Pain, Deep

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pain runs deep, so deep to the point of suicide. Cringe thoughts of gone wrong choices, what must one do

Submitted: October 01, 2010

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Submitted: October 01, 2010



your vision from the outside peeping in is all the same

a normal individual that seems sane

I do what I can when I can if I can

self inflicting agony and pride hinders assisted hand

open wounds way too deep to perform any type of surgery

situational issues that create hostile misery

mood swings and acts of an infidel

creating havoc from a buttock that's not well

lighting strikes and thunderous down pours of tears

face wrinkled with twisted looks of passionate fears

a deep trance of glazed eyes crossed backwards

limbs wrapped in quicksand posture awkward

critical stances of swift coercions of the in-a-me

port and starboard melee as if never an adversary

stumbles from dribble of chemical disparity

entwined pin needle orifice with idiom slit to tame

prognosis known as deep renditions of congested pain

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