Dreams and Determination

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Sometimes life's struggles consume you. You just have to find the strength and motivation to fight it.

Submitted: December 27, 2011

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Submitted: December 27, 2011



I used to have so many plans

Or aspirations, rather

But living the nine-to-five dream

Those plans don’t seem to matter.

I was so focused and excited

So tenacious and strong-willed

But over time you begin to learn

Dreams don’t pay the bills.

If asked my dreams today

I wouldn’t smile or hesitate

I’d reply, “to make it through a month

without paying everything late.”

I’ve lost touch with my own self

I don’t even know me anymore

All I know is these weren’t the dreams

That I thought I was fighting for.

My life has become someone else’s

This can’t be the path for me

I was meant to make an impact

That would somehow better society.

My life feels as if it’s blind

Trapped in a dark room and can’t see

It’s like having a flashlight

With two dead batteries.

Someone please just help me

Lead me where I’m supposed to go

Never mind leading, just push me

In a direction because I don’t know.

Desperately seeking, thinking

And more curious than a cat

Where did my dreams go?

Please, I really need them back.

I don’t remember where to begin

Or how I ended up where I am

But I do know I’m strong and able

And I’ll do anything I can.

Although I have no map or compass

Dreams can’t be that hard to follow

The difficult thing is realizing

Sometimes truth is the hardest pill to swallow.

When I was much younger

I planned my whole life out

But as the years went by

I learned that’s not what it’s about.

Life is learning lessons

Falling in love, making mistakes

Becoming responsible, mature

It’s about boundaries and relying on fate.

I may have messed up

Or strayed from the pack

But I can see it now and

I’m not turning back.

I feel a sense of openness and passion

This is exactly what I needed

It’s too late for doubt and fear

I’m already too determined to be defeated.

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