Relationships (fail or not)

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Attack and kill family values, kill humanity. we are becoming extinct and due to our own selfishness we'd rather endulge in our own flesh then yield to a greater power.

Submitted: November 07, 2010

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Submitted: November 07, 2010



Why do relationships seem to fail or go opposite what we originally plan? The question is merely answered by the ones involved. So many people seem to be relationship experts. For your information your friend whether it be female or male, same or opposite sex, they are not the ones to confide in concerning your relationship with your spouse, husband, wife or significant other. The one thing you must understand is that relationships are ordained by GOD. The marriage bed has become defiled. Marriages are no longer sacred by the parties involved. Satan told GOD he would hit him where it hurt the most. Breaking up relationships and tearing down families is a goal of the devil. If you are a lady and you have friends that are men outside your husband or boyfriend and can’t seem to communicate with them around them, then you need to stop. As a man if you have female friends that you can’t communicate with around your lady or wife then you need to stop. The funny thing about relationships is the fact that when two people meet up, hook up or go out they don’t seem to be real about who they are. It’s almost like you are a pretender, afraid to let yourself be yourself. Too many times we say we want someone to accept us for us, yet we fail to show up. We tend to be someone we are not. Husbands and wives pretend around others as well. If I am in a relationship and it doesn’t seem to be going the way I want, I don’t need to blame the other person for what may be going wrong, I need to take a look at me and what I did to contribute to why things are not going well. These is a classic case of why relationships go wrong and evolve into divorce or breakup, no one wants to accept responsibility for their own actions in the relationship. Too many times we call it quits due to the fact it seems easier to go than to stay. Divorce is at an all time high with young marriages due to the fact we include our families and friends who only get a one sided story and the one thing you have to remember is those are your friends and sometimes nine times out of ten they are going to side with you. But isn’t that what you want, someone to see your side and take your side when they only get one side. We have to remember that our friends no matter how much we care for them they are not the ones to include in on your relationship. Our families no matter how much you love them we can’t include in our relationship. Neither our friends nor our families ventured into this marriage in love with the person you got involve with, well they don’t love them like you do or suppose to anyway. A relationship is work, it’s not like changing clothes or washing, you have to work at it and once you committed you are saying this is the person, no matter what I go through that I want to be with until I die. We tend to change our tune soon as a trial or tribulation rise. We want to be blessed and want everything right now as if we can just microwave it and it’s gone be alright. Relationships are not intended to be smooth; you will have bad times, good times, trying times and oh yes Hell if you don’t work together. The thing we have to remember that what it took to get this person we must continue to do just that to keep that person. How strong are you in your relationship, how bad do you want it. You stood in front of GOD and whomever else and vowed before them that you would be there, no matter the cost, yet you didn’t think that far ahead when you were doing that. Disrespect is the new name for marriages or relationships that seems to sum it up best. The reasons why I say this is due to the fact both parties if not one seem to disrespect the other. “I’m gone have my friends and talk to them, I don’t care what he or she says.” This is what we say when not around the person whom we claim we are being true to. He or she can’t control me;” you aren’t my mama or my daddy.” When are we going to have respect for who we are and be true to the one we claim we love and want to be with, but somewhere down the line you feel out of love and went on a communication spree with the opposite sex and can’t seem to quit. To me who on Earth knowing that you are unfaithful with the one you are suppose to be with get with you. I will constantly be reminded that you were cheating with me so you gone cheat on me. For all those out there who say that isn’t true, wake up!! The truth is you are going to do what makes you happy and can care less about anyone else despite how they feel for you. Women want a man similar to the father figure in their life if there is one. Men want a woman similar to their mother, if there is one in their life. Too many times all we do is play games.

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