Sleepy Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem that shows how much a man can really love a woman.(Even when she sleep she gives an expression of love)

Submitted: April 23, 2013

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Submitted: April 23, 2013



  I was thinking about us as I watched you fall fast asleep,Looking at the curves of your body through the silky blue bed sheet,So I held you tight and pulled you closer to me.Just looking at the lashes of your eyes or even the roundness of your lips,Makes my heart beat faster and faster and sends my emotions doing flips.With you I can always see myself,Even through sickness and health.Or till death do us part,Cause like a broken mirror my life was shattered but you came in and put the pieces back together to fit my heart.So as I look at you while you lay next to me wrapped tightly in my arms and head on my chest,I reminisce about us and baby I must confess.In me you bring out the best,That's why I thank GOD for you cause I'm blessed.Looking at you here and now while you sleep the night away,Reminds me of a summer breeze that blows the wind that captivates your skin in the mist of May.Or the twinkle of a star that shines so bright and seems so close to the touch but still sits so far away.But like the tick of time in my heart you'll always stay.Everyday I find more reasons to love you,And every night while we fall asleep you do'nt have to worry cause baby I'll hold you.I'm just waiting for that day to hear those eternal words I do,Cause I'll always and forever love you.I'll always be there for you cause you complete me in so many ways,We can even start a family together and live out the rest of our days.I feel your pain so baby you do'nt have to cry no more cause my heart will soak up all your tears,That came from the hurt and struggles that you have enduredured through all your emtional years.So as morning starts to show and the sun begin to rise,I just wanted to say I love you as you awake from sleep and I realize,The beauty in those beautiful sleepy eyes..................

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