Bloody Tears

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Enter a dark fantasy world, where dragons and goblins blend with vampires and lycans. Follow the path of only demon alive, Stolas, and his journey to find inner peace.

Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



Bloody Tears

A Dark Fantasy by AJ PEASLEE

I glide over the rooftops of the ruined metropolis of Abbadon, soaking in the clouded darkness that is my home. My wings easily slash through the midnight air, barely making the flapping audible. The wind passes over my bald head with every leap, while the dark kisses me with everlasting promises. I land on a nearby clock tower and stare over the landscape. I know that I am the only living soul in this hellish place. I am always alone, always an outcast, always empty. All of the creatures of this planet turn me away, and in a way I do not blame them. I am the only demon.

The mighty lycanthropes banished me from their hideaways and the noble vampires look at me as if I am an enemy. Harpies would love to feast on my one of a kind flesh and the trolls would rather crush my bones. Where do I go? Who do I turn to when everyone sees me as different…no, bizarre and unusual.

It is not like I asked to be created. I vaguely remember my birth in the flames of what I believed to be Hell, surrounded by a humid yet gentle fire. I was born with orange skin, pointed ears, sharpened teeth and wings. My scowl would make even the foulest creature shiver. My physical appearance…and one - of -a -kindness leaves me screaming for a companion…a friend.

I leap into the deep blackness and continue to fly into the night. Passing over many destroyed and archaic buildings, I leave my haven in search of acceptance. Gliding through the sky, my wings rip through the dense fog that shrouds the Lycan fortress. A massive stronghold of stone stops the outside world from entering, while smoke rises from the other side. A very large man stands in front of the gate, covered in Viking like armor. His hairy arms and well built structure let me know what he is.

“You again? Be gone demon, you have no purpose here.” The lycan grunts.
“All I seek are answers. I am not looking for a battle, despite what my physical appearance may say.” I pleading state.

“Cuer wants nothing to do with you. He is our leader and I will stand by his plans. Be gone, or have your skull smashed in.” The lycanthrope grins, revealing a large set of canines.

I turn away and take flight, once again disappointed. Why was I banished everywhere I went? Couldn’t someone look past my differences? I decide to try speaking with the vampires once more. Even if they will not take me in, they have a library that contains tomes from many bygone ages. Maybe I can find answer…

Hovering through the night, I pass over a barren landscape full of holes and caverns. Those are the Troll hovels, and anyone who knows anything knows not to go there. They have no alliances, no rules and no qualms when it comes to killing creatures who wander too close. I fly as fast as I can, knowing that if I fell there things would be bad.

Ahead lies a forest that surrounds what appears to be a village. Upon closer inspection, it is actually a land of manors and crypts. The vampire estates. I see the largest mansion and fly toward it, also eyeing the guards in dark shrouds.

I land some distance away from them, making gestures that I mean no harm. They draw their swords anyway and come toward me, revealing their pale skin and white fangs. One of them edges closer, allowing his black hair to radiate in the moon’s gaze.
“We have warned you before Stolas. Do not come around this area, you are unwanted and unwelcome.” The vampire growls.

“I do not want to fight. I simply want to speak to your leader. Perhaps he can shed some light on…what I am…” I gently reply.

“You can’t see Morbus. He…” The vampire looks away and steps back.

A dense, yellow colored mass of mist hovers toward us, slowly creating the shape of a man. As the mist vanishes, the figure appears. A man in a red tunic with a glowing cape stares at me. His hair is grey but shines beautifully. His eyes are glow with a red hue, while his skin reveals light veins.

“Leave us. I wish to speak with this creature alone.” Morbus commands.

The two vampires vanish almost instantly into the surrounding shadows. Though they left, I can’t help but feel their gaze.

“I know all about you Stolas. There are reasons why you cannot join the vampire claverns. It would upset many of my followers, and it would enrage the lycans. That is the last thing we need right now.” Morbus sternly speaks.

“I understand…but you have to understand something. Do you know what it is like? To be alone in this world…literally? Why am I the only one of my kind….ever?” My voice breaks with the reply.

“You are not entirely alone.” Morbus smirks.

“What do you mean!?” I blurt out.

“Go to the Crystalis caves not far from here to the North. You will find a being that can help you. I am sorry that I cannot be of further assistance. But it would be best you left now, my brothers are growing more frustrated.” Morbus coldly states.

I jump into the air and take off in an instant, taking off to the north in search of the Crystalis caves. As I thrust through the darkness, a hear a loud buzzing sound from behind. I try to see what is behind me, but my vision is blurred by the wind. A burst of heat fills my body and I feel a shock run down my orange flesh. I begin to plummet from the sky, spinning and thrashing about. As I fall I look around for my attacker, but see nothing. My back slams into the ground with a thud that creates clouds of dust. My wings ache with a burning sensation and my back throbs with pain. As I try to figure out what hit me, I notice my current surroundings. Holes…many holes. Of all the places I could have landed, It was in the Troll hovels.

I slowly stand and try to ignore the pain. I open and close my wings, trying to wear off the stinging, hoping that nothing hears my sounds. A massive arm reaches out of the holes that leads to an even bigger body. A hulking green creature rises up, wielding a spiked club. His face is a heavily wrinkled mess, overshadowed by greasy red hair stands. His bottom lip covers most of his mouth, allowing only a few jagged teeth to show. Fresh blood stains coat his loincloth. He lets out a war like cry and charges. I dash away, flapping my wings that refuse to fly. I leap and slash them downward, but I cannot lift myself. The troll continues his pursuit, swinging his club wildly, hoping to catch something other than air. I run faster, jumping and flapping in a fit as mad as him. I bend my knees as far as I can and prepare to leap. I feel the moist breath of the beast on my neck and I take off into the sky. As I continue upward, I see the Troll snarling up at me with a look of pure fury. I let out a small laugh and proceed with my flight.

I continue onward and envelope myself in deep thought. Something has always bothered me concerning my origins. I had an amulet around my neck when I burst from the hellfires. The inscription became my name, Stolas. For a hundred and thirty years I have searched for an answer, and now I may find it. I can only guess what the caves will hold for me.

The mountainous regions ahead is known for how wild it is. Few step foot in this land, and those who do, rarely return. Goblins skulk about, looking for easy prey. Skeletal legions control the land beyond the mountains, promising death to outsiders. I come to a stop, perching myself atop a boulder. There are several caverns that go deep within the mountains, and it is hard to say which is the one I seek. I walk over to the first one and peer into it, seeing nothing but darkness. I take a deep breath and release the power from my lungs, bursting out a fireball. The cavern lights up as the fireball flies into it. I see nothing but rock and plant roots. This can’t be the correct cave.

As I approach the next cave, I notice some pebbles above me have fallen down. Watching, I see some dirt and more rocks tumble. I look up to see several small creatures wielding knives. Their blue bodies are covered in wooden armor. Their structure is small and thin, but muscular. They are goblins.

They gaze down upon me with feasting eyes, sizing up their hopeful meal. I dash into the cavern and hear them shifting around behind me. I can’t see anything, so I flail my arms around, grabbing whatever I can to guide me. I slam into the rocky wall several times, hoping that the goblins cannot catch up. As I continue to slam around, I fall into a deep darkness. I cannot see how deep this hole is, nor can I feel anything but the breeze. I can hear the goblin’s echoes as they slowly fade away. I think about flying, but know it would do no good without my sight. I start to see a vague light slowly growing larger beneath me. It continues to grow and grow, shining with a brighter aura. It comes suddenly and I smash into the ground with mighty force. Once again, I reel from the impact.

Gaining my bearings, I examine my surroundings, noting that the walls are completely crystal. Various gems, from opal to aquamarine coat the walls, shimmering with lasting beauty. Never before have I seen such a place.  I slowly continue forward, unsure of what may lie ahead. As I pas various jewels and shining walls, I enter a massive room loaded with gold, trinkets and various other valuables. Sitting atop the mass is a mighty, fearsome and nearly forgotten creature. A creature that has been around long before the age of vampires, lycans…and me. A dragon.

His scales seem to glow with a white glow, while his black claws faintly shine. His eyes are a deep azure and the horns atop his head make a crest. Smoke rises from his nostrils, vanishing with every breath. He looks at me with wizened eyes.

“Do not fear me, creature of sadness and emptiness. I have awaited the time when you would come.” The dragon’s voice bellows but remains calm.

“I thought that dragons left this land long ago…” I reply with curiosity.

“No child, we are everywhere. Many cannot see us, for we take the shapes of rock, grass and even air. I am Fenrir, the dragon of purity and soul. Come, sit and take in my knowledge.” Fenrir pleasantly speaks.

I take a seat on a nearby chest and continue to look in awe. I have never seen a dragon before in my life, and I thought I never would. I open my mouth and prepare to speak, but Fenrir cuts me off.

“I already know what you want to ask. Why are you the only demon? The truth my friend, is that you only are now.” Fenrir quips.

“What do you mean by that? More demons will be born?” I quickly ask.

“No. There were many of your kind eons ago. In truth, they were once the masters of this world. There were many kinds, everything from shadow to water demons. We dragons used to live in peace with them, until the world became…different and cruel.” Fenrir angrily states.

“There…were…many? So, I am not the only one to ever be created? But what happened to all of them? Why do I remain?” I continue to question.

Have you ever heard of the Humania dimension?” Fenrir wonders.

“Yes, but that is just an old myth….right?” I shake my head.

“It is not a myth by any means. Beyond our world lies another world, one of many wonders and strange happenings. This is the land of the humans. At some point during the demon reign, an object from the land of the Humans came through to our world. The demons began to fight over it, causing civil war. In the end, the world became an even darker place. That is when the vampires, lycanthropes and other beings came to be. When they came, the demons were dead.” Fenrir’s voice cracks.

“And this was all over an object from the human land? If only they had known better….then I would not be alone.” I start to weep.

The tears build up in my eyes and begin to fall. The red dots hit the treasure at my feet and I can’t stop myself from feeling the woe of emptiness. The drops continue to fall…a demon’s cries are unique…they are bloody tears.

“There is one place you need to go. The way to get there is behind this cave and into an ancient temple. Not all of the demons were destroyed in the battle. They existed for some time until….they were vanquished by an unseen foe. Go there, and prepare yourself for a fight. I sense great danger from there.” Fenrir commands.

I want to ask him what is there, but I know that it would be best to see for myself. As I walk past him, I thank him and continue forward. A tunnel leads out of the cave and into the dim light of the night. When I reach the exit, I see a deserted landscape with a single, ruined temple standing in the middle of it all. I brace myself for what lies ahead.

The temple is covered in ivy and cracks. Inscriptions of demons coat the walls in various poses. The temple was once beautiful, but now it is fragment of it’s former glory. The entrance is a large room full of pillars. Several statues surround each other in poses of fear, agony and terror. They are all demons that have been turned into stone. I feel sadness but the fury overpowers it. Who would have done this to them?

“You finally know the truth. Well done Stolas.” A familiar voice chuckles.

“Who are you!? Where are you!?” I lash out.

A figure steps out of the shadows and lurks toward me. He is holding a longsword and his other hand glows with a strange aura. It is Morbus.

“It is a shame that I let you last this long. Your ancestors were a problem, trying to retake their kingdom. Sadly for them, the vampires had another agenda. I came here and turned them to stone, forever sealing their fates.” Morbus continues to laugh.

“You killed them? And for what? Power, control, and land!?” I scream in fury.

“You forgot the fact that they were in the way. The would have never gave up the land so easily. So I jut took them out of the equation. The fools never saw it coming. Now that is left is you…the first demon in ages. How you managed to survive for one hundred and sixty years is a miracle…that ends today.” Morbus growls.

Morbus throws the aura from his hand toward me, barely missing my wing. It slams into the nearby column, turning the vines into stone. I dash toward him, slashing with my claws. Morbus’ speed is  blinding, dodging every slash of my wrists. He backhands me and strikes my chest with his blade. Blood begins to slowly run out of the gash. I swing my wing toward him and manage to send him to the ground. I leap back and draw in a deep breath, hoping to muster the strength for a fireball. Morbus gets up and gives me a deep, fear inducing gaze. I release the air and blast the fireball toward him, watching as he is devoured in smoke and ash. I wait to see if he has fallen, when I feel a hand grasp my neck from behind. Morbus tilts me back and bites my neck. I begin to collapse, knowing that I will soon die. I know I cannot turn into a vampire.

Morbus drains a massive amount of blood and then lets me fall to the ground. My eyes grow heavy and my neck continues to run with blood. Morbus wipes his mouth and begins to sneer at me.

“This is the end for your kind. That bite will kill you, for you cannot become one of us. So long Stolas.” Morbus begins to walk away.

My eyes close and my thoughts begin to fade. My body grows cold and I feel an unknown sensation snake it’s way through my body. I feel my muscles begin to fall and die, while my wings drop to the ground. I can feel the end looming over me.

Suddenly my body bursts with a burning energy. I begin to shake and quiver, filling with a strange pain. My knees grow small spikes, as well as my wings. My skin begins to fade to crimson and head aches with hurt. Horns grow out from my forehead and reach for the air. I stand up, feeling rejuvenated. My eyes feel hot, as if they were aflame. I stare at Morbus with a death eye. He stops in his tracks and turns to look at me. His eyes widen.

“What…what is this? That bite should have sent you to Hell! What have you become? A... devil?” Morbus’ voice quavers.

I swiftly lunge at Morbus, grabbing his black cape and throwing him into the air. I raise my hand up and point my claws toward him, releasing a hail of blue beams. They tear through his body with incredible force, literally ripping him to shreds. I walk away, not even watching him as he falls to the ground in pieces. I walk into the moonlit night and take for the skies above.

What am I now? A vampiric demon? Or as he said, a devil? I do not wish to know the answer. I begin to wonder if the other demons can be revived…since they are only incased in stone. There must be a way. Even though I vanquished the enemy of my ancestors, I am still the only demon alive. It is just me…and my bloody tears.


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