Deferred Dream

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we are vastly becoming extinct, so who do we blame

Submitted: June 15, 2010

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Submitted: June 15, 2010



We just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr observance day. This is a day we set aside to reflect as Blacks, African Americans or Colored in America the man that had a dream and lead a civil rights movement this country will never forget. What good is a dream if not carried through? It’s like a planned mission gone wrong. This may not account for all, yet as a whole it counts whether or not how we live a dream that has been deferred. King’s dream came true as to where segregation was abolished but not as a whole nor technically. To put it blunt we technically worked together to fulfill just that portion of “his” dream. This is what I mean by this; as a whole blacks pushed for desegregation and better education, we received those things yet we still struggle with those same issues. The key to winning a battle is to never have to fight that issue again and move on, we will always have to fight racism or shall I say “separation”, a much more better easier yet less offensive way to say racism. The problem we face is that we not only fight “separation”, racism from whites, we fight within our own. It seems as if we stop fighting for things or we still stuck in the same issues as when we fought for civil rights. King’s dream seemed to end shortly after his assassination, because for some reason we still struggling with the same issues and even worse issues. Let’s be honest true we have come a long way from where we were and it hasn’t been that long ago from whence we came. True indeed we have blacks in key positions and we have a biracial President, yet for some reason it doesn’t seem to be enough. We celebrate the fact that we have a biracial President yet we still struggling with the same issues we fought during the civil rights movement and civil war. We have children killing children, children robbing and killing adults, children who are disrespectful toward their elders and even parents. How far have we gotten as a people if our issues have overrun us? Okay I’m just gone say it, even our listening pleasure has shifted to a more disrespectful ear. We justify what we say and do by how we live or the situation we are put in, yet it’s all these things we allow and put ourselves in. we allow our community to be over ran by our youth, then we run to subsidies with our hands out to beg on bended knee or head tilt low and ask for the government to help us raise our children because for some reason we seem to forgot how to chastise them. We quick to judge want to be seen in the spotlight and quick to fulfill negative news with gossip and mayhem. 
A dream deferred, as stated by Langston Hughes states: “What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore-- And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat?  Or crust and sugar over-- like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?” This is what we have become, we tend to have lost or focus and agenda. We planned poorly and failed to add to King’s dream. King’s dream should have been all of our dream and we should have added more things to overcome, yet in doing so we forgot to teach our children how not to be and who to be. True with every struggle we will face adversity; we will face our own kind who hates us more than those who hate them. In doing so we will destroy one another and criticize one another and separate ourselves from ourselves, the plan of others for our existence shall end with us killing us. We wonder why we struggle so much and fight harder with our own then have to fight with white America. Church leaders even fight and won’t work together in our eye sight and yet get on a pulpit and preach Jesus and love to us and tell us to do what they won’t dare do. The fact is we have a biracial President who gets adversity from every ethnic on the planet and no support as a whole from the black community. We tend to criticize and scorn him more than any other race or ethnic. Unless we devise measures to survive and achieve and become a race to be reckon with we will explode just like a heavy load. The main issue is we feel intimidated by those who we feel are better, why else would you hate so strong. We complain about how we are prejudged and ridicule against by other ethnics, yet we ridicule and prejudge our own, talk about double standard. We lie, cheat, steal and kill on one another and try to justify why we commit such sin, then we turn around and say we were taught that by the ones who brought us over to this land, hell we did this to ourselves we didn’t need them to teach us they exploited us to hide their sin, which is the same today in the news. It’s like that commercial when everyone is standing around a trash can talking about the trash that’s near it, yet all around the trash can for some reason can’t seem to bend over and pick it up until one person who walks by decide to pick it up and throw it in the trash can. This is the exact attitude we have, we’d rather discuss a measure instead of doing what we need to do and that’s shut up about doing it and just do it. No other President in the history of the Presidency took more flack or ridicule, until now and it’s mainly because of his skin color. They, meaning all who decide to ridicule and badger the President have nothing else to charge this man with so they do all they can to demean. He’s a threat to all those who fear him.
Biracial President
a threat he present
to whyte America
or all those that may oppose
they are in search of any whyte hype
or any ethnic that rejects
for many of their past vote regret
positive action is criticize and scorn
from class room chats to Health care reform
America has represented white for forty-three sessions
not all were good or had to bail out in a recession
many of the country issues have been their fault
blame on a Biracial President from start need to stop
we've tried whyte for centuries
can blacks enjoy at least this one victory
this proves we are not as far as we thought
from slave ships to trades as we were brought
before you criticize sit back and view
don't be so quick to judge because he intimidates you
we are suppose to be proud of our Country on which we stand
one nation under God and can't give one another a helping hand
this Country in nature is founded on prejudice and pride
and run behind their laws and fore fathers to hide

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