Nephalim part 1

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Kite was a regular person, in till an angel fell from heaven. Second try at a story let me know what you think, and if you want part 2.

Submitted: June 30, 2015

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Submitted: June 30, 2015



She fell from fire, from the burning carcass of the ideal heaven that the human need for reason had created, from way beyond the limit of the sky and collided with the ground in one of the fields near to kite's quaint, but well kept farm house. 

She was gorgeous, more beautiful than anything, her hair was a deep black, like a swirling void of nightmare, it almost floated about her head, a heavy rain cloud of pent up aggression.   She lay there in the deep crater that she had created. Her eyes were closed, sealed tight by her long black eye lashes, she seemed unconscious.

Kite leant down to touch her cheek, his chessnut, brow hair, reddened in the sun, fell in his eyes and made it hard for him to see. He reached forward, a hand came whipping up from the soil, to catch his own, her eyes snapped open, and for a second a crimson vortex stared deep into him, they changed suddenly, back to their original deep brown, verging on black. 
"Who are you" she growled,
Getting up quickly, two giant feathered wings unfolded from from behind her back, they were completely black, apart from the tips which were stained a blood red. Amazed at what was before him kite could not answer, when he did not reply, the angle reached out with one wing and batted him off the ground, he landed a few meters away, dazed and confused. 
"I am Selina, angel of justice and death, you will answer if you are asked"
She said it with conviction and authority, kite was compelled to answer,
"I'm kite, just a farmer.

"You will help me?"
She said it as a question but in a way that implied he had no choice.
"With what" kite asked
"I have been cast down from heaven, because I wished not to abandon your race, our leader wants to destroy an artefact, the only thing that tethers our two realms, with out it we would float away, in search of the being that was said to of created us all. With out the Angels darkness and corruption would swallow your world and your deity terra would be killed, it is not a pretty thing to see a deity die, and I hope you never have to" by the end she was almost whispering it.
"Instead I have stolen the artefact, and I need to hide it in terra's realm, out of her own interest and her world, she agreed to aid me, but I need a third person." 
She looked at kite and for the first time he saw helplessness in her eyes.
He dusted himself off,
"How am I to help?"

Selina stretched out her hand and a large ornate long bow materialised in her grasp, and a quiver on her back. The bow and quiver matched in style, they both consisted of a black base colour with a silver accent, that consisted of many swirls, and patterns, making it hard for kite to take his eyes off it, the quivers accent was denser at the base but thinned out, much like ivy on a tree, towards the top. The arrows inside had the same colours, silver on the shaft with a black head and fletching. She drew back and pointed it towards him.
"I'm going to make you nephalim" she said, red light radiating around the head.
She released, kite yelped. Then there was nothing.

Kite stood there, the arrow pertruding from his chest, it started to crumble, and blew away in the wind, darkness encircled, before closing tightly around him.
"I imbued you with one of my powers, it's random which one, we can only hope it was justice." Selina said
The dust cleared and kite stood there, shadows wrapped around his body, replacing the simple clothes we once wore, it solidified to form much more lavish and elegant garments, still black, but trimmed with gold.
"When I shared with you one of my powers you also acquire another one personal to you, but you can't use it unless you're an angel.
Black wings similar to Selina's framed him but instead of being tipped with red, they were tipped with gold. Still holding her bow, Selina thrust her hand to one side and it turned to red dust.
"What's happened?" kite asked
 "You're a nephalim." Selina replied " you also have a weapon best suited to your combat style.
"I don't have a combat style" kite remarked 
"The you will learn best to that weapon"
Kite concentrated on his hand, and gold dust started to appear, swirling between his fingers, an hour glass that had just been released upon his hand. A thin pole appeared in his hand, before a large curved blade materialised atop it and below it, a elegant scythe.
"Well fit for a farmer" Selina mocked.
Kite looked at it in awe, spinning it slowly in his grasp. 

A beam of light hit Selina, sending her flying off the ground, another angel descended. Dressed in gold plate armour it walked towards her.
"You have been charged with the theft of the most powerful artefact between these realms, and now the illegal creation of a nephalim" he screamed at her, Selina was sprawled out on the ground, sitting up, the gold angel slammed a foot down on her chest kicking her back to the floor. Selina reached out and her bow appeared, she drew and arrow from behind her, but he knocked it from her grasp. Kite ran towards the pair wielding the large ornate scythe, he brought it down in an arc but the other angel turned just in time to catch it,
"I deal with you later" he growled before kicking kite in the front with his large armoured boot and turning back around.
Kite, not really knowing what to do with his wings pushed off of the ground. Strafes of shadows followed as he launched him self upwards, he scythe disappeared and a beam of darkness erupted from his out stretched hands, hitting the arm of the angel, and tearing it off in a messy rip. He screamed out confused and alarmed, "what was that" he cried .
Kite pushed out a fist, From where he hovered in the air, this time a massive fist of shadow smacked into the other angel, full in the chest knocking him off the ground, gold liquid once again pumped from the stump of his missing arm as he hit the ground unconscious.
"What are you doing?" Selina screamed "this was a mistake this was a mistake"
With that she pumped hard with her wings and flew of into the sky. Kite stood there dazed and confused. He floated back to the ground, his wings disappearing, concealing them selves in the mortal world. I need to get to the capital he thought, to warn people in a position of power what is happening.

Kite ran back to his farm house, still in shook. He ran first to his room, grabbing any supplies he might need, then to the stables where he saddled his healthiest horse, and tall black stallion with an uneven whites star shape in the middle of its forehead. Kite set off at a steady pace towards the city. 

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