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What intimidates you, why are you so fearful, what must you do to overcome your fears?

Submitted: September 16, 2010

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Submitted: September 16, 2010



Intimidation, what does it mean? Who possess the ability to intimidate? How does it work? To be completely honest intimidation only lies with the one who is intimidated. For the most part threatened or a feeling of insecurity when around or in the presence of the one you feel threatened by. For decades, even centuries since the beginning of time humans have intimidated one another. Jealousy is reached in one’s mind and soul when intimidated.For all those who are threatened by someone or whenever a certain person name is mentioned or if they are around and all of a sudden you feel upset or have to speak rude of them, that person intimidates you. To speak of someone negative in any way shows the class you have as an individual. If I exert all my energy into hating you and speaking negative of you I have become so miserable that I will stop at nothing to harm you. Misery loves company and if I feel that I am miserable of the mere thought of you I will dedicate my all to destroy you. This is in the mind of so many people; use to be best friends, lovers, coworkers, spouses even family members. Someone slept with someone or someone did someone wrong or so and so spoke negative of their experience with you so I judge you on that fact and that has become my experience with you. For some of us we have no real experience of most of the people we so call ourselves hating, maybe skin color, religion, ethnicity, heritage, political involvement, because you feel they stole your love one, maybe because they hurt a love one be it family or friend, because you belong to a certain organization that I don’t agree with be it church, fraternity or sorority. You may say it’s not intimidation, it’s this or maybe it’s that, whatever your reason whether you feel it’s justified or not by your feelings, if you feel cringe in your soul or in your mind you are intimidated by that very same group or person. Some may say it’s not intimidation, so let me break it down to you why it is. What would be a good reason to hate anyone? You may say jealousy, but then you won’t admit you’re jealous of a person. How about dislike a person for whatever the reason?Think about it for a minute, if you truly feel bothered by that person appearance or even cringe when you hear their name you are intimidated. You hate their very existence from the moment you felt negative about them. If you feel you need to inflict pain or hurt toward them in any way you are intimidated. Again not jealous, dislike or even hate, see all those three things form intimidation. Someone on the job may be better at it than you, doesn’t matter how long they have been on the job, but if other people praise them or they get a boost in their career and you are still stuck where you are don’t hate them or blame them blame yourself for you weren’t eager enough to do what they did to overcome the adversity of the job. I am speaking of those who rightfully deserve a promotion not those who had to do special favors to get there and not those who speculate on those who got there. How you know for a fact they did special favors to get to where they are, were you there when it was happening?Too many times we speculate on the rise or fall of someone because of hearsay. If you weren’t there you don’t know and if you were, shut up and live with it, it’s not for you to spread their rise or fall find something better to do in life besides speak of someone else’s mistakes or come ups, but hey that’s what we live for; drama. Everyone is intimated by something or someone, it’s just you admitting to it. The first stage to overcoming short falls and negativity is admitting you are intimidated. So many people are intimated by Barak Obama, be it they are black or white, they hate that a biracial man is eligible and intelligent as well as the best suitable person for a nomination to be President. So long have we as blacks been wanting something like this, we wanted so bad that we even placed a white man with the title of being the first we will ever get to having a black (if you will) be nominated for the Presidency. Barak, intimidates folks so, that they do all they can to discredit who he is in every sense of his being. If you hate him why do you hate him? For what reason why you hate someone you don’t even know? It’s like hating Michael Jordan, or Tiger Woods, two guys who were and are at the top of their game and played/plays well. As blacks watching Larry Bird demolish the Lakers or others we rooted for against him, we hated his playing skills yet had to respect this white guy had game. Respect your opponent, learn from your enemy and learn to adjust your anger and hatred toward things that make sense. Don’t be so quick to judge what you know not, regardless of hearsay. Let your experience of someone or something be just that an experience you have had, each person is different so don’t use your experience with something or someone and cloud someone else’s opinion of what they may experience. Feeling threatened, disliking or hating anyone or thing for any reason is intimidation, learn to adjust your energy and time in something that will better you and those things or people surrounding you. 

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