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Every one has a difference of opinion, a different outlook on things, consider you are not a know it despite your incredible education, yet common sense from life's experience usually is the best instructor.

Submitted: August 11, 2010

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Submitted: August 11, 2010



We all have our differences in any or all that we look at or even do. Our differences are what make us who we are. We value our opinions and views of matters that range from religion to politics. For the most part we feel that sometimes our views or opinions are right and that there are no other views that matter. We judge a book by its cover before we even decide to open it or not. Most folk won’t even read the Bible due to not being able to comprehend the language there of. Some folk are just close mind to situations or opinions or others views, they feel that no matter what by them getting their point across and you don’t understand then you are close mind. We tend to run from people who have a strong sense of getting their point across, due to most folk just don’t want confrontation. It’s like when you strongly believe in something you just have to push your belief on to someone else. Even if you feel strong about and issue or matter you just have to make sure folk hear how you feel. True we all should stand for something, because if you don’t stand for something you will fall to anything. There are some folk who are just easily persuaded to almost anything, these folk are followers. Now no one wants to be establish as a follower, especially women, they claim they are the author and decider of their fate. They claim it has nothing to do with what others say or tell them. 
Things are not always as they seem for the most part. Almost all of what you see you cannot believe. Just because you saw something on the news doesn’t mean that it’s true. Our eyes do play tricks on us from time to time, not all the time but sometimes, especially when it’s from the peripheral side. All of what you hear you should know only to believe a portion, due to most folk just have to add their side or perception of how to them the situation went or what they got out of it. Let’s face it your heart won’t lie, we call this a gut feeling or intuition. Listen to your inner self and not the comments or words of someone else. Take what anyone says with a grain of salt; meaning, consider they may be on to something or could be right, yet let not that be your deciding factor of your decision or life. When it all boils down to it you have to live for you, and no one person really gone live for you, they may try to live your life for you or try and decide issues for you, yet your best interest is in you not them, they may have your best interest at heart yet it’s their experience of a matter. Just because he or she went through a similar matter, that doesn’t make them all mighty to a situation, there are many ways to skin a cat; meaning, there are other options to consider when making any decision. For all those spectators and haters and those who don’t believe in a second chance, just remind yourself that you are given a second chance daily, and if God decided to be rid of you just because you broke his heart or disappointed him then where would you be? You have no Heaven or Hell to put anyone and you definitely are not above being what you are, human. We have different views from relationships to raising children and none of us are or were given an instruction book when we were born and how to deal with us. Just because he or she has a degree of some sort, that doesn’t make them all mighty to your situation or issue. Always no matter what we are human and not above making a mistake or jacked up decision, we are suppose to be able to forgive and move on, if you know for a fact you are unable to handle a situation then its best you leave, but if you know you yourself have done wrong then don’t blame others when yet you are just as guilty. We all have our opinions as to what, whom, where, why, when and how, but when it’s all said and done it was just that other persons view. Learn to be able to read your own heart and make your own decisions, leave outsiders where they are, but I guess because you can’t be honest with whom you are with you have to confess to someone. Opinions or views, do not look at things for what they are worth through someone else’s opinions….It’s not just how you feel but how others feel and what they think, not that their thoughts matter but a difference of view in things. A difference can give a whole new outlook of things and their worth.No one person’s view is right, we all have a matter of opinion, what matters is how well the job gets done and by what guideline you used in getting it done.

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