Sad beauty

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Remember when...

Submitted: October 16, 2013

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Submitted: October 16, 2013



I grasp a handful of nothing and a few scraps of death.

I reminisce her sky color in eye, when two tears fell amid the rain

Lips shivered as leaf, heart wept as weak.

Ay, I was in luck to meet your gaze

And dumb when instead I pursued a maze.

I remember the swish in laugh and gloss in hand.

Whilst we met with joy and the breeze and the seas

Remember the sin we discovered under the tree we carved?

Conveyed sad beauty in between the morning light and the gloomy night.

But still furnished color when I touched your sight, Dear,

Do not smell his perfumed breath or his striking hair

Do not hear his honeyed words on velvet ear…

Sad beauty he still smells your fear.

But remember these eyes, remember this heart and

The evermore promise we made,

Before you shut your lids, let go my hand and waste my heart.

© Copyright 2019 Romeo D Matshaba. All rights reserved.

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