The Perfect Match

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Alone on a secluded park bench, Adam couldn’t help but wonder where his life went wrong. How could he let things get so out of control? He once had everything any man hoped for. A great job, a loving wife, two wonderful kids, and the house of their dreams. Then one day it all changed. He was left with nothing, not even his dignity. Until a brave young boy changed everything. (This is a play write I am working on for a local theater, let me know what you think--it reads more like a story)

Scene 1

(Adam is lying on a secluded park bench staring at a picture as he firmly grips it.  He is dressed in rumpled brown suit, wrinkled white button down shirt, and a brown tie with a red stripe hanging loosely around his neck.  A young boy, about 9 years old, approaches him.  The boy has tousled brown hair, tanned skin, wearing a blue baggy t-shirt, and a pair of jean shorts.)

Boy:  What's wrong mister?  Are you sick?  

Man:  (sounding very depressed)  No, no I'm not sick.  Just tired is all.  

Boy:  Whatcha so tired for?  Do work nights?  My papa used to work nights and he would sleep all day.  He's dead now though.

Man:  (sit up on the bench and rub eyes, look at the boy)  I don't work.  

Boy:  Where do you live?  Ya got house or an apartment?  My mamma and I got an apartment.  It ain't much though.

Man:  I don't have a house either.

Boy:  Well then, is that there a picture of your family?  It's just me and my ma.  I got a picture at home of my papa though.

Man:  What's with all the questions?  Do you make it a habit going up to strangers and asking them about their personal lives?

Boy:  Papa always told me if you don't talk to people how else are ya gonna meet new friends.

Man:  True enough, I suppose.

Boy:  So is it?

Man:  Is it what?

Boy:  Your family, is it a picture of your family?

Man:  Ya, well it was anyway.  But not anymore.  Not anymore kid.  (pause)  But that's something I wish not to discuss.  Where's your mamma now?  I'm sure she don't like the idea of you talking to strangers.

Boy:  She went to the market across the street.  She don't mind too much as long as I'm careful and never go anywhere with strangers. (pause)  You hungry?  Mamma won't mind if you come over to eat with us.  She likes to meet new people too.  You'll like mamma.  She's real pretty, but not a very good cook.  

Man:  That's nice of you to offer, but I can't.  I, I have to be somewhere.

Boy:  Where?  You said you don't have a job or house to go you.  And you said you don't have a family anymore.

Man:  Well, um, I guess your right.  I don't have a choice then do I.  But only if your mamma says it's alright.

Boy:  She will.  I can show you the pictures of my papa I told you about.  He was in Iraq and died in the war last year.  Mamma still cries a lot.  I think she gets lonely.

Man:  What about you?  Do you miss your papa?

Boy:  Sure do.  Everyday I think he's gonna walk through the door and ask me if I wanna play catch.  He got me a new glove for my eighth birthday last year.  I haven't used it yet.  He died before he could teach me how.

Man:  I'm sorry to hear that.  

Boy:  What happened to your family?  Did they die too?

Man:  No, no they didn't die.  I lost my job and my family decided to move without me.  Haven't spoke to my kids for almost a year now.  They moved out east with their mother.

Boy:  That's sad mister.  Do you miss them?

Man:  Very much so, everyday.  I like to take out this picture to remind myself what a beautiful family I once had.

Boy:  Is that why you don't have a house either?

Man:  Yep.  

Boy:  Don't you have any friends?

Man:  Not really.  I used to work a lot in an office uptown and didn't have time for friends.

Boy:  I'll be your friend, mister.

Man:  You know what,  I would like that.

Boy:  Mister, what's your name?

Man:  Adam.  What's yours?

Boy:  Adam, no kiddin'.  That was my papa's name.  I'm Max and my mamma‘s name is Elizabeth.  Nice to met ya.

Adam:  You too, Max.
(they shake hands and just sit their quietly for a moment)

Elizabeth: (from back stage)  Max. . . Max. . .

Max:  I guess we better get going.  
(Elizabeth enters stage right carrying a bag of groceries)

Elizabeth:  There you are Max.  Come on now, we need to get home.  I'm sorry if he was bothering you sir, he's not afraid to talk to anyone.  I tell him he shouldn't talk to strangers, but kids will be kids I guess.

Adam:  My name's Adam.  And he's no bother.  Talking to Max is just what I needed to cheer up my day.

Max:  He's no stranger no more, mamma.  Can't make friends if you don't. . .

Elizabeth:  If you don't talk to strangers.  I know, I know.  I'm glad you made yourself a new friend today then.  But we really need to get home.

Max:  Can Adam come home with us for diner, mamma?  He doesn't have no family or even a house to go to.  (whispering to Elizabeth) And I think he might be lonely.  His family left him.

Elizabeth:  I don't know Max.  Maybe another time. (turn to leave)

Max:  (tug on Elizabeth's shirt) Please mamma.  

Adam:  I don't want to impose.  Thanks Max, but I'm fine, really.

(Max looks up at Elizabeth and gives the puppy dog, pleading eyes)

Elizabeth:  You like lasagna?  I'm not a great cook, but I not horrible either.  (Max makes a face and sticks out his tongue when is mother isn't looking)

Adam:  Well.  I, I don't know what to say.

Elizabeth:  Say yes.  Besides if you say no Max will whine all the way home.

Max:  Please.  I wanna show you my picture I told you about.

Adam:  Well, how can I say no to that.  Here, let me carry the bag for you at least.  (Adam takes the grocery bag from Elizabeth.  Max skips ahead of the other two as they exit the stage.)

Scene 2

(The apartment of Max and Elizabeth.  The three are sitting at the small kitchen table after diner)
Max:  Can I go play mamma?

Elizabeth:  Sure honey.  (rustle Max's hair)

(Max exits stage left)

Elizabeth:  So, Max tells me you lost your family and home.  I'm so sorry.

Adam:  Don't be, my wife fell out of love with me and in love with my boss.  Needless to say, I lost my job after I found out and confronted my boss about it.  The next day, my wife and two kids moved out.  I haven't been able to find a new job and had no way to pay for the house so I had to let the bank take it.  (short pause)  But, I've learned to let it go and forgive.  (pause)  Enough about me.  I'm sorry to hear about your husband's death.  I takes brave soldiers to fight for our country.  You must be proud.

Elizabeth:  I am proud.  Max looks just like him, so tall and handsome.  His name was Adam to, did Max tell you that?

(Max enters stage left carrying a picture of his father in a wooden frame)

Max:  This is my papa.  I told you he was a soldier.  I keep his picture next to my bed so I can tell him good night.

Adam:  You look just like him and I bet you are just as brave.

Max:  I am brave.  I like to pretend that I'm a soldier in the army, just like my papa.

Adam:  That's great Max.  But, I should really get going.  It's getting late.

Max:  Where you gonna sleep?  You ain't gonna go back to the park are you?  It's gonna rain.

Adam:  I'll be just fine, Max.  Thank you so much for the wonderful meal, Elizabeth, and the conversation.

Max:  Mamma, can't he stay here.  Please.  He could sleep on the sofa.

Elizabeth:  Oh, Max.  I don't know if that is such a good idea.

Adam:  I'll be fine Max.  It has been a pleasure to meet you Elizabeth, and Max I am honored to have met such a brave soldier such as yourself.

(Adam turns to leave and as he approaches the door and crack of thunder echoed trough the apartment)

Elizabeth:  Nonsense, what was I thinking?  I can't let you go out there in the rain with no place to go.  You can sleep on the sofa tonight.Now you go get washed up and I'll find some blankets. (exits stage left)

Adam:  Are, are you sure.  I don't want to impose and wear out my welcome.

Elizabeth:  Of course.  Besides, Max has taken a liking to you.  Now go get washed up while I get your bedding.  (exit stage left)

Adam:  (whispers to Max with a smirk)  Is she always this demanding?

Max:  Only if she likes you. (smiles at Adam, pauses)  Adam. . .

Adam:  Yes Max?

Max:  Do you think my papa is watching over me?

Adam:  I'm sure he is.  Why?

Elizabeth: (entering stage left)  Max, time for bed.  Go get washed up.

Max:  Okay mamma.  Good night, Adam and thanks. (exits stage left).

Adam:  I'll be out of here first thing in the morning.  I appreciate you being so kind to a complete stranger.

Elizabeth:  No, I owe you a thank you.  I haven't seen Max smile like this for a long time.  He trusts you, therefore I trust you.

Adam:  I like Max.  He's a good kid.  He reminded me that there is more to life than the sorrow built up inside.  I am curious about something though.  Max said he got a baseball mitt last year for his birthday but hasn't used it yet.  How come?  Doesn't he like baseball?

Elizabeth:  No, he loves baseball.  But he refuses to play ball since his father died.  Says that was something left for him and his papa to do when they meet again.  

Adam:  What do you mean by meeting again?  Max has a long life ahead of him.  Baseball is something he should learn to enjoy while he's young.

Elizabeth:  I agree.  But there's something you don't know.A week after his father died, Max was diagnosed with kidney failure.  He undergoes dialysis twice a week.Max says this is God's way of letting him be with his papa again.  (grab a tissue from the end table and wipe the tears away)

Adam:  I had no idea.  Is there anything I can do?

Elizabeth:  Just be a friend.  Tomorrow is treatment day.

Adam:  What about a donor?  Isn't there a list or something of people who want to donate their organs?  There's gotta be something.

Elizabeth:  He's on a waiting list.  But he has a rare blood type which makes it hard to find a match.  So far there hasn't been anyone else to match.

Adam:  What do you mean someone else?

Elizabeth:  His father would have been a perfect match.  But it's too late for that.  (eyes become teary again and pat them with the tissue.  pause)  It's getting late, I gotta be up early.  You make your self at home and I'll see you in the morning.

Adam:  I didn't mean to make you upset.  I'm sorry.  Good night Elizabeth.  (Elizabeth exits stage left.  Lights dim.  Adam sits on the sofa with his head in his hands)

Adam:  (whispers to himself)  I gotta do something.  Max needs me.  They have suffered enough.

(Adam grabs his coat from the hook and sneaks quietly out the door--exits stage right)

(curtains close)

Scene 3
(curtains open)
(Morning at the apartment)

Max:  Adam. . . Adam. . . (pauses)  Mamma, Adam's gone.

Elizabeth:  He probably had things to do honey.

Max:  But I wanted him to go with today.  I liked him.  Will I ever see him again?

Elizabeth:  I don't know sweetie, I don't know.  I liked him too.

(the phone rings and Elizabeth answers)

Elizabeth:  Hello.  (pause)  Yes.  (pause)  Thank God, who, when, how?  When, when can he come in? (pause) But who, how is this possible? (pause) We'll be right there.  Thank you so much.

Max:  What's going on mamma?  Who was on the phone?

Elizabeth:  That was the hospital.  They found a match.  They want you to come in right away.

Max:  But I don't understand mamma.  

Elizabeth:  A stranger came in late last night and wanted to be tested.  That stranger was a perfect match.

Max:  It was Adam, mamma.  It was Adam.  I told you he was a good guy.

Elizabeth:  That you did sweetie, that you did.  But we don't know if it was him or not.

Max:  Papa really is looking over me.  Mamma, he sent Adam to help me.

Elizabeth:  Yes sweetie, I believe he really did.  (pause, tousling Max's hair)  We better get going.

Max:  Mamma.  When I'm all better and not sick no more, do you think I could play baseball?  

Elizabeth:  Yes honey.  I think your papa would want you to.  

(they exit stage right, lights dim)
(curtain closes)

Scene 4

(curtain opens)
(Max is lying on the hospital bed, stage left, after surgery.  There is a curtain dividing him and another patient, stage right.  Elizabeth is sitting in a chair next to Max's bed.  Adam is lying in the bed on the right side of the stage, tossing a baseball up and catching it with his hands.)

Adam:  (to Max on the other side of the curtain)  Hey kid, do you wanna play catch?

Max:  Adam. . . Adam, is that you.

(Elizabeth jumps out of the chair and pulls the curtain open)

Elizabeth:  You really are an angel.

Max:  I knew it.  I knew it was you.  My papa sent you to help me.

Adam:  How about I show you how to use that glove when we get out of here.

Max:  Really!  You mean it.

Adam:  I mean it.  (toss the baseball to Max)

(curtains close)

The End

Submitted: May 23, 2007

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Emma Lou

Fabulously written. Made me cry. I love the ending!

Wed, May 23rd, 2007 8:39pm


Thank you so much. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I plan to add more to it but this is main story of it.

Wed, May 23rd, 2007 1:49pm


Beautiful! Simply Beautiful! I would love to see this story in performance. I admit that I am a tough guy on the outside, but still tear up when I see something beautiful. Greatly done.

Thu, May 24th, 2007 3:58am


Thank you so much.

Fri, August 10th, 2007 10:59pm


So sad, but what a sweet ending. Great job! I hope to see the play on the big stage someday.

Thu, May 24th, 2007 4:03am


Thank you.

Fri, August 10th, 2007 10:59pm

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