Sanctity of Unity is under Attack

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Family is essential and in this day and time needed to maintain a balance, yet we have lost our focus due to self righteous behavior

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



The family is under attack and has been since creation of mankind. What we fail to realize is that we are the targets and yet we continue to victimize the people whom we say we love. Quick fact for you just in case you haven’t heard or read, Jacksonville, Florida is the second highest city Aids/HIV infected nation wide. True that is a case study of reported cases, yet it has been for a while now, not only that but ranks in the top ten global wise. Next time you decide to have sex with someone that you barely know and just because you use a condom doesn’t mean you won’t be infected. People lie and will quickly lie just to sleep with you and spread to you what they have and can care less how you feel. In all honesty when you sleep with someone that you feel you know so quickly the main thing on their mind is how quick did it take you to sleep with someone else or how quick will you sleep with someone else you feel you know. What’s sad is people feel like they can do it all on their own with no significant other, even though we were put here by God to be together, they feel they don’t need the opposite sex for whatever reason. To be blunt they’d rather play with the same sex and feel it’s justified. God ordained the sanctity of unity between a man and a woman; case in point reproduction and companionship. We as the superior being on Earth have ruined that sanctity. We decide to break our bond with our spouse or significant other to pursue ordinate or inordinate affection from someone else. Marriage is about a man and woman not many partners or partner outside the marriage. We tend to wonder why we have so many issues in our household with our spouse and it’s because it’s under attack and you allow sin to plague your home. You decide to lie, cheat, steal and cover up your lies with embellish work or play mates and feel it’s justified because you and your spouse have a disagreement or having hard times so you seek out pleasure from someone else causing mixed emotions all because it seems as if this person cares in a way your spouse don’t or so it may seem to you. The main key to any relationship is communication on every level. Communication means everything in a relationship, friendship and marriage. Communication eliminates the doubt of trust, the fear of infidelity and above all misunderstanding. Women want it’s their desire to have things and many will do whatever they have to to get it. Men want and desire and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. The greatest image ever displayed is that of an illusion, which Satan does daily. Satan will have you leave your home, spouse, children and job for mere pleasure of flesh and sin. I know sounds like crack right? It’s the same concept, to get you out of God’s will and burn eternally in Hell. Many people don’t believe in Hell and all I can say is continue to live on a path of sin and deconstruction with pleasure of Earthly gain you will find out the hard way. We have to account for our lives and how we live and will be judged by God accordingly. Just because your lie or sin hasn’t reached others ears or knowledge doesn’t mean you are right or free of getting caught, ever heard the phrase “what’s done in the dark will come to the light” just know sooner or later your faults, sin or indiscretions will be revealed. This is why many decide to leave a relationship because they don’t want to be caught as being the person who ruined the relationship. People will never tell the truth about infidelity, they would rather die than to be honest, yet they say they love you, how honest is that? To love someone is to reveal whom you really are not to be afraid of the consequences of your actions and be an adult about the situation.
Families are under stress and attack, people are becoming more weak minded and are influence by outsiders they call their friends when it comes to keeping your family or marriage. Marriage is about two people, true you will have friends outside and when I say friends I’m speaking of plutonic people whom both are friends with, not have a friend of the opposite sex and discuss your whole marriage to them hell that’s infidelity waiting to explode. Children are running around with pants wrapped around their thighs and say its cool and the first thing we say it “that fad started in jail by gay prisoners”. If you want most kids to do the right thing don’t tell them the negative of something; meaning if you tell I child not to touch what’s the first thing they do? The problem is people do not like being told what not to do and end up doing that exact thing they shouldn’t. take for example Eve, she listen to an outsider about her marriage and ended up punishing all females with an issue of blood that lasts for some seven days along with cramps that can be very painful, and a pregnancy that few to many have complications and many much pain while child bearing. The pleasure it took to make that seed grow into an embryo then a fetus to an infant, felt great while deep in action, yet the agony for some to carry for nine months or fewer to longer is difficult I hear. We as humans cannot survive without the opposite sex, we will not be able to reproduce nor be fulfilled in life, this is why God made man and woman for one another He saw that man was lonely and did not have a suitable mate therefore he created woman from the rib of man. Now where all this homosexual act came from it wasn’t God’s plan nor did He ordain it, as a matter of fact he destroyed cities for those same inordinate affection acts; which were burned by fire, just as how the world will be destroyed. Satan vowed to get even with God by destroying his people, this means family. Most of our worst issues are in the home, Satan knows the root to destroy and as long as we allow him to manipulate us he will. First attack is the family the next attack is your job, then health, soon after your soul and very existence on earth has vanished and your resting place shall be Hell. Families are fussing and fighting over money, love, sex, trust, infidelity and communication, yet we wonder why our youth are screwed up and misalign. We label our children with conditions that were normal when we were younger, I never heard of most of these conditions science have come up with just to give a child an excuse to act out and then lean on it for comfort. We are handicapping our youth and justifying actions they do by a condition which will get them excuse, hell when I was growing up a quick whipping would straighten your butt right out with discipline, but yeah we even can’t do that now for fear of being charged with child abuse. There is a huge difference with a rod of correction and child abuse, beating your child with a belt on his or her butt is not child abuse; however whipping your child in front of witnesses with that same belt on the butt is, see the difference. Choking a child is child abuse, yet choking up on a belt to get a better grip to whip their butt is not. Listen I don’t have to explain what is and what isn’t child abuse, as an adult with hopefully common sense you know. Bottom line is accept your responsibilities as an adult learn from your mistakes keep your family intact and learn to sacrifice and communicate for your marriage and family, keep outsiders out, make your family proud of what you have a long to have the same, make outsiders jealous and long for the same, never brag about your life cause it ain’t all that, even with money you will always long for worldly possessions and be envious of others if you embellish in their lifestyle or lie. During this day and time we are more so under attack from the spiritual realm than ever before it’s time to rise above our situation and overcome adversity. Love your spouse unconditionally and know that with prayer and God no one will conquer what you have and seek not counsel from the ungodly; meaning just because he or she go to church don’t make them godly, remember Satan himself knows what to say and when to say it. Warning comes before destruction.
During this day and time we have like never before a closet opening experience. More and more people are either getting caught or admitting having extra martial affairs. This is all the more reason as to why families are wounded and crippled. It’s as if folk can care less about the person they married despite saying they love them. I guess love nowadays is shallow as hell, because no matter how much someone says they love you they cheat on you or lie to you or hold back info. The sacracy of vows have been diminish at every aspect in its entirety. Folk would rather live a lie than admit the truth or allow you to respect them and know them for whom you are. Living in sin is what I call it, we are suppose to confess our sins one to another; this means confess your sin to whom you have committed the sin against or lead astray. This means having someone just believe a lie and not correct them, is living in sin on your behalf not theirs. We seek the truth in all ways yet for some reason won’t seem to give what we demand. Now true enough what is going on in today’s news is no different from days of old. The main difference is at least people may have seem more honest about their indiscretions, their wife or wives knew of other women, not that they accepted it but they knew. Question for you can you at least say that you have met or know about everyone in your spouse’s life? They answer is no and the main reason for that is; secrecy. Many will beg to differ yet it’s the truth, ok then why not tell your spouse or significant other of that opposite sex friend that text, email or call them on their work phone or cell when they know you aren’t with them. I bet they know about and of you in ways you can’t imagine. It’s like who can I trust if my own spouse or significant other tells our or my business to people who only wants to sleep with them. News flash for you folk, just because they lie to you and lead you; with your weak mind to follow them and sleep with them and cheat on your other half don’t mean they are gonna be with you. Why would he or she be with someone who they know for a fact cheats and lies? Just because you say you won’t don’t mean you won’t or they won’t, hell look at what you are leaving or lying to or cheating on and if you feel that it’s worth the risk then at least be an adult and grown up about the situation and have respect for yourself and tell the person you are cheating on the truth. Then again why would your coward behind admit you have faults or are a failure in relationships all because you can’t control you inner hormones or flesh. The flip side of that would well he or she did me wrong so imma do to them what they did or are doing to me. Two wrongs don’t make a right and dirt for dirt will never be right, yet you feel by doing so you have rectified and even the score, but all you have done was more wrong, cause now you have a love triangle and developed feelings for someone else. Now you can’t stop doing what you are doing, trapped with feelings and emotions for another person who all they care about is the sex, yet at the time seems so different because all you tend to look at it the negative in your house and see good in theirs. With feelings and emotions wrapped into someone else now you tell your partner that you need time to think or you snap at them every time you talk or it seems as if you aren’t on the same page and all of this is due to the both of you or you not communicating the way you suppose to. I feel that your spouse or significant other should be your best friend and know everything about you, yet you have folk who beg to differ, they want to keep secrets or feel like the person whom they are with don’t need to know everything, why not? Why would you want to cause any chance of failure in your relationship, any chance of distrust? 
It’s hard enough as it is in life now, why would you want to be looked at as a whoremonger? Well maybe because you can care less. If that’s the issue at least be an honest and respected whoremonger. If you have to be anything at all or choose to be at least be true to whom and what you have become, you’d be surprised how much respect you get for being honest, yet people today don’t want to be looked at as negative humans. Just because the grass seems to be much greener on the other side don’t mean crabs, worms, bugs and weeds don’t lurk awaiting to defile. Before engaging in any relationship you should account for variable change, this means date until you feel you have exalted your options of possible prospects that you know one day you will eventually lie and cheat on. If you do decide or are in a relationship with someone at least be true to them and yourself. Stop finding fault in what you have because honestly the fault you find lingers in you as well. Quit talking negative about who you are with because you aren’t or don’t feel happy with your decision learn to accept your decisions and love who you are with, people don’t want to hear your failed choices, well yes they do but only you get close to you so they can have sex with you, and stop playing stupid, you know folk have misguided motives to ruin what you have yet they lie about it. they are no different from Satan as a matter of fact who you think sent them, learn to open your eyes, maybe most folk don’t or won’t I will give credit to a small handful of folk, yet their motive is to get to you any way they can and when you hear from someone else that they are you act like that’s not the case or it’s just so unbelievable, wake your dumb behind up you are just as stupid as the look on your face. The moral of the story is put nothing past no one, we are all human, there are those who try in every aspect to do the right thing no matter how much wrong have been done to them. Then there are those who feel the same way as Tupac, “revenge is the sweetest joy next to”, you know the rest. All liars having a resting place in hell, this means even if you allow folk to believe a lie that you told or they assumed and you confirmed, what’s done in the dark will be brought to the light, trust and believe that, man can’t hold their own truth forever. Do everything you can to strengthen your family, household and significant other in every way, fight for what’s worth it and depart from misery, just because your friend say don’t mea n your friend has your best interest at heart, plus you have to learn to lean on God and not your own understanding and ask for guidance from God and not man.

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