Why do people take abuse?

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This poetry was written at such a time when I was facing physical abuse. I suffered it for one long year and then I finally gave it back to him. Not just once, but twice!!

I wrote this poetry somewhere in between getting beaten up and mustering the courage to hit back.......

Submitted: August 27, 2012

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Submitted: August 27, 2012



Why do people take abuse?

Why do people take abuse
why dont they protest
why do they face it
its not done in zest !

its life after all
you cant take it lightly
for every pain caused to you
damages you badly....

you cant let your spirit die
its the only thing you have !
you should stand up for yourself
and for everything else you have

you shouldn't let anybody hit you
you are not that small
if somebody does that to you
he doesn't deserve a recall

I wish I could do something
to put an end to this
but it doesnt seem that easy
to put life at ease

Everytime I try to save myself
I face nothing but more abuse
I dont know what to do more
to prevent this misuse !!!

Its quite frequent in nature
its just not right
as a sane creature
I share my plight

It was goin to happen again
I got saved by chance
Now when I think of it
its got nothing to do with romance

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