Guilty (as sin)

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There is not one person free from sin, we all have committed sin in one way or another, there is no such lie as white or worse then the other. All sin is equal no matter what it is, don't fool yourself into believing you are even close to being correct when you lie despite the nature of the situation.

Submitted: November 17, 2012

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Submitted: November 17, 2012



What is my sin
For I am not innocent
We all are wrong for one thing or another
Yet we continue to point blame at each other

Innocent until proven guilty
That’s what we hold on to
The crime may not fit that time
However at one time it was a crime

Lie, cheat, steal and swindle
And portray with action we are not criminals
I have yet to be caught
So to me guilty I am not

My thoughts alone are bound by trouble
And the errors I commit are double
Be it unnatural or natural for my sin
My emotions are all wrapped in

So when you see me
Know that I am filthy
Cause my innocence proves that I am guilty

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