The Way I Feel About You

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a answer someone needs from someone they love but cant have

Submitted: November 20, 2006

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Submitted: November 20, 2006



I feel like crying watching you walk away

I’ll never really give up on you

I’ll always be here for when you need a shoulder to cry upon

I’ll never be gone forever

Because in my heart I know were meant to be

Even if you don’t see it yet

It will appear sooner then you think

That summer showed more then you know

It showed I need you and never will let go

I can’t find anyone but you that I can trust

I can tell you what is wrong

I can tell you I love you and make it the truth

I can see right threw you too

But yet again my heart gets ripped out

Only because you won’t tell the truth

I hurt inside every time I look at you

I start to cry when I hear your voice

But stay strong because I know someday you’ll be mine

When you realize what you lost

When you remember what we had

When you take a chance and learn

There is no one else that can compare to me

I’m one of a kind and will love you till you die

I’m the girl that can’t take her mind off of you

That will call and tell you I had a nightmare just to talk to you

To listen to your voice and hear you say everything will be alright

That I will always be in your heart that you’ll never give up

I call you when I need my best friend but what good does it do

When you turn your back on meWhat do I do when I realize all is lost but can’t move on

When reality become a dream once again

When all I need is you to hold me

And tell me everything will be ok

You tell me you love me but we can’t be

But if you really loved me you would make it be

Like this summer I made it be just so I could spend one more day with you

To show you I cared and I made you a promise that no matter what

I would never let you go at least no with out a fight

So here I am telling you I am once again not giving up but going

Down with that fight I promised you

So be expecting that fight one day soon because

Once again I’ll never give up on you

You’re my best friend and in my heart the one I need

So listen to your heart to and tell me what it says

And if it says you don’t need me like I need you then

I’ll ask you then why are we still friends

If were not meant to be we would have went our separate ways

And never spoke again but there’s something we have

That no one can take it’s our trust in each other

And I am still the girl you knew just hiding so I can’t

Get hurt again So in the end am I going to end up with a brokenHeart or am I going to end up

with the guy I loveAnd the guy I know loves me

That choice is for you to decideSo make the one you want to make

But always know I love you no matter what it is

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