Slumber Nights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Poet
free verse, spiritual

Submitted: August 08, 2013

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Submitted: August 08, 2013



The sky was twinkling, 
The stars like somber, ever reaching, 
Yet sound and light to my ears and eyes. 
My bright, bright, light, 
Don't ever go out, 
Don't ever die of fright,.
Let the light, 
Let it shine forth, 
Let the somber nights not awake me, 
Let not my heart wander no more in fright, 
Let my ears and eyes pierce the dimness of the night: 
My life, my sorrows, 
Let me see the light, 
Not shake at night. 
Oh God, why are you so far, 
And yet so near. 
Are my senses for fear, 
Or for You that peers in the set of night, 
Oh God, hold me near, 
And not so far from your sight. 
When I awake, don't forsake my life for strife. 
Your so near, yet so far, 
Must I crawl to find an unreachable gap between us? 
Oh, let it be Jesus, 
Let Him be the gap between us, 
Not hell, don't let us fall under Satan's spell. 
The dark of night, 
The light of light, 
Shiver me timbers, 
And shake off fright. 
Satan flee, and don't come at the stalking night, 
I hold Jesus between me and God, 
Now my armor is shod! 
Twinkling eyes, sulking spies, 
Flee from the Lord's eyes, 
As I slumber at night.  

© Copyright 2019 Ronald L Bunch JR. All rights reserved.

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