Hurt (relationship)

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many times we forget others feelings

Submitted: January 08, 2011

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Submitted: January 08, 2011



How does one apologize for past hurt

Hurt that was done originally from past relationship

True the hurt I put you through is no more different than he

Yet It’s like I don’t have a chance to redeem

See he made promises he couldn’t keep

I am now making a promise I vow by

Although my promise to you, you hesitate and question

Because of your past, and our past

I am paying half for someone else’s mistakes

And the other half I vow with my life again to never make

I neglected the one person that means so much to me

And with that hurt you turn the other cheek

You tried and longed for me to show you

I turned death ear, and your feelings went blue

Your heart is now made of stone

Hard toward me and semi cold

I just wish it was something I could say or do

For you to want me back

But it’s like all I try or do you rub off like water on your back

I see now that things were that bad

Bad enough for you to not desire me

I pray that I didn’t really treat you that way

For now my heart hurts with suicide

With our marriage I committed murder

I truly do love you and long for that affection we once had

But sometimes all I can do is think she don’t want me back

It feels unfair to love someone and they don’t love you back

To try and make happy yet all you get is slapped

Just know my mind is a mess and tormented

Burden with how I let you down, us

I beg for another chance, a chance for my wife

To love me again, want me again

Sometimes that seems so distant

Because of the pain you have endured

Don’t make me pay for others mistakes

I made mistakes, true

I ask humbly for you to allow me to show and prove

Please give me another chance to show you.

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