Conscience Thoughts

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is an observation of what people often say, and what they secretly mean.

Submitted: July 15, 2009

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



Conscience Thoughts

I want to be with you
(But not forever)

I am glad that you are my friend
(I can’t stand to be around you)

The food was excellent tonight
(It was burnt and awful)

I can’t wait to go there
(I can wait to go there)

I love you
(I only want to bed you down)

I beat the hell out that guy once
(I’ve never fought anybody in my life)

The dark doesn’t frighten me anymore
(It scares the living hell out of me)

I quit drinking so long ago
(I drink myself to sleep often)

I have slept with hundreds of women
(I rarely have sex)

I love everything about you
(I hate everything about you)

I don’t miss him anymore
(My heart aches thinking about him)

I have never done anything really bad
(I just got away with it)

That was funny
(No it was not)

I have dated many women
(I can’t even get a phone number)

I don’t know anything  about it
(Telling you would hurt you)
I only want to be friends
(I don’t date scrubs like you)

I am innocent
(I am guilty)

I have never been here before
(It is the same old place again)

My confidence is high
(Fear grips my gut)

I never cry
(I do when I am alone)

Everything will be alright
(I cannot promise that)

She won’t leave me
(I don’t want to face the truth)

I am cowardly
(I am stronger than I realize)

I fear nothing
(I don’t want to admit it)

I do not!
(I do too)

I have no problems with that
(It bothers me a lot)

Never really thought about it
(It keeps me up at night)

I don’t like you
(My heart longs for your touch)

What a wonderful gift
(It’s not what I wanted)

She is a slut
(I secretly envy her)

He is a jerk
(Only sometimes)

Lets take a break for awhile
(Stop smothering me!)

My passion is deep for you
(More than you will ever know)

We sometimes say one thing
(And mean another)

© Copyright 2020 RoninSensai. All rights reserved.

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