Blind Justice

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poem about our demacracy

Submitted: May 18, 2007

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Submitted: May 18, 2007



Blind Justice 

They say we are free

yet the laws are governed by hypocrisy

doctrines by decree

dictating to you and me


Justice is blind

and the gavel comes down

hidden in plain sight is

the criminal justice system


such a fine line

policy and law designed to protect you

that's what they have you believe

Stand knell plea bargain deal


The lies of our military

and the contempt of our president

by the swipe of a pen high jacked into ruin


computers media money and threats

Hypocrites that contradict

spoken words without meaning

Do as I say and not as you want


Bewildered are its people

speechless on both grounds

he says we'll get these terrorists

standing smug and proud


Staunch believer my way is the only way

Violates USA treaty

Destabilizes our economy

inflates the pump


world leaders taking a stance

the arms race again taking face

3rd world leaders are painted evil

hidden agendas and secret court rulings


Political arrogance

the image they portray

using the illusion of media

to trick and sway

to gain your trust, to make you believe

in their ideology

They speak of change

they want to work for you and me


so they go on tour to raise money to preach

to visit a state they analyze a sheet

it shows favorbility places they dont call you a liar, slut or a cheat


but in the end your vote doesn't count

a judge ruled it he signed it into law

King George lives again today

holding in his hand a dagger behind his back

I'll kill all those that get in my way.

I am the Sovereign rule I am the Sovereign law.


Ron Flatow © 4/26/2007 


© Copyright 2018 Ron. All rights reserved.

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