The memory

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Do you have memory

Submitted: December 05, 2015

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Who are you  josh said  where am  Your in a hospital bed who are you josh said my name is Samantha your wife. You are josh said do u know what happen to me you got in fight at work and you bump your head .can you remember that no I don't remember  josh said  two big doors open and a doctor walks in you can leave now the doctor said is he going to be good we don't know he's memory may comeback the brain is tricky like that the doctor said. Josh closed he's eye and started to breath slowly and he started to hear screaming josh opens his eyesare you ready to go Samantha said What ? Huh!  yes I'm am josh said they went to the car and started to drive home welcome home honey where home Samantha said. Josh being to look around Samantha grabs he's hand and said Don't worry honey we will get through this trust me. I just need a shower josh said he went to the bathroom and being to take his clothes off he being to reach for the knob to turn the water on he gets inside Uhh this is what i need a warm josh puts he's face in the water All of asudden he's eyes turn white and he was in a car under water with someone in the back he could not see Who it was water being to flow up he try to get out but he Could not he started to see a black image coming from the back of the car he looks back and was coming closer to him. Josh closed hes eyes and open them he was in the shower he got up and puts he's clothes on and went to his living room and saw Samantha standing outside he yell's her name but when she turn around it wasn't Samantha it was some other woman her eyes was pitch black her teeth being to change to sharp shark teeth her nails was long and sharp she turn into a evil demon her body being to  crack she started to crawl to josh. What The heck Josh ran up stairs and ran to his bedroom he went to his closet and closed the door please help me god josh prayed. He heard the deep footstep coming up stairs Where are you the deeply voice said josh heard the cracking of the body in the room the deeply voice ran to the closet and started to breath deep it laugh and then left. Thank God josh said in his mind.But then he heard a deep breathing behind him and a voice said WELCOME TO HELL !!!!!!! Ohh my god josh said softly THE END 

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