Pride & Prejudice

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the sad reality of how far America has come and evolve, and though times are more modern and technical it makes it that much more worse and dangerous

Submitted: June 25, 2010

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Submitted: June 25, 2010



In a world, yet country that has no respect for their own
billionaires and millionaires create empires to be shown
groups of people who don't work together
decide to corrupt one another

one of the richest countries in the world
ran by prejudice and pride
greedy whoremongers who like to divide
evil doers who set the rule
now punish you if you're caught in the act of do

Pride and Prejudice
this country is ran off of ones own justice
the justice of the majority
and beat upon the minority

Do as I say not as I do
as they point their rod of correction toward you
I shall manipulate the system for my use
and if you follow I rule with abuse

I shall enter into your home with my laws
I shall overlook my own flaws
the flaws of I as I spread my belief over different nations
for this world I shall start my own creation

Since in existence I have walked the Earth
and with mayhem I have invented from birth
My struggle is only within me
for I don't have enough
and to you I will never show pity

I shall donate for my cause
I do this to gain more and even your applause
at times to you it may seem I have a heart
I do this only if I can gain in part

Not only in my country shall I rule
yet in other countries I shall appoint rule
To me I am the most powerful ethnic on Earth
everything I have and do is every bit of worth

I discredit what you have and do
I establish areas for you to live
I input drugs, sex and violence
while I sleep in silence

I shall plague many nations
With all of my gone wrong lab creations
I shall point and blame you
And report all incidents worldwide as if true

All of this is in my nature
I stir up hatred
I create laws and justice
My pride My prejudice

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