Red and Blue, Oh Joanna I Loved You

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A Love Poem

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



I’m sorry.
Roses are red.
Violets are blue 
But I’m not the man for you.

Oh Joanna I’m sorry 
It didn’t work out
But blooming flowers
And souls move on.

Opening into the fray
I didn’t get to say
What the colors spray.
It opens and bruises.

The many colors
Wide awake and tight
But up and open
Sprouts a flower fountain.

The tears spray as the
Flower blooms
Colors of love and dooms
An out come of a curtain 
Of misfortune.

Life goes on
But the flower tears and wilts
And we cry,
Though the flower is tight 
And immortal.

But now it shades
A new hue.
Blue just for you
Though red is dead.

We stretched the flower
As wide as it would go.
Thou are mine 
And always will be.

The new shade
Will cover us 
As we move on.
A new life for me 
And you that is blue.

Open and empty
Was my heart
That you tore apart
But now it’s sad and true 
Because I new I loved you.

The many hues
Of our relationship
Is now grey
Except for the new 
Bloom of blue.

A flower which
I had prepared
Just for you.

© Copyright 2019 Ronald L Bunch JR. All rights reserved.

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