Retribution of a Broken Heart

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Just a short story I wrote.

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



That bitch!! I hate her!!



His phone began to vibrate.  It was Ashwini.  He waited, watching the phone vibrate on the table, wondering if he should answer it.  He finally put down his pen, closed his diary, and picked up the phone.



“David, I have been waiting for almost an hour. Where are u?!”

“I.. eh... am leaving home.  I'm on my way.”

“You still at home!!??! Its already late.  Hurry up! I don't want to lose our table!!”

“Ok, I will be right over in a jiffy.”  Bitch.










David drove his car very slow.  He did it intentionally.  He wanted her to wait.  He wanted her to suffer.



His phone vibrated again on the car's dashboard.  A reminder of her irritability.  No, he wouldn't answer it.  Not this time.

He parked his car at the side of a main road.  Then, leaning against his car, looking far away at... black nothingness, he lit a cigarette.  This was his first cigarette since he quit smoking 8 years ago.  Behind him, vehicles passed by at breakneck-speed.  Sucking on his cigarette, he thought:



I have to get rid of her.













“What took you so long?”  Ashwini had been waiting at her office.  Without waiting for an answer, she ran around and got into the car beside him.

David realized it must be Tuesday because Ashwini had let her hair flow free.  She does that every Tuesday.

One of the things that David loved about Ashwini was that she had something very pleasant about her face.  A feeling of comfort swept over him every time he looked at her.

“Got held up in traffic” David lied.

Ashwini looked at his face for a moment.  She wasn't angry anymore.  A look of concern had eclipsed her face.

Oh God, she looks so beautiful ............... No!

I hate her!

“Are you fine, David? You look.... pale”.

“Things have been quite tough at work.”

“Well in 2 days, you won't have to worry about that anymore, would you?”, she said placing her hand over his with a reassuring smile.  David responded by turning away from her and starting the car.












Twenty minutes of awkward silence later, they reached The Tamarind.  The severs showed them to their reserved table.

“I will have whatever you are having” said David absentmindedly.

Ashwini was visibly hurt.  This wasn't David's usual self.  Something was wrong. 

“Is something troubling you?”

“Ah?  Nothing.  Like I said, just some stuff at work,” David forced a smile.

Ashwini placed her hand on David's and starting saying, “David..” but David quickly pulled his hand away almost as if he was afraid of her.  Ashwini looked at him, worried.

She had read somewhere about how men preferred to solve their problems on their own.  And that they would withdraw themselves “into their cave” while they did that.  She was really hoping that was the case with David.  She was really hoping that David will be back to his normal self soon.  She had no idea how wrong she was.













May 21, 2009:



I am the happiest man in the whole wide world!!

When I met Ashwini 8 months ago, I never thought she was going to be the one, but now I know. She is my soul mate. I just know it! And I know she feels the same about me.

Today, we had been to the movies. I don't know what the movie was about.  All I know is that I just spent 2 hours sitting beside the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world. I just can't describe how lucky I am to meet her.













“I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, but you better pull yourself together.  If we are going to do this tomorrow, I want you to be happy about it!” Ashwini almost shouted into the phone.

“So you just want me to walk out on everything I have and be happy about it?” David blurted into the phone.

There were a few seconds of utter silence.

“This isn't about me, David.  This is about us.  We are doing this together.  Both of us are leaving behind people we love.  Our jobs.  Everything.  Dont you think its a sacrifice we have to make so that we can be together.   Do you even love me anymore, David?” Ashwini's voice had started to crack up.

“Look, I am sorry.  I am just in such a bad mood right now and...”

“You know what, David? I trusted you and I still do! And tomorrow, I am leaving everything so that I can start a new life with you, and you no longer seem to be the man I fell in love with!  I will tell you what I am going to do.  I am going to be there at the station tomorrow just like we planned, and if you decide to not turn up, then don't come to my funeral.”

The line went dead.
















June 10, 2009



Today I met Ashwini after work.  She told me her parents had introduced her to a boy they wanted her to get married to.  I dreaded this day.  They would never agree to an  inter-religious marriage.



I guess this is god's idea of a game.  Sometimes I feel god created us just because he got bored and needed some kind of an entertainment.  We are his soap opera.

Tune in at 7 pm everyday!  Exclusively on Planet Earth!












It was 11 pm.   A train stood on the platform.

There was utter silence.

A few people were in the train, asleep.  Ashwini sat on a platform bench looking around nervously.  With each passing minute, her nails were turning whiter as she held the 2 tickets in her hand tighter and tighter.  She had a heavy bag on her shoulder and a black leather suitcase beside her.  She was waiting to get into the train with David.

Go to a new place. Begin her new life. A life with David. The life she had dreamt of.



She expected David to be here already, but there was no sign of him.  Her mind began to wander.  She began to think about things she had never thought of before.

Does David still love me?  He seems so different nowadays. May be he doesn't want me anymore... may be I have become a burden. Someone who is trying to destroy his life.  May be he feels I am just not worth it.

The train began to budge.  She stood up looking at the moving train helplessly.  The reality was piercing into her. She felt her knees weaken as the train sped away.  A few moments later, the train had left the station.  There was utter silence. Not a soul left in the station.



Ashwini began walking.  The tickets were on the ground now, and a breeze carried them away.  She left her bag and the suitcase on the bench.  She heard the noise of an approaching train.

She had to be quick.

She carefully climbed down the concrete platform and stopped in the middle of the tracks.  May be all they would get for her funeral would be pieces of her.  An irony of her broken heart.  She saw the headlight charging towards her.  She felt the ground tremble.  She shut her eyes, tears escaping them, and then, she could see him:

They were sitting in a park.  And he said, “I love you, and I will never leave you. No matter what.”  He held her hand with both his hands.  A reassuring smile on his face.










July 25, 2009

We have no choice.  We are going to run away.

Ashwini had this idea.  That we just had to go to her parents and explain everything, and they would accept us with open hands.  We tried that a week ago, and that only got her in trouble.

I hadn't heard from her until yesterday.  It was then we decided we would run away to some faraway place, and start our life anew.  Its going to be difficult, but it seems to be our only option.

May be we can return after we have kids.  Grandparents always have a thing for grandchildren.

Ashwini said I was looking very pale. That got me concerned.  I had lost some weight recently.  All these problems seem to have taken a toll on me.

But Ashwini seems prettier every time I see her.  She is my only strength, my only reason to keep going.

She insisted that I visit my doctor before I went home today, and I did just that. The doc ordered some blood tests, and said he will call me with the results tomorrow.  He said it was probably nothing.  That I was probably too stressed out.  That I simply needed some rest.















She found herself on a bed.  It was dark.  She strained her eyes trying to figure out where she was.

Is this heaven?

She saw a dark figure sitting at the edge of the bed.  Its head sunk in its hands.



“David?” Ashwini said weakly.

David's dark figure turned its head towards her.

“What happened?” She mumbled.

“You passed out on the tracks.” said David.

“Di... did u come?”

David didn't answer.  He just looked down at the floor.

“I am sorry, David.  I thought you weren't coming and...”

“I did, but not to go away with you.  I just came to make sure you didn't do something stupid....... and if I hadn't managed to pull you out at the last second....”

“What do you mean you didn't come to go away with me?”

David didn't answer.

“David, what do you mean you didn't come to go away with me!?!” she persisted.

“It means we are finished! Why is it so hard to understand? This isn't just some game. Its not like I can pick up my bags and leave! I will have to leave behind everything that I have worked all my life for.  Do you know how many years its going to take me to get where I am at work today? To start it from scratch?  And not to forget my family!! I mean, this place is my home.  This is my life.  This is what defines who I am. If I go away from here, I might not be the same person you fell in love anymore.”

A few minutes of silence later, Ashwini said,

“David, you have to choose. You have to decide whats more important.”

David heaved.  He moved closer to Ashwini and said,

“I think it would be best for both of us that we never see each other again.”

















David looked at himself in the mirror.  His clothes no longer fit him.  The T-shirt hung on his bony frame like a piece of rag.  He put on his cap.  Not only will it help hide his scalp, but will help hide him from everybody else.  He grabbed hold of the car keys and walked out of his room.

For the last 6 months, this has been his place of residence.  An old rented single room that was close to being torn down.  It was the closest to the hospital he could find.  



After driving for about 30 minutes, he stopped beside a marriage hall.  The place choked with noise.  There were people everywhere.  He was not late.

He parked his car.  Then, leaning against his car, looking at the marriage hall, he lit a cigarette.  A board outside the hall declared:   Manju weds Ashwini.

He sucked in his first puff, and it hit him with a fit of coughing.

May be he should listen to his doc.  May be he should quit smoking.

He spit out something dark.  Something that looked like blood, but he didn't seem interested in finding out.  He threw away the freshly lit cigarette in frustration and walked into the marriage hall.

He pulled harder on his cap as he walked inside.  The place was alive with chaos.  People stood all over the place.  Chatting.  Laughing.  Small kids ran around like small pieces of toys gone out of control.

He stopped a small kid before he ran right into his legs.  David frowned at the kid.  The kid looked him for a second, then scampered away, scared.

David looked up at the dais.  He saw her.

She stood with a man, who was now her husband.  Something he thought he will never live to see.  Her parents and her in-laws stood beside the newly-wed couple.  What David noticed instantly was that they were happy.  Suddenly, he realized that the entire place overflowed with happiness.  Suddenly, he felt alien.  He felt if he stayed any longer, he would infect their happiness.  He dragged himself out of there.  As he stumbled back to his car, he lit up another cigarette.
















July 29, 2009



Today, I walked out of the office midday.  I couldn't work.  Not after what the doc had to tell me.



He called to tell me that all the tests proved that I have some kind of leukemia.  I cant remember the exact name, but all I remember is him saying that my chances of survival are slim. He told me a lot about the treatments available, but there were no promises.  He said it had slipped into the final stages.

Suddenly, it all makes sense.  All those times I felt like I was going sick wasn't because of stress from all the stuff that was happening.  Guess I should have realized it sooner.

I have no idea what I am going to tell Ashwini.  She is prepared to run away with me with hopes of starting a new life, but I dont feel its the right thing anymore.  Especially when the chances of me making it through the next few years alive are slim.




David stopped writing.  He gazed out the window of his living room.  For the next few minutes, he was lost in thought.  Then a determined frown framed his face.  He looked down at his diary again:



I love her too much to take a risk.  But if I have a life, I want it to be with her.  



David stopped writing once again and put the pen down.  Something didn't feel right.  He sunk his face into his open palms.  Thoughts ran wild in his brain.  After a few minutes, he grabbed his pen again and wrote:



I must hate her!!! I must act like I hate her!!  May be if I act long enough, I might really stop caring for her.  It will make it easier to let her go.



Just then, his phone began to vibrate. He could see that it was Ashwini.  Before he closed his diary, he added one last line:



That bitch!! I hate her!!


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