Technology: the Good, Bad and the Ugly

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relating to how consciousness relates to our intent to create. how technology separtes us from our true purpose

Submitted: May 18, 2007

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Submitted: May 18, 2007



From aviation, automobiles, computers and telephones to clothing, healthcare, agriculture and energy, we are a society that is primarily based on technology. Our every action is literally dependent upon it for survival. Although many of us perceive technology as a convenience that helps make our daily lives easier, it assists in the separation of who we really are. In of itself, technology isn’t a bad thing. When managed badly, technology hinders the public to otherwise help correct current world problems.Throughout modern man’s history the scientist, inventor, explorer and spiritualist have assisted in the evolution of our ideas and concepts. Unfortunately the special interests of governments, bankers, industrialists and religions have monopolized the brilliance of these innovators and suppressed a century of information simply because it may have compromised personal agendas, world finances and power. And in this way, technology has been tooled as a weapon.

While we are blessed with the ability to create anything we desire through a simple thought and action process, we utilize the bare minimum of our mind’s capability, according to many scientists. Imagine if we turned on and tuned into our true potential, exercising the inner muscles lying dormant for over 2000 years.

What would our world be like then? This is neither fantasy nor science fiction. To the many who are reading this article, imagine if we used one-hundred percent of the brain’s capability. There have been and still are cultures throughout the world that do attempt to use all of their emotional, mental and physical energy to full potential. They honor the full spectrum of life’s every aspect, unlike other modern societies.

There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we live, but at what cost? We have become prisoners of our own creations.? Because of technology, we have given away our inner freedoms, freedoms to be aware of ourselves, to remember that we are more than what we appear to be. We have devised means to utilize technology in such a way that it takes on a separate reality and virtually allows us to exist in a state of inactivity.

It is through two of our main senses -- our eyes and ears -- that our attention is stolen. Technology keeps our attention and prevents us from becoming consciously aware. Mediums such as television, radio, computers, video games and cell phones help in desensitizing our awareness as well as our attention span. Our culture thrives on the commercialism of gizmos and gadgets and the comforts that these devices provide. People love the conveniences and the entertainment that these distractions deliver. However, these distractions become illusions of activity and actual addictions. Like any addiction you become co-dependant and need more. The needier you are, the more you spend and the more you feed a system designed to dishonor the true purpose of a person and hinder an individual’s mental, emotional and physical well being.

What did 911 Teach Us?

When 911 occurred, not only were we asleep but we allowed ourselves to be placed in a state of fear and haven’t yet learned our lesson. We still seem to be following the same pattern. Build a wall along the US-Mexican border? Does anyone remember The Berlin Wall or the Cold War? We are repeating history. We have allowed ourselves to become vulnerable through the use of technology and the illusion it provides. By placing us into a fear state we become more co-dependent. Our true freedom is being threatened by the politicians who try to instill control through fear of loosing false freedoms on its people.

How did We Become Dependent upon Technology?

Technology assists in putting food on our table, clothing on our backs, brings us warmth in winter weather and cool houses in summer, from the washer and dryer, the hot shower, to the gasoline that runs the trucks and planes that deliver food and goods to supermarkets and retailers. All of this from the simplicity of flicking a switch. Interesting though is the trend to quickly introduce new and improved technology that replaces the previous version. Still, it’s most curious that inventions like the everlasting light bulb haven’t made it to the forefront. While we can travel to space and split the atom, we can’t make a light bulb that doesn’t burn out. It is perhaps true that this type of advancement would not sustain global economics and destroys the delicate equilibrium of supply and demand.

This is our wake up call. Take the responsibility to evolve past what you have been taught to believe.

Many people throughout the world experienced deep visions of 911 before it happened. Intuition, deep awareness, or extra sensory perception? Call it whatever you wish.

It has gotten to the point that the time we devote in enjoying and creating conveniences is depriving us of experiencing new levels of ourselves. Becoming aware of our own personal world will enable us to synchronize with technology and not to become its slave. We would be granting ourselves a quantum leap that would allow unimaginable emotional growth.

Deception through Belief and Emotion

Belief systems help to ground our lives and technologies help sustain them. Thousands of years ago, belief systems were implemented to help people understand, balance and standardize day-to-day life and higher spiritual existence. This resulted in – arguably – routine, structured, and functional everyday lives. Has this system become a mental prison? Conveniences, technology, or propaganda: have these devalued our cultures? Perhaps the horse has been mysteriously placed before the cart. Now technology wields the power to dictate how we should live.

We embrace an illusion of freedom without the least idea of what has actually happened. When a belief is initiated and then turned into law, you manipulate the population. At the Current Rate, America’s Health System Will Make Us Sick. Americans are becoming a society of living-breathing guinea pigs. We have given the Food and Drug Administration the freedom to pass regulations and policies on fast foods, drugs, and cosmetic procedures and have not empowered ourselves to decide whether these foods and practices are welcome advancements or duplicity.We are instructed to eat in moderation but are sound-bitten into consuming all sorts of foods and drugs that do not support general health. Fabricated foods and over-prescribed, commercialized medications are contributing to the breakdown of our immune systems.

Baby-boomers have helped to introduce a new trend and it’s a multi-million dollar business: pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, health foods, body-building products, life extension vendibles. These are all intended technologies for a variety of life’s functions and dysfunctions: stress, eating habits, chemical dependencies, appearance and old age.

It is the responsibility of every individual to pay attention to what the body is telling us. Because it is not verbal communication doesn’t mean we can’t determine what the message is. Reconnect to these feeling sensations.

Zero Point Energy

Problem: We live in a society where an infinite energy source is a necessity to supply endless power to the cities, businesses, cars, trains, etc. Solution: In physics, zero point energy is an energy extracted from the vacuum of space and is therefore technically infinite. Consumers are forced to subscribe to no-win finite energy sources, but what of zero point free-energy?

Zero Point Energy is the stuff that fuels popular science fiction, but the energy is uncontroversial and a scientifically accepted phenomenon. There have been a multitude of inventions and patents submitted to assist the world utilizing free-energy, but they jeopardize special interests, agendas and global economics. These new forms of technology have been around for tens-of-years and can supply abundantly cleaner and free energy. This is why we may not have heard about it. It would introduce a new technological era and affect every industry on the planet. Talk about disturbing everyone’s safety net.

In Conclusion

Technology, a Greek word, is the knowledge that man utilizes in order to command his own tools and crafts. Technology was the glory that took man from the stoneage and delivered him into an age of simple machines. There are many sociological factors that are the direct by-products of technology and they include ethics, values and lifestyles. And perhaps economics arrived to exchange these machines, so technology spurred on the development of global economy. Consequentially, sources for funding further technological efforts have narrowed, in order to stabilize global economics and maintain labor resources.

Man’s quest for knowledge invented technology. But autonomous technology, left unchecked, is self-motivating and a force that threatens to destroy our freedoms, our human potential and our existence.

Ron Flatow 2007


© Copyright 2017 Ron. All rights reserved.

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