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To a message to websites like Omegle or Chatroulette and the people on there. Mostly to the few who want to talk rather than flash or skim

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Random Encounter.

It was a simple meeting. Probably an accident. A website, that lets you do the one thing that your parents have told you not to.

Talk to strangers.

How disturbing right? Yes, there are the creepy people who want to see some privates (and are even willing to show theirs to the rest of the world). There are those people who don’t even spare a second to actually stop and have a little chat. Even if it was a simple “Hello”.

The more you think about it, it is life in a condensed form isn’t it? You have every type of person on a little space. Just random encounters flying by. The creepy people and rushing people inhabit the space. But there are a few awesome people.

Unlike life, there is people that without the website, that you would have never come in contact with before. They could have different interests that you would have never neared but in this little room, you learned a little something. Or maybe, you have the same interests!


But the person in a million miles away.

The place eliminates some boundaries between people of different cultures and languages and just allows humans to do what we do best.


Back to the people. Now, there are the awesome ones. The ones who are just like you. Around the same age, close to same interests and bored out of their minds. But out of this boredom comes a little friendship. You learn about the other person. You can make them smile. You can help them out with life in general and maybe change their view on something.

A chance to be yourself to a stranger.

This conversation can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

And it was an accident. There was no plan that you would go on at that time. You could have been sleeping, or hanging out with friends or watching television or eating. But you happen to be on your computer, on the website, and had just disconnected or gotten disconnected by another person. Yet you ended up face to face with a person looking for a talk like you.

But all good things must come to an end. Some trade info, find a way to still keep in touch. Even if it is just a little it, you are still keeping in contact with them. Maybe even becoming a friend. Become linked across the world to the person met by chance.

Or, there are some that do not trade info. They simply chat and when it is over, that little friendship is done. That interaction becomes a little whispers in the breeze. Uttered quickly but gone in a second. That person that was encountered, that smiles and laughs had been shared with, would just become another person out of the billions and billions that inhabit the earth.

It may just be a personal thought, but does the other person ever wonder? Do they wonder what could have happened if they traded contact? Could they have found a close friend that could listen to all their problems and not be in the center of it all? Maybe brought some comfort during a rough spot? Maybe even, in some rare case, that the person could have been your perfect match.

But what could have been was simply that. Time is an unforgiving thing, there are no rewinds to try again with the person. But in the end, the memory will fade away and you may never remember that one person across the sea that you happened to stumble upon.

Life carries on. And people live their lives.

But to the people who happened to have a random encounter with a person that you would never see again.

Thank you for the smiles. The laughs. And the chance to meet you.

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