This Portrait

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Ever looked at a portrait and wondered about certain things, then one day that same photo is in your possession, yet you wish you could hear what they went through

Submitted: August 08, 2010

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Submitted: August 08, 2010



There’s this portrait on the wall I saw

The frame ragged and rough

There appear around the edges nicks and cuts


This painting is not your normal scheme

For it sits on a background unseen

This portrait seems to have been around years

Though the paint doesn’t seem to fade

I wondered to myself its age


The individuals in this painting I know not

Meanwhile I resemble this is for sure

I remember where I saw it first

A different frame in black and white

Above a fire place centered in light


I questioned this portrait and then my copy

This is a part of my tree unfamiliar history

Starring in the eyes of whom I want to know

Wondering their struggle and what role did they play

It wasn’t until death in the family

That this painting hangs on my wall this day

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