’m going to say this; men, women and want to be adults, what on Earth possess you to wear your pants hanging down to your knees? Please I need an answer, because to me that is the most ignorant way to dress then to have a belt on and have one hand on your pants trying to hold them up from falling, why did you even put pants on in the first place? Then you have women who just love men that dress like that, why would you want to be or hang with folk who don’t know how to pull their clothes up and be respectful to themselves, but that’s just it they don’t respect who they are so what make you feel they will respect you? If every establishment were to make everyone who dress in that manner pull their pants up and dress respectfully this may end a few issues. The fashion came from prison, and believe it or not bisexual men love to watch what you are showing them, men in prison and even those who have been know the meaning of “pants on the ground”, so keep wearing your pants hanging off and one day you will be the victim of circumstance unless you are already bisexual or homosexual. It’s true during these day and times its worst then before, but our knowledge has also been increased, “he who gains knowledge also gains sorrow”, not my words but from the Bible. Have you ever learned something and wish you wouldn’t have found out? We are held accountable not just for our actions but also our knowledge, because learning right from wrong means we have the decision to choose.

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