Who's Justice

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Take a good look at the things that surround us.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



Everything is represented by a sign or a symbol. You ever wondered why? It's so you can associate that organization from another. To me one of the most notible signs would be lady justice. There are many different figures of lady justice, many depicting her as with open eyes and others with her being blind-folded. Each statue or picture shows her holding in one hand a scale be it un-even or even and a sword be it raised or lowered. In America we are told " innocent until proven guilty", we know this to be bias depending on your statue in society. True money does answer all things and yet it is still proven as well that money is the root of all evil. One mans fate or justice may be one mans conviction. Just because one may be well off or able to provide monetary bailouts dont mean he is innocent of a crime that he or she maybe brought up on. Just because you are an associate to whom have committed injustice very well places you at fault as well. Guilty by association, Guilty by accessory or just merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person. It maybe you were suppose to be there, but because you were you maybe suspect. True we live in a world where bias has become life, many of us accept defeat and adapt the best we can and if a break come along we ride it; basically we play the cards we are dealt, many would say. Many of us are guilty by our own innocence. We all have done something wrong, be it in our mind or physically. The Bible would have us to know that we are guilty by our thoughts. Just because you have committ it doesn't mean you are not guilty. We always say God knows our heart, ok since God knows our heart, He knows whether our intentions are good or evil. We feel if we justify our actions than God will forgive us, True God does forgive but when our intentions are evil, the Lord allows you to continue your act to prove to you and convict you of that very wrong. Many of us as soon as we do wrong the rod of correction beats us, karma as we say is real, what we do will come back to us. Justice with her blind-fold or open eyes have judged us, we are told to judge not lest we be judge, but many times we have already formed our opinion of someone because of someone else or just by mere first sight. We hate for someone else to form an opinion of us when they don't even know us, but yet we do to others what we hate, are we not guilty of our innocense, because we have yet to reveal our thoughts, yet in out hearts and mind we are guilty. It's like that hard charging church goer who always have something to say to everyone and jsut because we know not their fault or their dirt doesn't mean they don't have any, yet as soon as their faults are revealed they seem to hide or elude or most defend their very character and justify why. We are taught that it is better to have a good name and let not our good be evil spoken of.

Too many times we allow our good to be judged because of the company we keep, if we are to grow there are some people we are going to have to let go. Many of our ways we are going to have to change. Many of us feel that we can change with the same folk dwelling around us or even committing only half of the acts we once have. We also know that a persons true character is revealed when know one is looking; meaning folk who know us are not around to see us. The Bible will have us to know that the word cuts as a double-edged sword, but many of us feel that we can teach but are beyond being taught or that was for you not me mentality. Justice carries a sword yet those who tend to write the law are the very ones who broke the law and yet know must write a law so you don't. The law makers feel they are above the very laws they create. Many of those who are suppose to uphold the law break it and many times feel they are above it because they are to enforce it, maybe this is why lady justice scale is un-even, depicting the bias of our judicial system. Please notice that when you view images of lady justice how the scale and sword are not always held by the same hand, either it's in the right or the left and her eyes are not always open but also covered be it by a blind-fold or her arm. This is evidence of an image depicted by man that holds no foundation, the only foundation is that it's a woman wearing a robe standing. Stability is what we look for and long for as well as consistancy. How are we suppose to have faith in a broken, flawed system that pre-judges us by society. We go on a trial in front of our peers, people we don't know and have never seen, and how the evidence is expressed is what seals our fate. True we are held accountable for all our actions and one day before God himself we will have to answer for all we have done, thought, felt and said. We have to remember that in order for God to get our attention he allows us to do those things which will always bring us back to him. He allows us to go off and venture just as the prodical son, and yet when we realize the truth we venture back to our roots in Him. God's justice is the same as it has always been, He forgives and yet as we do go punished, he has mercy on us. His grace is sufficient and his love is everlasting. In man's on rights we are judged and punished according to how he sees fit, according to his ways by their laws. Man is corrupt, not in all his ways but in many of his ways, however it suits him. We are taught as Christians to obey the laws of the land and those who rule over us, in this know that obediance is better that sacrifice. The Lord will not put more on us than we can bear.

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