To be Bless

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We are bless in so many ways that we tend to forget how bless we really are, then you have those that feel they are better than others................"He who thinketh himself nothing when yet he is nothing decieveth himself

Submitted: June 06, 2010

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Submitted: June 06, 2010



I was told that there are two types of blessings one can receive; the first being bless by or of GOD, the next being bless by or of Satan. Let us think on this for a moment. Blessing by or of God as we all know or believe to think, that we are bless with no stress and that they will over flow. Blessing by or of Satan we know or believe to think that they are distractions and minor to major detours to throw us off track and hinder us (delayed yet not denied) from our blessings from God.In order for Satan to try us or even shower us with delayed tactics to our ultimate destiny he must first get God’s approval. To firmly back this up I would like to move your attention to a man whom even God could not find fault, Job. In the first chapter of reading the book of Job, it says that God ask Satan “have you tried my servant Job”, Satan goes on to say that “God you have a hedge around him that I cannot even touch him, yet if you let down the hedge he will surely curse you”. God proceeded to grant Satan’s wish and allowed Satan to test Job. Now here is where Job realized that his so-called friends were not his friends, because even they believed that Job had done wrong against God. The point I am trying to make in this is simple, now there are many different points yet it is this one in particular point I want to bring to your attention.Blessings from Satan are yet Blessings from God, Job was not blessed by or of Satan, he was tried, yet his blessings no matter how small or great were blessings. Too many times we say “turn bad around for good, or look at the positive as to why something negative happens”, yet when it comes to blessings from or of Satan we want to rebuke the Devil and flee. In order for Satan to bless you in any kind of way he must first seek God’s permission. So any blessing that may shower your way this is when we are reminded or should be reminded that even Job, a man that God himself could not find fault was tried and during that time remained faithful unto God despite his tribulation and test. After the trial and tribulation of Job he was bless double everything he lost. Do notice that during his trial and tribulation Job’s wife never left his side. Many will argue the fact that Job’s wife lost faith, I beg to differ. Job’s wife didn’t lose faith she was exhausted with watching her husband suffer, it’s like when a love one is on life support and are in much pain. What do you do? Do you sit and watch knowing there is nothing you can do to help or make things better or easier? Do you watch the person you love endure pain? Or do you make a decision to let life support be un-plugged so they are in pain no more? Like I said there are many points to Job’s lesson, yet it was the first step in his lesson I wanted to bring to your attention. The fact that in order for Satan to touch you in any way he must first have God’s permission, whether it be a blessing, trial or tribulation. Just remember that it’s not Satan testing you it’s God allowing Satan to test you and prove that you are worthy of the blessing headed your way, be it double or multiple blessings. Just because you have death in the family or going through what may seem one of your worst trials, just know and believe that staying faithful in your situation will bring bigger and better blessings your way. I say this because too many times in marriages we run when things get too rough we feel, yet just know it’s God that’s trying you and is trying to show you something or even humble you so you can recognize who He is. Things happen in our lives due to various reasons, the main reason is to wake us up and have us realize that God is. Quit complaining to other people about your situation and seek God, quit telling others about your life issues and seek God, and above all quit being so hypocritical, we are too quick to call others what we ourselves are, and do so because others don’t know us, meaning they don’t know or at least we believe they don’t know our dirt. The Bible never lied nor contradicted itself; it’s mankind that does those things.
Another point to the story of Job is this, job was blameless in the sight of God and all those who knew him or even heard of him. Job went through trials and tribulations at a point in his life, yet he worked hard and was a diligent worker and faithful not only to his family but also to God. Job even confesses to being faithful and having look only to his wife and his wife only did he make a covenant with God with his eyes. We wonder why we go through so much on our jobs and why other people whom seem less worthy in our eyes get bless with promotions or raises or get away with things that if we did we would surely get caught. I truly believe that God wanted to show us and teach us through his servant Job, and have us to understand why things happen, and were very strategic with showing us. Have you ever sat and wondered why the book of Job is or its purpose and look how closely his name is to what we do to survive or live. Many people don’t have, many can’t keep, many move from one to the other in search of the one to fulfill their satisfaction and many just have issues on. There’s a saying “teach a man to fish and he can eat a lifetime”, then you have those bumper stickers saying “I’d rather be fishing”, as opposed to what they are already doing. But have you ever sat and thought that fishing is work, ok well first you have to get the bait, hook, rod, reel and other accessories to accommodate your needs, and then you have to know how to catch a fish or where to go in the water to be able to catch a fish worth eating. Now here comes more work, after you catch it, then you have to clean it, scale it, fillet it; however you want to do it, whether it’s you or whomever. Now that to me sounds like work. Basically a job and we all know a job aint nothing but work. This is our means of surviving, for some we are just one paycheck away from being evicted or carless. Next time you want to blow up on your job about this or that and speak as if you can careless, just remember that if you can’t survive the in-between then don’t get all mean. Sure Job had many options he could have done, yet he chose the right route and remained faithful to his occupation and loyal to whom he was and never lost focus, he blamed himself instead of others as to why he was going through. His friends didn’t encourage him, they discouraged him, now ask yourself were those friends? Would your friends do this to you? And if so why do you even keep them around in your life? Job dismissed his friends and moved on. Now here is the part we rarely see today in relationships, Job wife never left him when things went wrong or bad. She wasn’t how most women are today, “if you can’t seem to get right despite you’re trying then I’m gone”; this is the mentality of most women today. When you are needed the most by your man you up and go to where you can find restitution and relief and then complain about what you had. Job never left his wife nor blamed her for their trials and tribulation. The blame game was only done by his friends toward him and him himself on himself.
It’s true we are all bless by God, just being able to wake up daily from a night or day rest, to be able to breathe and still maintain control of our mind and body. Not too many people are fortunate as we are, yet we complain about even those things. The one thing in particular that’s funny to me is when you approach someone and ask how they are doing (this is normally those go hard/fake church folk who hide behind the church and use Jesus, no sorry God for their own purpose) they respond with “ I’m bless”. First off we know you bless because you wouldn’t be standing in front of us, next you rose this day or that day with your health and life and still in your right mind or at least you seem to be. I do understand that the Bible instructs all followers and believers to speak those things that are not as if they were. Here I firmly believe that you are bless, yet you decide to answer as if you are not, so I say to all those who answer to me in that fashion, “well I see you must speak those things that are not as if they were”. So don’t get upset and come back with an answer because I will come right back, we can do this all day. We are bless in all we do, the difference in how we perceive those blessings and shift them into categories depends on how we look and handle those situations we are in. If you truly believe that Satan is blessing you with whatever or whomever then this is when you need to do continue to pray and be watchful. What you do during your trial and tribulation and test matters how much of a blessing you are able to handle. This is what folk fail to realize, that God will only put on you what you are able to bare. If you are not equipped with being able to handle a huge blessing then He won’t fully load you with showers, we are known to speak “the Lord knows how much you can bear”, and we normally say that in regards to negative issues, yet we don’t apply that toward positive issues. God already knows how we will handle what He is about to bless us with, so when you get a blessing that comes from an unknown source, rejoice and don’t complain about how you were bless but that it was an unexpected blessing. We also have to be careful what we pray for and ask God to do for us without realizing the consequences of our asking. Most blessings come in the form of misfortune; meaning death or loss. This is why I believe in being specific in what you pray and seek God for, because most of us don’t know how to handle a loss or death that happens unexpectingly. In dealing with death if we would accept the fact that as “surely as we live we shall surely die”, then we have prepared ourselves for it even if we don’t expect it, yet it’s how that may get to us. To say that someone who has died young haven’t lived their life yet would be foolish on our part because we do not understand God nor his ways, that person have lived as long as the Lord has allowed them to live and at the same time trying to get our attention and show us that he has the power to give life and take it away, this is why Job lived and succeeded in life because of how he praised God while he was going through his test. The Lord said that “His thoughts are not our thoughts nor His ways our ways”, yet if we just remember that “train a child the way they should go, and when they are older they won’t depart” and apply that to every aspect in life then we have prepared and would get to understand. Many times when reading the Bible we tend to only think one way, yet we have to remember that, “we are not of this world but in it”, so we must be able to think and operate outside the box. In all that you do it’s a lesson to be learned or taught. We must teach those younger than us and make sure they understand the lesson.
Here’s the problem when folk read the Bible or try to interpret what they feel or assume. We tend to spread our side of what may have happen or didn’t happen to come up with a solution. For example; Job’s wife never left his side, yet she told Job to “curse God and die”. Many will argue that she lost faith, did the Bible mention she lost faith, truth be told the Bible only mentions that of her saying. We only assume she lost faith, we can look at it differently as say she was weary. We have to admit that when things are bad we result to our fleshly instincts and human nature and fight for survival the best way we know how. We don’t always make the best possible sound decisions or say the most encouraging things when the chips are down. It’s true that when you are down you get kicked, that’s when it seems like every foot known to you seems to step on you. The Lord blessed Job’s wife just as he blessed Job and they were rewarded seven times more than they were before. This is a lesson for men, because when Job wife came to him and said “curse God and die”, he rebuked her “rebuke the devil and he shall flee from thee seven ways”. Job was a praying man and he sacrificed to remain in God’s realm. Job lost his land, children and livestock, yet not his wife, and all this is a lesson to both men and women. We have to strengthen one another, God knows the heart and our true intentions so who are we to assume what happen or didn’t happen.I believe that when Adam ate of the fruit that he simply could not see himself living without Eve, because he was told “he would surely die if he partake of that tree”. we may contribute that because partook first of the fruit that women are smarter because of that, I say that Adam was the smart one, due to the fact that he thought about being alone and wanted and cherished his relationship with Eve and could not imagine her leaving him. Although Eve bought sin into the relationship and also her outside acquaintance didn’t help any. This strongly proves another point; that women run and include others in their relationship and listen to outside info, that clouds the brain and thought pattern, not to smart is it? It’s as if women want their relationship to go wrong because they always have to include an outsider from their point of view, and the majority of outsiders are just as worse with negative and miserable feelings that they are bitter. They devise plan of Satan is: “destroy what God has made, and turn from him”.I believe once and or if we realize that then we will be able to rebuild and reconcile. As said before “what the devil means for bad God means for good”. We are our worst enemy; we destroy ourselves daily be it by words or by physical activity. “Let not your good be evil spoken of” and “it is good to have a good name”, yet we forget who may be watching us. We also tend to forget that our character is always in jeopardy or under scrutiny. People cannot wait to see or hear you fall. What’s funny is how when we are done wrong by someone who we feel just wouldn’t do that to us, we act all surprise and as if we just got a heart attack. What’s so different about you that you are that special or that better than anyone on this planet that it wouldn’t happen to you? Jesus was betrayed by one of His disciples, whom he knew was the devil, so what makes you better than Him? We sin daily, yet we try and justify why we do what we do, knowing good and well we are wrong but if we can get away with it then why not. 

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