Deep (Spiritual)

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We allow our flesh to control us in so many aspects that we ignore the spiritual concept to control who we are and what we do

Submitted: December 21, 2010

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Submitted: December 21, 2010



You want to go deep, I’ll take you deep
Deep in the word of GOD
To where your flesh is afraid to creep
A place where maggots won’t roam
Yet a place for your soul to call home

A place to where the battle is already won
And how three represent one
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Demonic souls are terrified and tremble

One third of the stars were cast out of eternal life
And bringing to God’s likeness earthly strife
Badly damaging what will hurt him the most
All the while the one who ask to bring this pain
He himself battles in his own brain

A man after His own heart is a sinful man
Not just any man, but a man that understands
Yet yields to all knowing
You still want to go deep, let’s go deeper

The prince of the air still walks the Earth
To and fro each day
Asking to test, all that profess
To walk the straight and narrow
He himself is doom to eternal condemnation
This was before the start of creation

The Big Bang theory will never be proven right
Even the most educated man, in his own mind is blinded by sight
Those whom left this Earth in His will only sleep
So you still ask to go deep

Try this for comfort
The call for the righteous to go home will be by trumpet
Be careful of what you digest
All of what you eat will be a test
Picture this in a frame
Your life, is not a game

Whether it be footprints in the sand
Or you walk hand in hand
Every tongue will confess and every knee shall bow
You need to get your life together right now
Don’t worry about people or cramping your style

Faith cometh by hearing
So your soul needs to hear the positive
When it comes to chastising the youth
Don’t spare the rod
Cause they won’t spare you

In the light shall your sins be reveal
So don’t think you’re getting from what is real
You still think about going deep
Keep your soul away from the dark in which it creep

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