I wish.......

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I wrote this 5 years back while I was still in college. I was having some serious with my bf and my mom and dad were constantly fighting with each other too !!

I could not take the double whammy in my life and almost thought of dying....

Instead of dying, I wrote this poetry....

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



I Wish......

I cant let this happen anymore
I wish I had it like before
I wish I had a KNIFE
to cut off my life ripe

I wont blame anybody for this condition
But this shouldn't happen to me
If u want to see me happy
U should just leave me

How to commit suicide
w/o causing much PAIN
I say this because
I dnt really want to cut my VEIN
But I know that is impossible
w/o making it difficult
Isnt there any way out of this
Why cant I just live in peace ??

I wait and I wait and I wait
there is no end to this
there isnt even a phone call
To put me at ease

This happens almost everyday
Its become a ROUTINE
Why should I do this ?
I am not a MACHINE !!!

What I know is that I dont deserve this
I was living in supreme bliss
I am far away from everybody now
There is nothing to which I can say WOW !

All this seems like a practical joke
I wish I could have a little coke...
But thats not what I would like to do
For I would like to have choices too (?)

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