What Patriotism Really Means

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Personal views relating to War

Submitted: May 18, 2007

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Submitted: May 18, 2007



What Does Patriotism Really Mean (version 1)


Some would have you believe a right to be free

To share an ideal of ethics and defend what you feel

To hold sacred a land that we stole from the American Indians

To be ready to kill and forge in blood as was the independence bill


To salute our chief and commander even if he commits slander

There is a mind set of what these soldiers are taught it should be

They are trained without exception into ego mentality

They are given the acceptance and exploited into heroism


But the stories that are told become twisted for the government’s bureaucracy

They fill these fighters with false confidence and authoritarian attitudes

They pledge them permission to fight, kill and maim

Telling them we’re at war and its ok ‘cause your in harms way

The soldiers’ then boost I did tour in Afghanistan and one in Iraq

Showing off their pins and strips touting a false integrity of duty

Sitting high they drive million dollar cannons to blow ‘em away

Looking through the target range you can’t run and hide I fight for the USA


This country continually flexes its muscles projecting brawn as the only way

Our leaders say we have just ‘cause our freedoms in danger

New threats challenge our shores terrorists now live at our back door

But the true threat is imperial thinking has invaded the USA


Those threats occurred thanks to US policy and corporate greed

Those countries are defending their own ideology

Reagan helped bring down the image of Communism by collapsing the wall

But history repeats the face changed the structure remained the same


Politicians create the illusion they strategize to stealth the truth

To safe guard your freedoms from the terrorist they call it the patriot act

first they bait you telling you about an attack then there’s the defensive scenarios

where they eliminate our civil liberties little by little to justify the act


the illusion of freedom to control its people through fear

What a great cover to install communism through terrorism

patriotism through dependency year after year never mind who’s guarding our shores

they do this to make you believe to convince you it is needed


soldiers come home honorably discharged yet carrying a warrior’s scar

thriving off the rush of acceptance they feed the need for self acknowledgment

Wearing dark sunglasses driving a pick up hanging novelty nuts on their rear

dressed in camouflage pants they tell their stories to keep the invasion alive


Ron Flatow (C) 2007


© Copyright 2019 Ron. All rights reserved.

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