One sided(story)

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Too many times we judge and prejudge without even knowing the whole story. Just because this person is our friend we take their side over someone else's not only that but because we feel we know a person we side with them over someone we don't know. Each story has three sides and we tend to only get one side of the story. We as humans are hypacritical and bias toward the unknown, a lot of times we fear or are intimidated by those things we are threaten by.

Submitted: August 07, 2010

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Submitted: August 07, 2010



hear your side
I hear they side
Who knows the real side
Don't look at me as though I am wrong
for I am only human
Things happen for a reason
and not in any particular season
Why then believe one side
When yet there are three
The truth, you, then me
People outside always form their own judgement
Why look at me strange when you know not the truth
believe half of what you hear
A third of what you see
All of what you feel
Yet this is all you should believe
Believe everyone just not the devil inside
Keep your comments to yourself
and your story far from one side

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