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we tend to hold one another down, but by doing so we hinder us in so many ways

Submitted: June 18, 2010

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Submitted: June 18, 2010



Death is justified by life, and yet even during our reign we suffer strife. We consider a good life as one who has lived past eighty, long enough to be able to collect social security. How do we justify life? We consider death of natural causes a GOD send. True we know neither the day nor the hour, yet it’s in how we died that’s so horrific. Death is imminent yet we still marvel at its existence. We wonder why this or that person had to leave the way they did or why has this come to past, what we fail to realize is GOD is trying to get our attention. Most of us walk around angry with GOD for whatever reason and lift our fists to the sky. If we would take the time to learn to love and forgive not forget but accept that life is and will then realize death is and will and that everyone is human put nothing past anyone, strive to be someone and point blame toward no one, then maybe we will live as one. Stupid people are ignorant in several ways; they consider self preservation before reservation.
 It’s about me, is said in so many minds and several display that same truth. We are exploited by our own ethnic, oppressed by our own, disrespected by our own, racists toward our own. The saying goes “we are as crabs in the bucket”, we all know how crabs are in the bucket, when one reaches the top by stepping on top of the other one and another crab grabs that one and pulls him back in. I beg to differ with the crab in the bucket, ok to switch it around for good and not see the bad, I would say that one crab that is being stepped on helped the other one reach the top and before he can grab a firm grip to the top it’s another one trying to secure himself to that one so he can be pulled up, then he can help the rest get out of the bucket, yet we know this in human society is no way near true, but it’s a good way to think or start to think. On another note maybe the crab that stepped on the other one was not ready to support the other crabs as they grabbed him for support. Maybe he wasn’t fully capable or ready to assist those other crabs needing to be lifted out. This is what happens too many times in society, we appoint what we feel to be a supportive cast for us, yet we fail to consider if they are able to handle the pressure that will come their way. Then when all seems to fail and don’t go the way we would like we get upset and get that “crab in the bucket” syndrome. In a nut shell they aren’t strong enough to hold themselves how do you expect them to hold you, many people get their strength from a supportive cast and that’s all they are able to handle by being lifted up and not doing any lifting. You have to look at the good in every situation including the bad. Always remember its three sides to every situation, looking at any situation from one angle will most likely produce miscommunication as well as presumptions. Everything happens for a reason and people come into your life for a reason. Not every person in your life is a God send, many are there to strengthen you, others are there to hinder you and a few to encourage you, only a few will remain in your life. Some people you just won’t be able to get rid of no matter how you try; reason, season, lifetime, which friend are you or are you entertaining? Friends come and friends go or basically how does one determine a true friend from and associative friend or even a socially friend. Not everyone is out to support you or assist you, many people come along for many different reasons, yet we fail to realize that those folk that come into our lives are not always for the bad nor the good, yet to strengthen us in ways that makes us better or even makes us worse, depending on how we handle the situation. The metaphor “crabs in a bucket” is just that, as a human being we use metaphors to describe our lives or others lives and justify it by our meaning of the situation. Do we not know or believe that what the Devil means for bad God means for good. This concept some of us just won’t accept due to our negative nature or past experience or history with non positive actions or occurrences that have happen or is happening. 
“Crabs in the bucket”, no matter how you look at it we are all a crab in that bucket. The question that surrounds the whole metaphor would be, which member in the bucket do you consider yourself to be or which one are you really? A person’s true character is what they do when no one they know or know them is looking. We can fool ourselves into believing that we are who we portray and try to fool others, yet in doing so you become real to whom. We want to flash that we are real or we don’t fabricate the truth and although we all fabricate the truth for our own manipulation or our own goals we hurt only ourselves. Next time you decide to support any one reason or cause think of the long term affects it could have and not just on you, think of what good it will do or will come of it. Self-preservation is a number one goal of humanity at this time, all we seem to care about it is, what will this do for me or how can this help me? We fail to consider the rest and say “let someone else care about that, that ain’t my issue”. Crabs in the bucket, we are all deteriorating due to extinction. 

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