Final Hour on Earth

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Just when you think things are over, they have only begun. "we war not against flesh and blood", our battle is much greater.

Submitted: November 30, 2010

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Submitted: November 30, 2010



I have just laid myself down to rest
And yet here the alarm is ringing like crazy
It’s that time once again to start a new day
For some reason this day seem different than all the rest
I look down, and ponder I didn’t put on this gown
I take a slow look all around
This isn’t my room
Where am I, where could I possibly be?
I swiftly arise to investigate this occurrence
That has blatantly become a disturbance
Now I just don’t seem to comprehend
How when I look down I can see all my friends
Family and love ones grieving
Others in the corner calling me a back-stabbing heathen
I can see every ones thoughts and sins
They can’t see nor hear me
Wandering around I see strange objects
Many sent to do missionary projects
Some causing mischief and mayhem
and a few lurking deep in the dark afraid to even move
and me, well I’m trapped in this one room
next in my view I see scenes flash of my life
behind me a voice narrates each scene
please Lord I say let this be just a dream
I quickly realize that the strange objects I saw are demons
and Angels, each on a mission completing tasks
An all out war fighting for control and power
and here I was with scenes of my life flashing my final hour
For I have subdued and advanced from my final test
I have been released on a Clydesdale stallion from the castle
Charging full speed ahead with sword and shield into battle
With determination deeply imprinted on my face
I have took my rightful position in God’s place

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