Black on Black Crime

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We as a race are vastly becoming extinct due to the fact we are surviving only to please ourself and can care less about those around us..............first murder ever committed was brother against brother.

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



What questions me is racism

I am not speaking of different ethnics group

But black on black crime

The slave mentality is still in blacks mind

I’m not speaking of when it rewinds

Better yet to those who haven’t been through it

And their persona show it

We complain of how we are oppressed

By the majority

And still we suppress our own

As a whole we are ignorant still

We display it well

Can’t work together and make our resting place hell

Quick to judge, quick to speak

Quick to anger and swift to cheat

We want fairity with clarity

While we give disparity

We look to others for help

Because we know we ourselves

Then we get mad when our cry for help is unanswered

When attention arrives we want to be pampered

Why can’t we work together and get along with each other

Stop blaming our ancestors and help our brother

Yet in your mind arise the response

“He ain’t my brother; we ain’t from the same mother”

But in spirit we all share the same father

Our minds are closed as need to be our legs

Mouth always open and hands held out to beg

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