Racism (everywhere)

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This issue happens all over the globe, yet I decided to share a little of my world and where I live.

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010



What seems to question me is racism. Racism has been around since the beginning of time. Racism is tolerated by so many and yet so few are speaking up against it. You may seem to think that racism doesn’t exist, or fail to look at what it really is. Hatred of the next culture, sex, religion or even age is racism that seems to be prevalent. The racism I speak of happens all the time, yet looked over by so many. Black on Black racism is at an all time high, especially in Jacksonville, Fl. Since living here I have noticed that blacks here are all for themselves and jealous with self esteem. I remember when you were able to write a letter to the NAACP and they would answer, it has gotten so bad that even they are out for themselves. Blacks who have a voice to make a difference have went into hiding, and only look out for themselves. Don’t act all surprise as if this is a lie, tell you what write a letter to the NAACP or any other black party or even try to make a call and complain about a valid issue and watch how long it takes to get a response. What happen to the black voices that carried the colored community to the next level? We have become more divided as a culture and yet feel as though everything is fine.If you fail to understand Black racism is ever rising just watch the news, almost every homicide that takes place in Jacksonville, happens around the mainly predominate rural areas occupied by middle class minorities. To be honest what is even considered middle class is vastly becoming low class and middle class is fading. As blacks or shall I say minority individuals we have oppressed one another with depression. We murder one another not just physically but mentally and socially. Cain not only physically murdered Able, he also mentally murdered his brother. As blacks since the days of slavery and even before that we have betrayed one another, backstabbed each other, can’t and refuse to get along for jealousy and hatred for all the wrong reasons. We speak of one another with so much hatred and anger, yet we are the first to say “see that’s why we can’t get along now”. True enough other ethnic groups may have this issue, yet we are the worse. Just because he or she seems to be strutting their stuff a little too much doesn’t give you the right to hate or judge. Remember by hating the next person for whatever reason you only are hurting yourself. All that hate in you only affects you due to the fact you aren’t happy or can’t live because of disliking the next person of the same color, for whatever the reason or cause. As blacks we sit and say or wonder what happen to the positive role models that we use to look up to, or who’s going to rise and lead the pack, who’s the next voice of reason and valor. We need to stop looking for a role model and start being one. Hell even the black pastors don’t seem to get along and bring things together for a common cause, it’s always when a tragedy happens that we want to resolve an issue or work together and when we get such a low number in support we get upset, well hey if we would have played plan preventive maintenance in the past we wouldn’t have to maintain now. Our youth are running rampage and wild with hatred and anger, and quick to disrespect the elderly. We sit and wonder why our children are disrespectful and yet don’t want anyone to chastise our kids when they are disrupt full. Our music use to symbolize something and spread awareness in our community, now it’s all about how much money I make and how many women I slept with or who I shot or how I got shot or how fast can you shake or move.As blacks we are ignorant to one another and issues involving our own. Think about it, we only seem to care about right now and if it doesn’t involve right now we don’t want to hear it or choose to get involve with it. We have long term issues and fail to connect with them. Our marriages are ending much sooner than expected, our children are dying much younger than expected, our lives are more twisted than before and all because we fail to work together and assist one another. We had more unity when Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King was living. Even Marcus Garvey and Frederick Douglas demanded respect for their culture; we have long left the respect field and swiftly embraced the disrespect field. It use to be if you bumped into someone you would say excuse me, now it’s a mean and ugly look as if you or they did it on purpose, with no excuse me or apology. We use to respect our women and fight for them, now we beat on them and call them names. Women use to support their man and uplift them now it’s all about them and a paycheck. Robbing, stealing and killing one another for all the wrong reasons and use excuses to justify why we do what we do to get by. True it’s not just the black race, but it’s more prevalent in the black community. The most powerful ethnic group on the planet when unified, yet the most dominate when diversified. We kill each other so it’s easy for any other race to kill us. 

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