Fairytale- My Turn

Poem by: Ronda McKenzie


Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Submitted: March 27, 2012



You never know what to expect

When love kindles your heart.

It races faster than your thoughts

And you don’t mind that your cheeks hurt.


Soon your wish is granted by fate

And no one can separate you two.

Your days seem to fly by somehow,

You’d rather lie awake than slumber.


Looking back on the first months

I now see how oblivious I was .

Deep down I knew better,

But denial had lassoed my hopes.


Lie to me? Break my heart? Never.

He is as perfect as they come.

Oh how naïve we can be,

When a fairytale seems like an option.


I never knew that my heart

Had any pieces left for breaking.

I never knew just how many hours

My eyes could produce tears.


When those tears are the ones

Cuddling up to you at night

And seem like your only ally,

It’s time to let it all out.


Get out or get a grip,

Stand stronger than you were.

Face your foe audaciously,

Demand standards or the door.


Two months of being free,

Filled with handsome smiles.

Mind and soul have replenished,

Eagerly awaiting something new.


The heart-racing bliss, smiles,

And your laugh that you hate.

Reclaimed by the vicious cycle,

Come on fairytale, it’s my turn.

© Copyright 2017 Ronda McKenzie. All rights reserved.

Fairytale- My Turn Fairytale- My Turn

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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