Can't Get Right

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We all have someone we know or have heard of that for some reason or another just can't seem to get things right or get on a soild path, yet at the end of that path lies your eternal destiny

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



Cataclysmicly I write
So to perpetrators and haters don’t bite
With these words to you I excite
As to all I delite
And tell you the story of ‘can’t get right’

As a youth the one to adore
Much attitude and hard core
As a teenager bringing confusion
Strung out and in delusion
Like a bomb ready to ignite
There stand ‘can’t get right’

As a young adult still causing harm
Setting off every type alarm
By using intellect you would call bright
Yet always quick to fight
Yeah that’s ‘can’t get right’

Got married to straighten out life
Though through the relationship had much strife
So called it quits
Now living in the pitts

Back in trouble like before
More attitude much hard core
Amphetamines keep in flight
While doing more wrong never right
Yep that’s ‘can’t get right’

In middle ages there stood
Straight from the block
And up to no good
Now in this dark street late at night
Far from any light
Lay surround by blood ’can’t get right’

At judgment there stand
Wishing and twiddling hands
Praying and hoping might
On bended knee now ‘can’t get right’

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