Illusions to Detours

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Life is full of surprises and the one main thing we need to understand is that things that happen to us during our course of living we normally do to ourselves. We have a choice to make and sometimes we choose the path we feel better for us not what maybe the best way to go, yet we find ourselves in positions and wonder why.

Submitted: June 08, 2010

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Submitted: June 08, 2010



Life is full of family strife and circumstances, that’s inevitable. Our issues in dealing with it sometimes overwhelm us due to our own inner being. We lose focus on matters of the heart and family and replace it with drama and confusion. As long as you live I promise you shall be plague with family sin, it's all in how you handle each issue and choose whether or not the priority of it is worth more than whom you are and wanting to become. Don’t get me twisted and start to believe that I am saying forget your family or ignore the situations at hand; by no means do I mean that in any way, yet what I am saying is, don’t allow others issues to be your main focus and disrupt your dreams or ambitions, but rather cradle their matters as if just important but not more important than you achieving your destiny. The phrase “delayed not denied”, must become if not already a message to your heart and passion of you wandering through the wilderness. Each person has a wilderness, whether it is one issue or many issues, we all have a wilderness. Many of us are dissolute in our glass house that we build because of so called failures or detours to our destination. We all feel we build a foundation on a solid ground, yet we forget we allow the rodents to feast among us as well. Our priorities have somehow or another shifted due to others longing for attention or affection on their misguided circumference of an angle. We easily get roused by any type of skin rubbing or spot itching rash and forget to control our actions before our minds can get control of the prescribed ointment. We bathed among the peasants and gander with the swine and then wonder why our necks ache from blinking in quick sand. We all are failures because we fail to do what we so desperately need in our society, we fail to cooperate and communicate yet quick to demonstrate wrongful actions from a mind quick to do harm and punishment. 
“Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting ……….” well you know the rest; that is the wrong message to send anyone. Revenge only angers the sleeping demons awaiting to strike from not sleep or disturbance but pure ignorance, stupidity and lack of control. A sleeping demon doesn’t sleep, they await for the right moment to attack, and they prey on the stupid (meaning all those who make the wrong decision despite knowing your consequences). Did you know that life teaches us things that we don’t even realize or take the time to ponder? We are taught that once we learn a lesson we will be tested on that same lesson, now the funny part is, we will be tested on what we learn from the lesson not what we haven’t learn, so if a lesson carries many different sections, we will only be tested on the section we learn; yet pay in mind a section will lead into other lessons that will require a bonus question. You know how on some test the instructor includes a question from the chapter ahead just to see who has been preparing themselves or reading ahead, or include a question from previous chapters read just to see who obtained some knowledge. Well all of this is the same in life, once a child learns right from wrong they test themselves or you to see if they can get the same results from a previous mistake. Each mistake brings different results for the most part unless it’s just an obvious mistake, like something hot; doesn’t matter how you touch it, it will produce the same results, you being burned, or scolded. The same is true when it comes to un-protected sex it produces the same result each time, either an STD or a child to be. Religion, another touchy subject; produces the same results each time, an argument of differences of views and opinions. Personally I feel religion is fake, it’s best if you have a relationship with GOD, ok prime example; marriage, for example is nothing without communication. Marriage represents the different religions, there are different types of marriages, yet it’s only one way to keep a marriage and that’s to communicate through your relationship and remain truthful to it. If you don’t communicate with GOD and remain truthful to Him what good is your religion? Just know we will all be tested on what we know and held accountable for our actions, so the next time you wonder why something just remember this is your test. Many times we are tested on the same issues, and that’s due to a lot of different reasons, mainly because you continue to stay in a place that allows testing in that area over and over again. You want to be delivered from the vicious circle of the same occurrences then you must uproot yourself from your selfish disobedient ways. If you ever wonder why you can’t seem to get ahead or every time you turn around the same issues are back in your face, think for a minute as to why this may be happening. Some things and people you just need to rid yourself of and grow, the reason why you can’t seem to get a good man or a man at all or better yet a companion in your life is because you are still in the same place you’ve been years ago; your mind set must change. We hinder ourselves in a lot of things, then turn around and blame others for our downward spiral or blame the demonic powers that be, yet we fail to do one thing and that’s re-new our minds. Not only must your mind set change but your conversation must show your inner growth toward improving your situational conditions. 
Life is full of surprises; it’s also full of ignorant and stupid individuals who for some reason continue on a path of self destruction. But as the Bible stated, Lucifer told God he would have his revenge and do to Him what will hurt Him the most, and that’s turn His people not only against Him but also against one another. Just when you feel things can’t get no worse or for some reason trouble always seem to find you, look around and calculate your steps and if you have no positive traction in your doing or thinking, it’s a constant reminder that if you don’t change your mind set you will be over taken with this plague. If you have positive traction, then it’s God allowing you to be delivered from those situations and your final exam of that chapter has begun, how well you do depends on how many steps you move to a whole realm of other lessons. Be in constant reminder that bad occurrences don’t mean God hate you, it’s just him testing you to make you a better person, you know just how you test your love ones around you, well God does the same to us. Stop blaming every negative occurrence on evil, for without good it could be no bad. Plus how would you know if you are growing if you don’t have a point to start from? Every obstacle is not an obstacle; most are just illusions of detours.What’s real is everyone has issues and many seek assistance or counsel from the so-called therapist, yet we have to remember most of the folk we seek out and blabber our business to are only qualified by a piece of paper that says they met the requirements to listen to your situation legally. I’m not speaking negative of all counselors, but do pay attention to what I am saying, many of the circumstances we are in are because we failed to pay attention to the warning signs or just didn’t care of the consequences of our ignorance/stupidity. We shouldn’t spend all of our time in healing over the same issue every year over and over again, by some point we need a “Can’t Get Right Card”, because if we continue to stumble in the same slop, then we just can’t get right, unless we think alternatively. I am all for getting assistance to aid our ripped arteries. Bandaging a wound will only suffocate the mending process; uncover your heart felt issues to someone who won’t spread your cries by fire truck sirens. Many therapists are not qualified to handle many issues, yet because of dollar signs or inquiring cavities they deem it necessary to blog on your page.
We so busy looking for love in all the wrong places that we forget to pay attention or use common sense. “Misery loves company”, how much more miserable must one be before common sense play a role, or before the light bulb goes off in your brain that this is reality. We tend to live for drama and what the latest blog, twitter or so-called fashion guru has to say about how to look or what to wear, and live to the expectations of others through their fogged telescope that’s duck taped, that we forget life isn’t about what someone else think about us, it’s about our happiness and what we need to do to be a better individual. 

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