Games (dating)

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Dating is such BS, can anyone truly be themselves.........even in marriage people play games. A heart is not to be played with at all, nor emotions

Submitted: January 08, 2011

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Submitted: January 08, 2011



To you I must applause

For you to try to keep my life on pause

Now you say lets just be friends

You don’t want to rush

For fear of letting the wrong one in

Now I understand you’ve been through

Times have been really rough on you

You opened up to the wrong one

So when a good one come along you’re afraid to have fun

You can’t judge me by the next man

Just because he left your heart broke in your hand

Now I do know how you cried

Cause only thing he ever did was lied

Now with me you want to take your time

I have no problem that’s fine

But then again why have me wait

Maybe someone else is there so you use me as bait

Now it’s only one of three things

You’re trying to get out what you are in

Or could it be changing your life around

Could it be you yourself are undecided

So you use me to keep things divided

Some way or another you’ve got to make up your mind

You can’t keep people on hold throughout time

I liked you from the moment I saw you

To you I promise to be true

But how can I if you will never let me show you

I think maybe you are afraid

You see the last dude treated you as a maid

I want to treat you as a Queen

To have and to hold in your dreams

You call me when you want

So why do you continue to taunt

I am just trying to get to know you

To be with you and only you

Those guys you dated I am not the same

All I see is you playing games

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