Heavenly Glade Haiku the Book

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Haiku poem in each chapter. There are more poems by purchasing it.

Table of Contents


Some of my favorite poems, that I have written, are haiku poems in this book. The top three in my opinion are: Golden leaves, God's Har... Read Chapter

Golden Leaves

A Haiku poem in each chapter.
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God's Harvest

God’s Harvest Jesus is the vine. We are pruned by God to grow. The branches bear fruit.   ... Read Chapter


Romance The Christmas season. A kissing mistletoe glance. Dancing and merry. ... Read Chapter


Sad Lonely winter land. Skiing with rain turned to slush, Tears turned to sadness. ... Read Chapter


Thrilling A warm sunny ray. A thrill that lasts to the end. Falling icicles.   ... Read Chapter

Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy Down my cheek, I knelt, God was there to see me cry, God saw tears of joy. ... Read Chapter

A Love Gift

A Love Gift A gift box and rose. Many finger prints of love Seals an expression. ... Read Chapter

Worshiping God

Worshiping God Morning Sunday mass, Voices worshiping my God Echoes long after.   ... Read Chapter

The Cosmos

The Cosmos Sky and space, aeons. The cosmos whispers my ear, I find I am frail.  ... Read Chapter

Funny Squirrel

Funny Squirrel Funny squirrel lies On its belly, porch railing, Food is thrown, it leaps. ... Read Chapter

Woman with a Crayon

Woman with a Crayon A crayon love mark. Happy days are ahead now. She draws a world spark.   ... Read Chapter

Pray for the Dalits in India

Pray for the Dalits in India Pray for the Dalits. For the sick, for the starving. Smiling ever now. ... Read Chapter

Jesus is the Light

Jesus is the Light Jesus lights the dark. The moon lights the night ever. Glimmer on dark play.   ... Read Chapter

Routing Evil

Routing Evil Over plains ink prints Tales of God routing evil. Jesus finds and saves.  ... Read Chapter

Passion Sunday

Passion Sunday The passion of Christ. Jesus was hanged on a cross. Truly this was God. ... Read Chapter

Blind Man

Blind Man A blind man washes Clay in the pool of Siloam. Now he see's the light. ... Read Chapter

Thirsty Israelites

Thirsty Israelites Thirst in the desert. Moses taps water from rock. They now drink refreshed. ... Read Chapter

The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration Peter, James and John Are taken up a mountain. Jesus does transform. ... Read Chapter

The Light of Jesus

The Light of Jesus We bless our candles. Light has come into the world, His name is Jesus. ... Read Chapter

Be Perfect

Be Perfect Be holy for God. Have love for your enemies As the perfect Christ. ... Read Chapter

Free in Christ

Free in Christ Jesus came to free Us from the power of sin, Death and selfishness. ... Read Chapter

The Salt of the Earth

The Salt of the Earth Having mercy and Pursued for God’s righteousness. You are now earth's salt.   ... Read Chapter

The Walls of Jericho

The Walls of Jericho Walking by the walls. On the seventh day it fell With trumpets and shouts.   ... Read Chapter

Communion With God

Communion With God The Holy Spirit Shows forgiveness to us now. Communion with God. ... Read Chapter

Imprisoned in Fear

Imprisoned in Fear Fear in our bodies. Fear in our minds and our hearts. Jesus breaks through it. ... Read Chapter

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Proclaim God's mercy. He breathes the Holy Spirit. Receive the spirit. ... Read Chapter

The Risen Lord

The Risen Lord As the risen Lord, He brings us peace as first fruits. Suddenly He's here. ... Read Chapter

Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt A mad buffalo, I see it in the pages. Peppered with arrows. ... Read Chapter

Hunting in the Rain

Hunting in the Rain A buffalo hunt. A rain dance does start the clouds. It bleeds and it pours.   ... Read Chapter

New Songs

New Songs A playwright does write. Lightning destroys the music. New songs are written. ... Read Chapter

Lightning Rains Down

Lightning Rains Down Thunder does collide. It starts to rain down chaos. Lightning does now strike.   ... Read Chapter


Sinless Rays of evil seen. Darkness points to me and blooms. I repent and win. ... Read Chapter

Lucifer Defeated

Lucifer defeated He escapes me now. Lucifer hides and does run. God will slay our foe. ... Read Chapter

The Plow

The Plow Plow the love of God. Don't take your hand from the plow. Love does fit us all. ... Read Chapter

All Stars

All Stars All stars surround us. Does every star light us now? The stars go twinkling. ... Read Chapter

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth Hard labor from God Creates spiritual growth. Now we go to work.   ... Read Chapter


Forgiven If we take a step God will bring light to our sin. We are forgiven. ... Read Chapter

The Robot

The Robot Chilled in the weather, This robot dances for coin. Watch it sing and dance.   ... Read Chapter


Charity See your coin and a Shinning Christmas twinkling star. Pay your charity. ... Read Chapter

Rainy June

Rainy June In the rainy June When the fog is out we see The ship horns do blow.   ... Read Chapter

The Fog

The Fog In the cooler months When the ship horns are blowing. The fog is now out. ... Read Chapter

Car Crash

Car Crash A head-on car crash. A woman is not breathing. My mouth breathes her life.   ... Read Chapter


Passion My heart is on fire. I sing her a song of love. Passion consumes me. ... Read Chapter

Love Never Ending

Love Never Ending Its raining down love. Love between a boy and girl Is never ending. ... Read Chapter

Our Maker

Our Maker Thunder in the world. Not all of us know His voice. The Maker of us.   ... Read Chapter

Forgiven Now

Forgiven Now Sin does bite hard now. I'm not wicked for God knows He forgave me, wow. ... Read Chapter

Writer's Block

Writer's Block I have writer's block. God loosens the lock in me. My feelings play songs. ... Read Chapter

Jesus is the Right Path

Jesus is the Right Path Dangers are on roads. Please God now and not his wrath. Follow the right path. ... Read Chapter

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True Dreams do come true now. Giving up is not God's will. Write with full passion.   ... Read Chapter

Write Every Day

Write Every Day Writing heals the heart. Having fans is good for you. Write every day. ... Read Chapter

God's Love

God's Love Nature, God and man. God showers us with His love. Man and nature sing. ... Read Chapter

We Love Back

We Love Back God shows us his love. The after effect is true. Humans love God back. ... Read Chapter

Heal the Sick

Heal the Sick The sick challenge us. There are cures for illnesses. Heal the sickness now. ... Read Chapter


Chances We all get chances. Chances are what we do need. Don't waste them ever. ... Read Chapter


Consuming One wrong and false step. Quicksand will get you like sin. The sand consumes me. ... Read Chapter

Heaven Sent

Heaven Sent Run and get out now Before its too late in hell. You are heaven sent. ... Read Chapter

Driven By Our God

Driven By Our God Driven by our God. We go out and give others Life. It tastes so good. ... Read Chapter

Sending The Spirit

Sending The Spirit Persecuting God. Now Jesus is free from them. Sending the spirit. ... Read Chapter

We Avoid a Crash

We Avoid a Crash The rubber wheels burn. We are driven to school now. We avoid a crash. ... Read Chapter

Jesus Gave Us Life

Jesus Gave Us Life Deep, deep down in hell Where the fallen ones do die. Jesus gave us life. ... Read Chapter

Your Dreams

Your Dreams A twinkling star shines. Your dreams are not too far now. Your dreams do come true.   ... Read Chapter

Your Passions

Your Passions Your passions consume. They are like a glowing fire. They will never die. ... Read Chapter


Vocation To the guys alive, We must find our vocation. Love is God's will now. ... Read Chapter

The Flesh and Blood

The Flesh and Blood His name is Jesus. Eat the flesh and blood of God To your fill and life. ... Read Chapter

God Loves Us

God Loves Us Don't wait until death. God is waiting for us,see. Take the first step now. ... Read Chapter

Baby Steps

Baby Steps Don't do nothing now. God knows how much we are worth. Take small steps, then leaps. ... Read Chapter


Jail I want out of jail. Caught for crimes I did commit. My teeth grind the bars.   ... Read Chapter


Catholic I'm from a high church. Jesus Christ is my fortress. I sing of heaven. ... Read Chapter

Fire Two

Fire Two Over soaring birds, I climb the fire truck ladder. I save one from fire. ... Read Chapter


Hell I hear screams in hell. I reach out and help one now. I save one from fire. ... Read Chapter

I Smile

I Smile I love your touch God, It would not be without you. I smile for a while. ... Read Chapter

Gates of Heaven

Gates of Heaven This I do see, the Gates of heaven are open And so is my heart. ... Read Chapter

God Teaches

God Teaches God is our teacher. There is always a lesson. Mistakes are burning. ... Read Chapter

Christ Have Mercy

Christ Have Mercy There is hope for us. There's no hope for the devil. Christ have mercy now. ... Read Chapter

Serve God

Serve God Satan is still here, The galactic enemy. Serve God not Satan. ... Read Chapter


Stars The lights of space, the Milky way shines and twinkles. From earth we see the stars. ... Read Chapter

Winning Small

Winning Small It is enough to Win in small amounts I say. Be overjoyed now. ... Read Chapter

Serve the Lord

Serve the Lord I'm at peace whether I win or not I do think. Serve Jesus Christ now. ... Read Chapter

Forest Fire

Forest Fire Falling tree branches. A consuming fire, this is Nothing to hell fire. ... Read Chapter

Burning Wildlife

Burning Wildlife A whirlwind of flames And the cries of trapped wildlife. The fire is crackling. ... Read Chapter

God's Presence

God's Presence Open the door and See God for He is waiting To show His presence. ... Read Chapter


Confession Make the first move for God is on the other side. Go to confession. ... Read Chapter

I'm Satisfied With Justice

I'm Satisfied With Justice Breaking the law is Not worth it. I'm satisfied When justice is done. ... Read Chapter

When Justice is Not Done

When Justice is Not Done I blitz and thunder In my mind when justice is Not done and they flee. ... Read Chapter

God's Wrath

God's Wrath God's wrath is coming. It is seen in a storm now. Lightning is wicked. ... Read Chapter

The Storm

The Storm Thunder does alarm. Lightning crashes to ashes. The storm is here, boom! ... Read Chapter


Meteors I see meteors. God's love makes a impact too, And a lovely streak. ... Read Chapter

We Respond

We Respond God's love makes impacts In our hearts and we respond With love, hate or fear. ... Read Chapter

Mass Begins

Mass Will Soon Begin The church bells ringing And we greet the priest with cheers. Mass will soon begin. ... Read Chapter

The Sermon

The Sermon Priests say the gospel And then the sermon, we learn To feel God's presence.   ... Read Chapter

Our Place

Our Place My place and your place Is with God in heaven now. I explode with love. ... Read Chapter

In Peace

In Peace Jesus Christ is here With us every day today. We shake hands in peace. ... Read Chapter

Until I Die

Until I Die I live in Earth now. God holds me in the palm of His hand until death. ... Read Chapter

To Heaven

To Heaven I will go up high Because of confession and Jesus Christ saved me. ... Read Chapter

On a Island

On a Island We drop our anchor, And we head to shore with boats On a island now. ... Read Chapter

We Fight

We Fight We are starving now. Food is guarded by monsters. We fight to our death.   ... Read Chapter

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Heavenly Glade Haiku The Book

Ron has been studying poems for years, and he has written some really good ones, especially, haiku! If you like haiku, you're sure to enjoy this book. Funny or not, Ron thinks you'll salivate over these haiku poems. There are Christian poems and other