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Living In Flesh & Evil, many humans only are concerned with whom they are and what they can accomplish, and either way they go if you get stepped on then you just get stepped on.

Submitted: August 07, 2010

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Submitted: August 07, 2010



My life is full of strife
Things I do I have no clue
Yet I know right from wrong
Situations arise to help me fall
Why then be criticized by all
We live in a world built on favoritism
I favor you, You favor me
One hand washing the other
Is this how life should be
Friends come and friends go
In a World full of Drama who is really a friend
Does one know
Only time will show
In a quest to find that Superior Being
America seems to have turn it's focus
To a Country ran by crooked Politicans
How can you serve GOD when you look to magicians

Like a dancer on one hand I stand
My feet propped up in the air
In my head I try to plan
As I contemplate my next move
My thoughts proceed to no where
Things just don't seem right
If I wasn't caught up in sin
Maybe I could have a good life
Trials and Tribulations in one palm
Heavy burdens and Temptation in the other
I'm choked up in my own stuff
When will enough be enough
Daytime talk shows have all the gossip
America is glued to the TV like a pig in his wallop
When will we as humans ever learn
Forgive each other and live right or in HELL you shall burn

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