A ShAdOw PoInT In A LiFeTiMe

Poem by: Ronnie Romance




Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Hear The Silence Of My Soul

Trying To Hold On

I Won't loose It All

Counting Every Heartbeat

Trying To Figure Out What's Wrong

I'm Alone ...

I May Have A Million People Around

But The Only Sound Was My Brain's Sound

And The Time Keep Passing By

A Night Over A Night.

I'm Chasing My Dreams While It's Falling Down

And The Sun Doesn't Raise After My Dawn

Keep Screaming Inside

I'm Not Preparing For A Life Fight

But I Started To Figure Out The Weirdness In Me

It Makes Me Hopeless , Sleepless , Bleed

I'm Watching Everything Breaking Down In Front Of Me

And The Friends That I Thought They're Friends Let It Be

My Life Getting Darker And The Storm Is Close

But I became Stronger I've Got The Resolve

I Will Resist Everything Bring Me Down

That's Doesn't Mean That I can Keep The Crown

I'm Crying Over Something That Won't Come Back

What Happened To me I'm Totally Cracked

I Just Showed My Real In The Damn Fake World

I Know I Won't Die But I Will Suffer A Lot

I'm Trying To Back Again The Way I Came From

But I Guess I Have To Fall To Lose It All

To Be Weirdo On The Top Or Sick Under The Ground

To Be Honest And Good Or Fake Liar In Ban

This Is Me Now The Original You Don't Know

So Don't call Me Sick , I'm Not Sick At All

I Just Came To Light When I've Lived In Dark

I've Got A helping Handle When I Was Around The Sharks

I Thank God For What I Became Now

As I Thank Him In Every Day I Begin

I Don't Mind Being Isolated For A Life Time

It Doesn't Worth If People So Fake And Liars

Life Became Like The Game For Slayers

But I Will Be A Worrier Walking Through The Fire

Cause This Is My Life I Will Live Even If I Was In Wire

I Won't Surrender I Will Live The Life

I'm Struggling A Night By A Night

I'm Just Trying To Make It Right .....


© Copyright 2016 Ronnie Romance . All rights reserved.

A ShAdOw PoInT In A LiFeTiMe

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry



Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry




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