Just One More Day*

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Losing someone you would give your life for...

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



There are absolutely no words

To describe the way I miss you.

You were up rooted from our lives

And there was nothing we could do.

If only all you needed was a kidney,

Or bone marrow, something we could give.

I would have given anything if it meant

You have another day to live.

I remember the day we met,

Every word you spoke to the letter.

You made quite an impression.

Since that day it had only gotten better.

I laugh to myself as I relive that moment.

The profanity, the remark, and the smile on your face.

I knew just then you were one of those people

Who knew how to put others and their place.

I think of you when I watch Twilight

Because I know you loved it too.

And every time I hear the name Tom

I want to punch him just for you.

I'll never forget the day I watched you

Put the toaster in the dishwasher.

I tried to stop you, but you insisted,

You proved me wrong that's for sure.

I still have your house key on my keychain.

Taking it off never even crossed my mind.

When I see it, I smile briefly, then sigh.

It represents both you and memories combined.

I miss your laughter, smile, and wit.

Your patience, love, and generosity;

Your scare-me-to-death driving and

Your humble, ferocious personality.

I smile for just a moment

As reality comes crashing down.

Empty, lost, and broken

Is how my heart feels now.

I'll never again see that smile of yours,

The one that lights up your whole face.

I'll never again run to you crying,

Sobbing, in your warm embrace.

My tears now laying on my pillow,

I have no shoulder to cry on now.

I know I have to move on with life,

But the biggest question is 'How?'

I feel hollow, lifeless, and miserable.

I'm here without purpose it seems.

I need you now more than ever,

My life is falling apart at the seams.

I talk to you every single day.

I like to think you can hear me.

I wish things hadn't ended this way-

Tragedy, despite our prayers and pleas

. I know I can't bring you back,

But if I had just one more day

I'd never leave your side and

For that day, things would be okay.

© Copyright 2019 Ronda McKenzie. All rights reserved.

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